Sue from Syndey Austraila wants to get a Relax Sauna of her own since its the best FIR sauna she has used.

Sue is from Sydney, Australia, where the saunas are large and cumbersome and take a long time to heat up and are not portable.  She was very surprised at how quickly the Relax sauna heated up and she likes the way that she can have her head out and have some fresh air.  She just loves the whole package because it's so portable and easy to operate and, or that reason,
she would use it more regularly.  It is also about 1/2 the cost of the wooden saunas in Australia. which are more expensive to operate and take about a half an hour to heat up.  The Relax sauna heated up within a minute and only costs about 20 cents an hour to operate.  She says that her husband does not like to go with her when she uses the wooden sauna but since he is a cyclist, who will be cycling in the Dolomites in Italy, he gets a lot of pains and tight muscles and would probably use the sauna everyday if she had it at home.  She says it would be great for him and she's really excited about getting it and having it arrive about the time she gets home back to Australia.