Wanita purchaced a Relax Sauna recently and tells us how it has helped improve the quality of her life.

Juanita’s doctor recommended that she use the Relax sauna.  Her doctor said that it was very efficient, that is heated up quickly, that it was very convenient and portable so that she could take it with her on the road.  She said the fact that it was so efficient was the biggest benefit.  She owns several other types of saunas, including a wooden one, but that this one was her favorite.  
Juanita read Sherry Roger’s book, Detoxify or Die, and was definitely inspired to get a sauna.  She didn’t get a wooden sauna because she wanted a sauna that was portable since she could not stay in her home for a while while a mold problem was being cleared up.  She says that the sauna is really calming, relaxing and comfortable and that she sleeps like a baby at night and doesn’t seem to need as much sleep. She is very sensitive to heat and does not feel uncomfortable at all when she's in the sauna and able to keep her head out.  Her husband uses it and she said that it's a cleansing feeling for him which is very satisfying.