Click on this link to see this email letter online.

Click on this link to see this email letter online.

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Hello Relax Sauna user or interested person,

See below about the Relax Sauna Talk in Columbus, Ohio , today on Tuesday, October 16.

We are inviting you to receive from us periodically (approximately monthly) information about the research we are uncovering about the Healing benefits of Far Infrared Energy, as well as more and more information about the discoveries we are making about the RELAX SAUNA.  We want to share with you the success that many of the Relax Sauna users are having.  For example, some individuals use the Relax Sauna with their clothes on for 5 minute spurts when they need energy, or relaxation or for pain management.   Others take the radiators out, sometimes, and put it directly on their shoulders, for shoulder pain, as they would be using the Relax Sauna Sister Product (The Sky Eye 800 Watt Radiator with wheels) ...  and get a more intense concentration of the Far Infrared Energy.  Others have reported to us that with the zipper open 8 inches or even 24 inches, they still get great results using the Relax Sauna. 

There is a BIG difference between all of the Infrared Saunas out there
, both the inexpensive saunas made in china with the cloth panels, and even the wood saunas, that are even more expensive than the Relax Sauna (but not as effective).  Sometimes these companies say you shouldn't use their saunas more than a specific time.  Well, their saunas are NOT FAR INFRARED SAUNAS, in the strictest sense of the word.   They are correct perhaps about their saunas, but this is not true with the Relax Sauna.  It is an individual thing.  The Relax Sauna is very safe, and you don't have to fear using it for long periods of time, if it feels good to you.

So we want to keep you abreast, also of other products that you can augment the Relax Sauna with, books that come out raving about the benefits of Far Infrared Energy, as well as, for example, the book, PERFECT EYESIGHT, by Bob Lewanski, which even has an appendix of about 4 pages promoting the benefits of the RELAX FAR INFRARED SAUNA.

To reiterate, the Relax Sauna newsletter will
contain education information on holistic health, and will offer you specials only available to Relax Sauna newsletter subscribers, both in our brick and mortar natural health store in columbus, Ohio,  at 3509 N. High St., and online at our website,  

We welcome you with open arms.

Phillip Wilson, president Momentum98

YOU are invited to attend a FREE talk - This evening !
(Special Unique Presentation on Far Infrared Energy - Today - 7 pm - Tuesday, Oct. 16)
(at Best Western - Columbus, Ohio Hotel - special speaker:  George Hung, VP of Relax Sauna company)

Far Infrared Energy for Health, Beauty & Wellness   - Tuesday Oct. 16
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see the FIR Medical Facts website !

DR. Sherry Roger's (M.D.) book, Detox or Die, is now available from us.     more info

Relax Sauna - Latest Tent - much stronger and
                durable than 2008 model
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RELAX Far Infrared Sauna
RELAX - 1500 watts generator - emitter of 100% FIR Light w/ 3 prong plug

PHONE: 1-800-533-HERB (4372) & 614-262-7087
3509 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43214

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