heavy metal DETOX with Relax Sauna

Mary it is impressed with the way that the sauna eliminates waste such as dioxins, cadmium, heavy metals and fat.  This is not just ordinary sweat. Research shows that sweat released using the Relax sauna releases much, much higher levels of toxins.  After 10 minutes in the sauna, with her head out, she could feel she was getting a really good cardiovascular workout without having to work very hard and that she felt comfortable and that it is a great way to relax the body.  It is not really an option for people with a lot of excess weight on the body to go out and run, or go to the gym and use the stair master which puts a lot of extra pressure on the knees.  Instead, they can just sit in the sauna and watch TV.  This is great for anyone who wants to change their life style, burn out the old, make room for the new.  They can address issues of cancer, lymphatic issues, liver conditions, skin conditions since sweat really heals. It's amazing.
No sweat, no sweat.