Dr Marilyn Joyce says that last year, when she tried the sauna at the Cancer Control Society Convention, she got in the sauna and exclaimed, “Oh My God!  I’m relaxed completely!”  She had been reluctant to get into the sauna because she thought, “What is five minutes going to do?”  She had been in a lot of saunas before, especially far infrared wooden saunas that were in the homes of friends, and it took hours for her to really feel an impact.  That day, she was very stressed out, her shoulders were very tense and she was really very upset because it was a Cancer Control Society Convention and looking at all of the people who were dying from cancer was very upsetting.  Within five minutes of sitting in the sauna she started to feel the stress melting off of her body.  As she came to realize the benefits of the Relax sauna, she began right away, after that. to use it  with her with her patients with cancer and the people who were taking care of loved ones with cancer and, at the same time, still taking care of their families.  She says they feel the sauna has really transformed their lives.

She has a radio show called the Dr. Marilyn Joyce Radio Show and she had done an interview with Phil on the show a year ago and posted on there.  People were amazed and she had calls and e-mails beyond any other comparison.  All (but one) of the patients, who then got the saunas a year ago, are still here today and say,  “Thank you for transforming our lives.”  They got great results and she feels like she had done a service for them by providing them with something that cost a third to a quarter less money and does not have to be installed in the home, like a wooden sauna.

She is glad that it is completely portable because she likes to travel a lot and she can take it with her.  Her clients also feel this way because, now that they feel mobile again, they don’t want to be in one place.  She feels the immediacy of it was what was so powerful.  She didn't have to wait.  She jumped into it and immediately was immersed in it.  What she loved about it was that she didn't have to put her head in!  She said that it was very convenient because you could put your head in only if you wanted to and you didn't have to take your clothes off.  

When she first sat in it for 5 minutes at the Cancer Control Society Conference last year, the pain in her shoulders, which is where she carries stress, was completely eradicated.  It got rid of the pain even though she had been carrying heavy bags on her shoulders all day.  She felt a new sense of mental clarity and a new sense of ease and calm without any effort and that is the key.  She loves to meditate and notices that sometimes, when one is really stressed, it can take a long time to relax and have the meditation take full effect.  She felt that the sauna speeds up the process.