Haley is very excited about the Relax Sauna.

Haley was at the Cancer Control Society Convention and said that when she tried the Relax sauna, she felt completely relaxed and that the light and the heat penetrates all of the cells of the body and fixes everything.  It is a regenerative and restorative treatment. She is a five time's cancer survivor, powered by her pacemaker and new heart valve.  She is ordering two saunas because it's a very inexpensive way to heal yourself if you don't have a lot of money.  “There are a lot of choices out there but this is the number one investment that you should make for yourself.  "Just do it!"  She said she feels awesome and relaxed.  She was in the sauna for about five minutes and says that it doesn't take much to feel a lot better. She came to the convention because of her search for the truth about mercury. Coming to a theater near you, will be Heavy Metal Misadventure, where she will tell her story about survival and the political cover-fup about medicine.