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Many of us have steered away from the most important ingredients to eat properly - Complex Carbohydrates.  Complex Carbohydrates help to clean and break down all your foods.  To live and experience 100 years of joyful healthy living, Complex Carbohydrates need to be a part of your routine. 

No wheat, soy, gmo, aluminum, dairy & animal products.

3oz tubes  Here is a unique way to eat healthier in the morning or for lunch.  To create BREAKFAST TUBES, we took selected whole grains, wholesome beans, omega rich tree nuts, two kinds of raisins, berry nuts and 12 kinds of antioxidants fruits and mixed them together. We blended taste and whole nutrition together in a convenient tube for a quick, healthy meal.  The energetic raw ingredients include: grains, beans, raisins, fruits, steel oats, banana chips and 12 power-pack fibers.  Each tube gives you: 30% of your daily vitamins & minerals, 6 grams of 12 sources of protein and 5.5 grams of 12 sources of fiber.  These are the fuels that sparked the 300 Spartans, Roman Soldiers and Ancient Egyptians and gave them energy.  BREAKFAST TUBES are an awesome meal deal.

BREAKFAST TUBE 16oz Refill Bag  We have a 16oz refill bag to reload your BREAKFAST TUBES so you can reuse them over and over.  With this 16oz refill bag you can refill your BREAKFAST TUBES or take what you want and reseal the bag for another time.  Nutrition Master Foods takes recycling very seriously.


GRAINY FOOD SHOTS 1 1/2 half oz refillable container  This is a fun, tasty treat to curb your appetite up to 1 1/2 hours.  This unforgettable taste is a simple, healthy way to maximize the health goodness of fiber from raw steel oats fiber and omega-3 rich tree nuts blended with fruits.  It's just the right mixture of sweet and salty!  Treat yourself at your work, in your car, camping, hiking, travel or before and after exercising.  We start with organic whole almonds, pecans, walnuts and pine nuts.  Then we add whole steel oats and organic dark, golden and cranberry raisins.  Then we blend in crispy organic banana chips and finish it with our special blend of 12 antioxidant fruits.  One Grainy Food Shot has 10% of your daily vitamins & minerals, 2.2 grams of fiber from 12 different sources and 2.9 grams of protein from 12 sources.  This clever Grainy Food Shot satisfies your hunger.  Mix it with any foods - yogurt, cereal, smoothies, protein drinks, salads, ice cream or as a snack.  The great taste of Grainy Food Shots will stay with you for several hours!  This is the only healthy mini snack you need.  Do not forget to fill up your Food Shot!    ENJOY IT!!!     


GRAINY FOOD MIX 16oz Refill BagThis is more than a trail mix. We were looking to create an unforgettable taste in a simple, healthy way using raw oat fiber with rich omega oils blended with fruits. We start with organic whole almonds, pecans, walnuts, and pine nuts. Then we add whole rolled oats and organic dark, golden and cranberry raisins. Then we blend in crispy organic banana chips and finish it with our special blend of 12 Antioxidant fruits. This clever trail mix food satisfies your hunger. Mix it with any foods - yogurt, cereal, smoothies, protein drinks, salads, ice cream, as a small meal or just as a trail mix snack. You will be surprised at the lasting impression you will remember after tasting our creative food mix.  This is your next healthy mini meal. Do not forget to fill up your Food Shot!    ENJOY IT!!!

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Sole Drinking Solution1 - 4 Pack Breakfast Tubes $16.00
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breakfast Tubes - 3 oz tubes  1- 4 pack $16.00


GRAINY FOOD MIX Refill Bag  16 oz $16.95