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Momentum 98 Autumn Newsletter
Hello Health Loving Friends of Momentum98 !
We have just remodeled our Brick and Mortar Store in Columbus, Ohio
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Fall is a time to celebrate the beauty and transiency of Mother Nature. For some, it can also be a time of fatigue, sore throats, and other dreadful common cold symptoms. In this month’s newsletter, we will provide you with some holistic health tips to cleanse and heal your body during the changing of seasons. 

The other day, I ate something (health food store turkey jurkey) that instantly gave me an instant sore throat.
Oh well.  So here in front of me is a bottle of Oreganol.  And then there was also a bottle of Sovereign Silver. 
I chugged both of them down (the oreganol in water), two or three times that evening.  Then I found the Total Tonic Spice Elixir (one of my favorite drinks) - Spice Elixir Total Tonic is a delicious SUPERFOOD blend with spices, coconut & Curcumin.  It is bright yellow-orange, and it is one of the greatest WARM Tonic Drinks.
And presto, by morning, I would say What Sore Throat ?  I love the flavor, and suggest TOTAL TONIC as a staple for every house during cold winter evenings.  We offer a money back guarantee on this product.
At Momentum98, which I founded in 1998, after having founded it's "predecessor" Awareness & Health Unlimited  (in 1980), we love to share the best of the best Holistic Tonics and Superfoods, and remedies to make the healthy super healthy, as well as those whose health is compromised, more healthy.  With have dozens of products for immune functioning.  We pride ourselves on selling A+, A , A- And B+ Health Food Store Supplements, with some B quality products as well.   Your regular health food stores sell a range of products from D+ to A.   (As a Yardstick, your average grocery stores sell product from F to B+).   I take the license to exaggerate a tad, if that is OK with you, to stress the point that since 1971, I have been searching out the best of the best for ME, and then I present them to YOU.


To HONOR my recovery, we at Momentum98 are featuring these three natural remedies that work particularly well for alleviating and healing cold symptoms, sore throats, etc.   We are also putting on sale some of our other favorites for strengthening your immune system, besides oregano oil or capsules, sovereign silver, and spice elixir. Here’s some information on how these healing products work their magic:
Much to my chagrin, we discovered that we have a number of bottles of Virasyl in stock that expire 10/31/14.
I know this product will be as good in 2 years as it is today.  All it is is Humic acid and Shilijit.  I could say wonders for each of these 2 ingredients.  I talked to the lady who designed this product in Orlando a few years ago, and she had done a LOT of research and was having MIRACULOUS results in CLINICS in helping people with serious disorders recover.  If you have immune issues, or issues with your GI Tract, this product may be for you.  Humic Acid and Shilajit are excellent for improving Mental Clarity and for Detoxying and Purification.  It is better for us to sell these at 40% off, and give you a good price on trying these SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Products, than any alternative that I can think of.  So Your gain is our loss, and down the road OUR gain, since you will probably be grateful for the chance to try such an Excellent Product at a really great price, and will continue to use the product.




Spice Elixer $24.95 $15.99 Special Sale price.

- - This super food energy drink (with chocolate and chai flavoring!) supports healthy cortisol balance, a strong immune system, as well as heart and brain function. Just add a little water and allow your body to heal itself (Reduced price for quick sale!).

Oregano oil or Capsules- $17.95 $15.95 Special Sale price

. Add a couple drops of oregano oil to a diffuser or humidifier and inhale for a few minutes to provide relief for a sore throat.

Sovereign Silver-4 oz. $34.95 $19.99 Special Sale price.

This high-vibration medicine can eliminate microbial infections such as fungi, viruses, bacteria, and parasites that create cold symptoms and other illnesses.


Munity-Boost-2 oz $29.95 $24.95- Special Sale price.

Our customers from as far away as Sweden have told us this easy to use product has helped them as an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, blood purifier, was good for sore throats, coughs, fever, for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-depressant, anti-parasitic, uses and more. LEARN MORE

VIRASYL - $49.95 $35.95 Special Sale price -Virasyl® is a “Clinically Proven” nutritional supplement formulated at The Institute For Wellbeing. It was originally formulated for patients suffering from Immune System Disorders, Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia. Virasyl® is made with a synergistic blend of Medical Grade Humic Acid, Shilajit & Mangifera. LEARN MORE

FIR Table Light -$199.95 $159.95 - Special Sale Price (149.95 for 2 or more)


The FIR Table Light is a three-in-one device which is automatic temperature controlled. Everyone ought to have one! It's like having a personal breathing technique therapist with you. Reports have indicated that it can be very helpful for coughs, healing cuts, nasal congestion and upset stomachs.
It's also used for getting rid of ear aches, tooth aches, and any other ache or pain. Men can use the infrared energy to reduce prostate inflammation. It's great for microcirculation because it's a medical grade technology and should be a household appliance for every home.
It's the same frequency as we resonate! Buy one and shine today.

LEARN MORE (and then if you wish to order back up so you can order at special prices)


Special notice the Relax Far Infrared Sauna price will be increasing November 1st, 2014 to $1095.00.

We will honor our old price of 995.00 until November 6 (suggested retail is 1195.00)

If you look at all (or at least a few) of these 123 Youtube testimonies on the Relax Far Infrared Sauna, I am convinced you will want a Relax Sauna in your home.  It will Impove the Quality of your LIFE, like NOTHING else.  Guaranteed !   (We go to about 24 shows a year, and have the most incredible results with people getting in the Relax Sauna for only 5-10 minutes. Here are some of their immediate responses.  We also get a lot of people coming back 1-3 or even 5-10 years later, wanting to share with us how much they LOVE the Relax Sauna, and how much it has helped them.
Our organized & somewhat sorted page:

And if you like to read or watch, check out some of the letters we have received:




Upcoming Events:

Next month, we will have NEWSLETTER specials on a number of our  other "Secretly Wonderful" products.
We appreciate your business over the years if you have been with us since 1980, and over the months if you have recently discovered us.  
Come See us in Phoenix  Nov. 7-9: 
We will be Exhibiting The Relax Sauna, the quantum age stirwand, Olive Gold (ozenated olive oil), and Pure Black (shilajit resin) at the HEALTHY MEDICINE Academy's Acclaimed Fourth Annual Cancer Strategies Symposium in Phoenix Arizona on November 7-9 at the Hyatt Regency downtown:
Come See us in Boston Nov. 15-16: 
We will be Exhibiting these same products AND MORE (including the Acu-Masseur and roller-ball glove massagers, and the Natural Vision & Color Therapy Glasses) in Boston (Marlborough) Some of the featured speakers at this 8th Annual NATURAL LIVING EXPO will be Bernie Siegel, Eric Pearl, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Dr. Brian Clement.  see:   This will be a HUGE show, and weekend admission is only $12 for the weekend.
Come See us in Philadelphia Nov. 21-23: 
We will be TAKING the same products from Boston and exhibiting them at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Philadelphia (Valley Forge)  where we have exhibited for the last 10-15 years:  It looks like Eric Pearl will be following us this weekend as well.  Speaking in the same venue will also be Mark Victor Hansen (chicken soup for the soul author), and Dan Millman (author of The Peaceful Warriror). Probably the most exciting talk at the whole expo will be MY Talk on BATHING IN THE HEALING LIGHT OF FAR INFRARED ENERGY on Saturday at 5 pm. (LOL)  Actually, my talks are excellent, humorous, informing, and uplifting.  See for yourself ?    See for more information.  
Remember, when you Take Advantage of the Moment, You can Propel yourself into Greatness.
Thanks for shopping.
Phillip Wilson
Momentum98 - President
Relax Sauna - National Sales
3509 N. High St.
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