berry breeze - prevent mold on fruits and vegetables
Last Updated: 12/30/2014
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Berry Breeze
berry breeze ozone food saver
Keeps your food fresh, eliminates odors and saves money

Uses Activated Oxygen(Ozone) to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in your refrigerator 

berrybreeze keep fruit fresh
The prices on fresh produce are higher than they have ever been. Aproximately 40% of it goes to waste in America due to spoilage. The Berry Breeze can prevent this by eliminating airborne mold and bacteria in your refrigerator. It will pay for itself in the money it will save you on spoiled produce.

We at Momentum98 use the Berry Breeze and we can tell when the Berry Breeze's battery is low because the food spoils noticibly faster when the Berry Breeze is not on.  It is a product which should be in everyone's fridge because it is so effective. It is a no brainer.

Just think of how many times you have thrown out half a container of strawberries because of the mold?

How much money could you have saved if you could increase the shelf life by 3 times!

Here are some pictures form a study done on the Berry Breeze

berrybreeze melon no ozone

berry breeze melon with ozone

Cantalope ozone study

The Berry Breeze keeps food fresh longer and makes mold take longer to grow

In the study,  fresh strawberries were much improved by storage with Ozone. Molding was prominent in the control berries, while the Ozone treated berries still looked fresh and wholesome after storage for 8 Days.

Strawberry ozone study prevent mold

Berry Breeze keeps tomatoes firm longer.

berry breeze keeps tomatoes firm

The Berry Breeze eliminates and prevents odors in the refrigerator

In the study 2 refrigerators where stocked with identical items. 1 refrigerator had a Berry Breeze and one did not. 10 panelist were then asked to rate each refrigerator's oder on a scale of 1 to 5.  All 10 rated the refrigerator without the Berry Breeze at a 4 or 5 and the refrigerator with the Berry Breeze scored 8 ones and 2 twos.

How does the Berry Breeze work?

The Berry Breeze works by creating energised "activated" oxygen aka ozone.
How ozone is made in the Berry Breeze

Ozone is only stable for a few minutes and then turns back into oxygen. Because it is unstable, when it runs into bacteria or mold spores in the air, the extra oxygen molecule on the ozone causes them to clump together. This makes them too heavy so they and fall from the air.

Ozone is an effective and safe way of eliminating bacteria and is used by many water treatment facilities.

The Berry Breeze uses patented ozone technology not available anywhere else.

Because the Berry Breeze generates its own ozone, you never need to refill it or replace anything other than the batteries, which last 4-6 months.

Berry Breeze comes with a full 1 year warranty.

 Those blueberries won't die! Click here to see how this Berry Breeze user's blueberries were fine after 37 days in the refrigerator!

Click here to download the full Berry Breeze Study PDF


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Berry Breeze