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Last Updated: 01/21/2016
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Relax Sauna EMF measurements

At Relax Saunas of Momentum we want to make sure people understand how and why our saunas work the way they do. One of the major questions we get is about EMF and how much does the sauna emit. While it does emit some very low amounts of EMF it is about the same as sitting at a computer or near fan of some kind.  The main source of the EMF is the fan that is inside the generators since fans are a magnetically powered motor and thusly creates a small amount of EMF. We made a series of videos to demonstrate how much EMF you would be receiving and contrast that to other items you may find in your home.


Comparison of Relax Saunas FIR EMF vs juicer appliance


Readings taken from a gauss meter at our store - Momentum98

Reading taken in between radiators and reading at 09.2 mG

Reading taken text to table lamp radiator and reading at 01.5 mG

Reading taken at center of the sauna and reading at 01.5 mG



Testimonial from EMF sensitive person

We have experiance many people who are very sensitive to EMFs. cell phones and wi fi and they have no negative feeling from being in the Relax Sauna. In fact that feel very good and have had some very good things to say about it.




Zack is a very nice man from PA who is very sensitive to EMFs.  He cannot use wifi or cell phones.  When sitting in the sauna with his feet right on the radiators, he felt the EMFs being neutralized and he no longer felt it in his feet or anywhere else in his body.  Phillip explained that any motor generates EMFs, however the juicers that he carries in the store generates six times more that the sauna does and that, because the sauna generates such a high level (over 98%) of far infrared energy, it antidotes the amount of EMF that it generates, way more than any 40% or 50% wooden sauna does.  It neutralizes other sources of radiation, as well, that may be stored in the body.

Zack takes all of the precautions that he can around EMF and he was pleasantly surprised when he used the sauna.  He and his friend both used the saunas and felt so relaxed that Phillip called them the “mellow men”.” He felt the warmth sink in a soothing war into his depths and felt he hadn’t been so relaxed for a long time.  

His mother had gotten a cheaper sauna made in China, however, he never used it because it had a pronounced plasticy smell.  He is also very sensitive to smells, such as plastics, perfumes, molds, everything.  He commented that the Relax sauna has no bad smell, in fact, no scent at all.  Phillip mentioned that the nylon, that the sauna tent is made of, is the most inert of all synthetic fabrics.  

As a musician, Zack felt that being in the sauna helped him be in touch with some deeper energies and feelings and that, later on, that would probably help him be more creative.  He had been so settled while in the sauna that he didn't want to move a finger.  He thought that it would be really awesome to use a couple of hours before a performance.  He likes that feeling of primordial relaxation similar to being in the womb.  He recommends the saunas.




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