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ghjhgj"Stunning Breakthrough in
Human Bio Magnetic Field!"

"Remarkable Health Benefits from Rare Magnetic Cells Discovered in the Human Body. New and Exclusive Approach Encourages Dramatic Increase of Elusive Super Cells!"

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By now there is a good chance you have heard the whispering rumors about a new, secret project we've been working on for the last four years. These whispers might have told you things like how it stimulates a region of your brain most aren't using now, increasing the balance between both hemispheres by using more of both, a state normally reserved for famous artists or people considered geniuses. They also may have told you, off the record of course, how it induces relaxation and relieves pain, which increases the time you can spend in meditation by quieting the body and the mental chatter.

But did these quiet little whispers tell you how it adapts to your body condition, relaxing you if you need to calm down, or stimulating you if you are too sluggish, thus maintaining an optimal, centered, state of mind? If only it was true, right? okokok

Well, it's time to go on the record...

"Stunning New Breakthrough Formula New, Rare, Potent Ingredients Added With Remarkable Benefits!"

The way our modern world works, leaping forward from one scientific discovery to the next, it goes without saying that nothing stays 'perfect' for long.

Since Magneurol6-S was released a little over four years ago we have been researching, experimenting, and refining the formula. Now we have found it. The Magnetic Pill has all the incredible benefits of the original, with some serious kicks.

Just to give you an idea how on-the-edge this formula is...one of the ingredients in Magnetic Pill wasn't even available in the United States when the original formula was created. You had to go through some pretty hard-to-find sources to even get a taste and try it out. Many of the other ingredients aren't available anywhere else in capsule form...they are that rare, and yes, so powerful we had to be first to get them in there.