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A beautiful testimony of the Relax Sauna


Carmen said that sitting in the Relax sauna makes her feel she is encased in the bosom of someone who loves her.  She feels love.  She feels that, whatever has happened during the day, that she feels peace and harmony within herself, within her spirit, when she is in the sauna.  She says that when she closes her eyes she can feel healing in the places that hurt.  “I love it.”   She says it is like when your grandma puts her arms around you and says everything will be all right, that is what the sauna feels like.  She likes the term’ “Divine Love in a Box.”  She thinks it is affordably priced, no different than a recliner and way less expensive than a massage chair.  She feels it is healing everything that is out of balance in the body.  She wants one or two or three and says you have never experienced comfort in this way until you get in one.  She says this is the way God intended healing because it is a light therapy that radiates in your body.  It is not too hot and she felt herself melt right away, unlike any chair or massage she ever experienced before.  “I feel beautiful.”