Relax Far Infrared Sauna for energy

Tricia was at the Raw Living Expo in Thousand Oaks, California.  She had been in a lot of far infrared saunas in the past and is a big fan of the health benefits, boosting the immune system, detox, weight-loss, reduction of inflammation.  The first thing that she noticed was that the sauna heated up immediately, she felt the infrared heat penetrating into her skin and she started to sweat which is really important for her because she doesn’t usually sweat because she has poor circulation.  She doesn't have a lot of time and she doesn't want to sit around waiting for the sauna to heat up.  She says that during the entire 20 minutes that she was in the sauna she could feel the detoxification and felt very relaxed.  She said that it was amazing and that it was about 20% or 40% better than what she had felt before and can't wait to use it on more of a long-term basis.  She had said, previously, that other far infrared saunas were about a seven and that the Relax sauna was about a 10.  She said that she was exhausted from walking around the trade show all day and that using the sauna was like having a cup of coffee, very energizing.  She has had adrenal fatigue so getting that extra boost of energy felt really good.  She had used her parent’s far infrared wooden sauna in the past but she noticed that sometimes parts of her body would be cold and other parts would be really hot and sweaty.  In the Relax sauna she felt that the heat was much more even throughout her entire body.  She says that it might be a little bit misleading when people see the Relax sauna and compare it to a wooden sauna but that the Relax sauna is really comfortable, like a Snuggie, like a bug in a rug.  “It feels really good and I like it.”