Relax Sauna helps Beth get rid of her cane!

Beth is a regular to our store where she learned about the sauna and realized that it, not only would be a great help to her, but to a lot of other people as well.  It is fantastic for people with autoimmune diseases. Beth has the beginnings of arthritis.  She recently moved and likens the move to doing to five days of heavy aerobics, similar to going to the gym.  She was very sore from having lifted  all those heavy boxes, so the first thing that she did was jump into her sauna.  As she does every night when she is in the sauna, she keeps her hands down by her sides so that they get the full benefit of the light in the sauna.  She feels that this is very valuable in treating her arthritis and that anyone with arthritis would benefit, as it stops the progression of the disease.  It helps relieve pain, stiffness and also swelling.  

Lsat year. she had hurt her leg in another move and it was very painful.  Soon after that, she actually fell down and thinks she probably tore something.  She used the sauna and the far infrared lamp on her leg and thinks that it helped a lot since it only took about a month to heal.  “It made a big difference.”  

Two years ago she broke her toe.  It was black and blue and she iced it everyday and was walking with a cane every day for six months due to the broken toe.  Then last year. she stubbed  her toe and it began to swell considerably later on inside her shoe. It was very painful and she thought she was going to have to go through the whole process again!  The next morning, she remembered her far infrared lamp and she use that on her toe for about 20 minutes each day.  It happened on a Saturday and by Wednesday all the black and blue was gone, the swelling was almost completely gone from her toe and it was well.   Something that had previously taken six months, with icing and elevation and hobbling, was done in 5 days.  “That is phenomenal.”  

Some days when she eats too much sugar, she notices that she cannot see as well the next day in the morning.   She thinks it is contributing to cataracts.  When that happens, she either uses the far infrared table lamp directed towards her eyes or, when she's in the sauna, she keeps her head inside and the far infrared increases the circulation and carries the toxins from the sugar away from the cells in her eyes.  She says that literally she can see better after that five or 10 minutes session.  She finds that that is all the time she needs to see better - that is how dramatic it is.  Phil commented that he does it all the time and that it feels heavenly.  He comments that there is a lady in Washington state who had been blind for about two months, due to diabetes, and that after using the far infrared table lamp, she regained her vision in less than 2 more months.

Beth has pain in her tooth and thinks she may need a root canal. It aches enough that she needs to take an aspirin or an Advil. However, when she uses the lamp for about five minutes for 1 or 2 days each time that she feels the pain return, it goes away for about six weeks each  time she uses it. 

In June, she had a very bad case of strep throat and the antibiotics that she was prescribed we're not working yet.  She opened her mouth and directed the light from the far infrared table lamp towards the back of her mouth, along with salt water rinses.  As she repeated this over the course of a couple of hours, the infection cleared up and she was able to go to sleep.  She had been afraid to go to bed before because she thought that her throat might close-up during the night but she had no problem with that after her 2-hour treatment.

She thinks that to say that this is nice to have is totally wrong.  She says that this lamp and the sauna are what everybody should have and everyone will have in the near future  because it helps you take care of yourself.  It helps you to avoid having different kinds of illnesses getting worse and it helps you stay young.  No medicine chest should be without this Relax sauna.

Phil said that, one night he was coming down with a sore throat, so he took the table lamp into the bed with him and in the morning his sore throat was gone. The table lamp has a safety feature that prevents it from burning the sheet or body tissue or catching anything on fire so it is safe to use in bed.

Beth thinks that this is indispensable for families, especially ones who have “weekend warriors” with aches and pain, bruises and sore muscles. It would save a fortune on pain relievers!