Evet got into the Relax Sauna at a show to get rid of some cramps, and pain. She also found many other benefits that the sauna can do!


Yvette tried the sauna at the Colon Hydrotherapy Conference She had had pain in her liver area and her ovary area.  After 6 or 6 minutes in the sauna she felt extremely relaxed and said she felt a flow of energy flow through her that she had never experienced before.  She had been full of tension but now does not feel so much tension in her abdominal area and the headache she had went away.  She said she was amazed!  Now, after 10 minutes, she doesn’t feel so sluggish, the pain everywhere has gone away and she feels more energized and way more grounded.  She was not able to sweat before, but after only 10 minutes was feeling it begin to form on her skin.