Benefits & Explanation of Relax Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna

Jogging or walking quickly is good exercise for facilitating the improvement of the function of sweat glands.  Chi gong practice is a unique way for Chinese to maintain good health and promote the body’s microcirculation.  Do you get the chance to do these exercises?  

The far infrared ray sauna can help your body achieve the same result in only 10 minutes, without jogging or chi gong practice.  The far infrared ray sauna with an oven can easily spread the far infrared rays which inter the body through the skin very quickly and it is very convenient.  The oven produces rays with ranges between 4 and 14 micrometers, which are easily absorbed by the body and penetrate deeply inside of the body to avoid energy accumulating on the skin and creating high temperatures. 

After penetrating the body, the energy from the far infrared rays are absorbed by the water molecules, protein and the organic molecules.  Then the energy will pass to the deep cells and viscera.  The stronger the energy is, the further the energy goes into the body.

The constant energy produced by the far infrared ray in the far infrared ray sauna can contract the water molecule clusters and expand the blood vessels so as to allow a more smooth blood circulation.  This principle can be proved as follows.  Under the same pressure, the smaller the blood vessel is the more chances of clogging it.  If the diameter of the blood vessel is larger than the water molecule clusters, the blood will run smooth with a steady circulation. According to the same principle, we can know that once the blood flow is speeded up we can avoid blood vessel blockage and high blood pressure disease.  Furthermore, blood vessels with good elasticity won't harden easily and so there's less chance of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

With a good circulation, blood can run to the blood capillaries throughout the body and offer cells sufficient nutrition which will provide an effective metabolism and keep the skin young and tender.

After working hard you come home feeling tired in the evening. What you want is to lie on the sofa because you are too tired to do anything. But now you can refresh yourself by using the far infrared ray sauna. It will accelerate the function of the sweat glands in order to exhaust waste and fats through the  sweat and release your fatigue.  In this way you can keep fit and strengthen the muscles because of exhausting the pounds of fat and moisture in the body.  Sweat can also take away the toxins in the body, improving the environment for the cells and helping you maintain your health and stay away from chronic diseases, as well as keeping the skin clear and clean.  Now you can get rid of fatigue and enjoy a good time.




In Chinese, chi refers to the combination of the invisible will and visible energy. The invisible will needs to be trained but the visible energy can obtained from an external source.  In the field of science, chi is a kind of energy.  It's wave length is easily adsorbed by humans and blends well with humans.  The Chung Cheng Relax Company has developed a kind of ceramic semi-conductor.  As soon as the current passes through the ceramic semiconductor, it will emit energy that can be easily absorbed by humans. This energy is the same energy as chi, called by chi gong masters.  Thus, the far infrared sauna, like chi gong master, accompanies you at any time and helps you to improve your health  


The far infrared sauna developed by the Chung Cheng Relax Company not only pays attention to practical functions, but also to safety.  Since the ceramic does not conduct electricity, Relax changes the atomic structure of the ceramic and turns it into a ceramic semi-conductor to produce heat.  Combined with a special material developed by Relax, the ceramic semiconductor can absorb heat and then radiate the far infrared ray, energy-tested by semi-conductor experts of the Industrial Technology Research facility in Taiwan, and proven to be easily absorbed by the body.

Basically the far infrared product is composed of the heater, the far infrared ray material and the temperature control. Out of safety considerations, Relax equipped the oven with materials that can automatically control temperatures in the ceramic semi-conductor. Therefore, the ceramic semiconductor can speed up or slow down the current automatically according to the temperature and keep the temperature in a specified range at any time.

The far infrared ray sauna can keep a stable temperature. If there’s an impurity that jams the vent or the fans do not work, it can slowdown the current and lower the temperature automatically to insure a safe application.


Far infrared rays only penetrate the body 0.01to 0.1 cm. These rays are transported through the vibration of water molecules. Since 70% of the human body is water, billions of water molecules organized together, deliver enough energy to go deep inside the body. The energy produced by Relax is able to vibrate each water molecule - expand the water molecules and reduce the water molecules. Therefor, the blood’s circulation speeds up and the metabolism of cells will improve without chances of having blood diseases.

The Plank Theorem specifies that if the heat source reaches a high temperature, then it's wavelength tends to produce near infrared waves which can easily scald the skin.  Higher temperatures cannot only produce a great deal of far infrared ray but also a great deal of near infrared ray which will burn the skin after a long time of irradiation. In the case of Relax, it equips the materials which can automatically control the temperature and keep the temperature under 240° Celsius. Furthermore, the ceramic semiconductor, specially processed by Relax, can reduce the temperature to 100° Celsius.  This process is so that the filter can filter out the bad energy, the near infrared ray, which is not suitable for humans to absorb. Thus, the far infrared ray sauna provides high-power far infrared ray energy, not the high temperatures. There is no danger of being burned. The high power Relax energy will provide you with constant energy for a long time, but it won't burn up your skin.