Many people benefit from the use of the far infrared sauna, but in particular, those who suffer with Lyme Disease. These patients often suffer with muscle and joint pains, cold body temperature, being susceptible to co-infections due to poor immune function, and toxic burdens since their liver and kidney function may be more compromised. When incorporating the use of a far-infrared sauna, people who suffer from Lyme Disease can improve their body’s ability to function, remove toxic chemicals, and support their immune system. It is an excellent adjunctive treatment among other treatments for those with Lyme Disease.

Sauna therapy is considered a cornerstone in the fight against the bacteria types that cause Lyme. Detoxification is crucial and detoxification through sweating is achieved with sauna use. Studies have shown Lyme disease to be susceptible to increased body heat.

People who are afflicted with Lyme disease are starting to understand how their traditional treatment regimens can be enhanced by using infrared saunas. People with Lyme disease suffer from a wide range of symptoms, including headaches, muscle weakness and extreme muscle and joint pain, among other things. Traditional Lyme disease treatment protocols using IV or oral antibiotics and anti-protozoa medications are not fully effective. This failure leads some Lyme disease patients to seek relief through alternative treatments, including infrared sauna sessions. Due to the warmth of an infrared sauna, it has a soothing effect on joint and muscle pain. Infrared sauna treatments can provide an effective supplement to traditional Lyme disease treatment. Further, Lyme disease patients who were previously unable to engage in everyday activities such as taking a walk reported improvement after regular infrared sauna sessions. These reports indicate that at least for some Lyme disease patients, infrared saunas are able to help alleviate some of the troublesome symptoms of this condition, including muscle spasms, constant chills, an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and the sensation of being in a mental fog.

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