Lauren tryed the Relax Sauna and compares them to other saunas she has tried.

Lauren said that,ahaving been in the sauna for seven minutes, she felt her muscles loosen up and then, when she put her head in the sauna, her sinuses cleared up some.  She said that she did sweat some but that it was not an uncomfortable sweat like in a normal sauna, rather that she felt heated to the bone, to the core, A kind of heat that feels really good.

She does carpal tunnel coaching and thinks that it would be a great product for people with carpal tunnel syndrome.  She thinks that would release a lot of tension in the muscles, which would also reduce some of the of inflammation which is causing pressure on the median nerve.  She also thinks that it would be really quick.  Sitting in the sauna she feels it through her skin, through her muscles, all the way in to the bones.  In a regular sauna, she says that she does not feel this, that she feels uncomfortable just sweating and that her head feels uncomfortable.  She says that her head does not feel uncomfortable in this sauna.  “I am a happy camper. I could take this camping with me.”  She is at the Florida State Massage therapy Show and has been a massage therapist for 10 years.  She thinks that it would be good for her clients and that it would loosen them up.