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It’s that time of year again!  We know how important it is to prepare for the holiday season.  In the hustle and bustle of things, we often forget to take good care of ourselves.   We’ve got you covered!

Take a look at our specials for the big day.  They will help give you the extra boost you need this holiday season, so you can be your best for your family and friends without sacrificing your health!

As always, we appreciate your business!  We wish you health and happiness this holiday season and always!



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This PURBLACK is the best and most pure Shilajit on the market today. PürBlack is an elite healing superfood under Ayurvedic Classification, Revitalizer and Rejuvenator. Scientifically validated mental and physical, natural performance enhancer. Tested locally in US laboratories under domestic safety standards. Genuine shilajit resin coming from a scarce world supply. Live resin not a powder.

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“The ingredients for Virasyl® exist in different locations around the world, but vary in composition.  We took the time to investigate these sources and chose the most “biologically active” material in order to balance out an overwhelmed immune system.”







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    Authentic African Black Soap is still made today by the people of the Yoruban tribe located in Nigeria. It is believed that this tribe brought their herbal wisdom with them from their original Egyptian homeland. Secret black soap formulas are carefully guarded as they are passed down through generation. The soap is based on the ancient art of ash treatment finding a revival of interest today. As difficult as it is to obtain genuine African black soap it is no wonder so many imitations exist, even in Africa itself. In the US some companies add black dye to regular glycerin or triple milled soaps. These soaps do not possess the medicinal qualities of Authentic African Black Soap. Genuine African black soap is originally black although brown variations exist in neighboring countries and tribes. Even brown soaps with white specks can be found, but this is made using modern soap making methods combined with wood ash.




The Black Sauna is the Professional Model and usually reatails at 4,000. But for the black friday sale its going for 1499.95 since there was an shortage or the standard saunas it came at a perfect time to do a black friday sale. It comes with everything the silver tent comes with. The black sauna is the highest quality available and is made with the highest quality materials. It has an embroidered stiching as a logo as well. The black sauna tent has a 25% better reflective property then the silver and the generator has a 10-20% more effective at dispursting the FIR light.




Thank you from Momentum98 and RELAX SAUNAS of Momentum