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massage toolsThe Acu-Masseur

Relieves trigger points and pressure points for therapeutic myofascial release. It is particularly useful for working out knots in the neck and hard-to-reach shoulder or trapezium muscles. Highly innovative and durable, this manual massage tool easily adjusts to accommodate your unique body size and shape.

30% OFF

$35.00 $49.95

Mini Green Juicer

A patented Helical Twin-Gear Crusher, powered by a 1/4 horse power motor, breaks up the cellular structure of fruit and vegetables, compressing the pulp and releasing vital, nutrient-rich juice.

60% OFF

$160.00 $395.00



Sigma Teas

Wild-picked and log-grown mushrooms, carefully tested for pesticides, heavy metals, irradiation and aflatoxins. We prefer fruiting bodies over cheap mycelial biomass

20% OFF

$28.00 $35.95


Body Balls

The Body Ball is a firm  sensory massage ball  for soft gymnastic, massage self-massage, all of which can be performed simply and easily on any part of the body.  Body Balls are firm to the touch with little bumps for gentle pressure and stimulation.

50% OFF

$12.50 $25.95


Chinese Exercise Balls

Baoding balls are usually used for exercise and meditation, but are also good when employed for medical reasons. To use them for exercise, place two Baoding balls within your palm then rotate them clockwise and counterclockwise. Gravity will help you keep on controlling the balls.

40% OFF

$9.00 $15.95


Wai Lana Yoga Mats

Your yoga mat supports you through the joys and trials of your practice. We understand this and have designed mats that have been loved and trusted by beginners as well as the most experienced teachers (1/8" YOGA MAT- ANYCOLOR .(WAI LANA)

30% OFF

$17.00 $22.95


Color Therapy Glasses

Color therapy glasses are a convenient way to incorporate color therapy into you life. Simply put on a pair of these glasses and voilà! Instant color therapy!!


$9.00 $13.95


Pinhole Glasses

Customers who have purchased pinhole glasses from us report that they experience better clarity and resolution of vision when wearing them. Some have commented that they achieve almost perfect vision, and rank our pinhole glasses as equal in performance to their prescription eyeglasses.


$15.00 $25.95


FIR Table Lamp

The amount of FIR Energy can be extraordinarily effective in improving health. Compact and exquisite, The Relax FIR Table Lamp has very strong power, more so than the larger and taller FIR products.

30% OFF

$140.00 $199.00


The Relax Sauna

If you are looking for the most advanced Far Infrared Technology, then you are Here! What makes a FIR Sauna so effective is the generator of the FIR Light that interacts and pulsates your water molecules, creating an increase in core temperature, an increase in circulation, and an increase in lymph flow.

20% OFF

$995.00 $1195.00


Moon Car Magnetic Massager

The Moon Car Manual Magnetic Massager contains 16 wheels and 32 neodymium magnets.To use the Manual Massager, grip the handle and roll it over the various parts of the body. Because of its advanced design and construction, the wheels maintain contact with the body's surface at virtually all times.

50% OFF

$12.00 $20.95



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