Back pain is gone for days thanks to the Relax Sauna

Greg hurt his back very badly at work the other day and his job required him to be down on the floor and he had a very hard time getting back up off of the floor, he was in so much pain.  He sat in the Relax sauna for about 20 minutes and had to have help even getting his feet placed on top of the radiator's on the foot pads.  When he went home that evening, he was able to get into bed and, then again, out of it in the morning and was feeling much better the rest of the day.  He was able to raise his knee up to his hip and raise his arms above his head.  “This really worked for me and was a miracle as far as I am concerned.  I probably wouldn’t be here at work today if I hadn’t done the treatment yesterday.”  He was looking forward to doing it again.