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Nature Knows Natural Eyelash Lengthener Lengthen Eyelashes Naturally

Introducing an All Natural Eyelash Lengthener and Hair Growth Stimulator

Grow thicker and longer eyelashes in just 3 weeks.

Does not contain any chemicals or synthetic hormones like most of the cosmetic brands.

This natural plant-based product will help your eyelashes to grow thick and long, and can keep them from breaking. It can also help you grow new eyebrow hair in bare areas that might've been over-tweezed. it is an alternative to many of the popular eyelash lengthening products which contain chemicals.  IT IS NOT LASHIPIX, NEULASH, REVITALASH ETC, it is an all natural alternative produced by one of our own employees (Corey Daniels) at his own Company, Nature Knows.
Simply carefully apply natural lengthener oil to eyelashes 3 times a week for thicker, longer lashes. 
Also stimulates hair growth/regrowth and is GREAT for your skin.

100 Percent Natural Ingredients
Here are some people talking about their experiences with this product;

"I have been using just for 3 weeks now and to my surprise I notice that my eyelashes are fuller and longer when I applied mascara 2 days ago. I thought maybe it’s the mascara that does the trick so I took a closer look on my lashes in the mirror. I saw some new baby lashes growing. I also notice that the eyelashes at the outer corner of my eyes are growing longer which used to be shorter than the middle part last time.

What I do is I apply the lengthening oil with a clean unused mascara wand from the lash root to the tip just like how we normally applied mascara. It requires a little patience to see results, and that you do it every night before going to bed. 

This product is definitely better than Mavala Double Lash which I used it before. I see not much result from Mavala, that’s why I tried Castor Oil. It gave faster result and it really proven, at least to me."

"I had really good results with this oil on my eyebrows and I think they actually stayed thicker for quite a while after I stopped. Well, I didn't exactly stop, but I forget or think I'll just do it tomorrow or something. They're still a lot better than they were before. It's nice to have "real" eyebrows again."

"I've been using lengthening oil on my eye brows and lashes for about a month, and I can definitely see a difference, especially with my lashes. Two coats of mascara, and it looks like I'm wearing fake lashes! This stuff really works."

This product is all natural and plant based. I am a small home based business. I blend my own oils to make this product using only 100% natural ingredients.  It does not have any chemicals unlike many other lash lengthening products. Try it out and if you are not satisfied, return it for a full, no-questions-asked, refund.

Order more than 1 and pay NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING! So if you order 50 you pay the same shipping amount as if you only ordered 1! This is also a GREAT skin oil, so stock up and save.

Here is a review from;

When I heard about this product, Natragrow Natural Eyelash Lengthener & Hair Growth Stimulator by Nature Knows, I was intrigued. With no chemicals and just a couple of pure natural ingredients, this product makes bold claims of lengthening eyelashes and re-growing hair in places (eyebrows) that may have been over-tweezed. Of course, I couldn’t wait to try!

I’ve always had good eyelashes, very healthy and long until recently they’ve seemed to be lacking vitality especially around the corners and thinner in general. As for eyebrows, mine used to be so thick it made Brooke Shields in the 80’s look tame. I’ll never forget my first major tweeze – for a photo shoot in Los Angeles circa 2000. The makeup artist asked if she could “shape” my brows and being nave, I said sure! Next time I saw a mirror, half of my facial hair was missing and although it was more stylish at the time, I’ve NEVER been able to grow my browstash back! So this product made me super eager to review…maybe I’d have an option, once again, to shape my eyebrows how I see fit!

The directions are simple; apply the oil to eyelashes 3-5 times a week for thicker, longer lashes. Same for eyebrow area.


1)From previous reviews, I knew it would take a few of weeks of use to show a difference. I faithfully applied the Eyelash Lengthener 4-5 times a week. By the beginning of week 2, I noticed a change in my lashes, but they didn’t seem longer. I would say “more conditioned.” The strays were behaving and they felt nice. I was happy. By the first of week 3, one day put on mascara and said “Holy cow! My eyelashes are longer!!” I couldn’t believe it. How can a simple blend of castor oil & almond oil do this?! People have even remarked on how lovely my eyelashes are and curious if I had a special mascara or if they were fake! I was thrilled.

2)The price is only $7.90 and as far as I can tell, the bottle will last a very long time! They even offer a loyalty discount of 10% online.

3)There’s absolutely nothing in it but natural ingredient.


1)I have not noticed any re-growth of my brow-stash. Maybe that takes longer and I’ll keep putting the oil on for a few more weeks. If not, maybe I’ll sue the makeup artist that took my brows away.

2)The application, although not difficult, isn’t super clean. The bottle doesn’t have a squeeze device or wand applicator, so you have to pour some onto your fingers and spread. Seems like there’s a better way. The oil is good for your skin though, so I just rub the excess into my hands!

Overall, for delivery, price and good-for-you-ingredients, I’d totally recommend this product to a friend that wants to beautify & lengthen their lashes. There’s no reason to spend lots of money on harmful chemical-laden products when you have Natragrow from Nature Knows!

Rating: 8.75

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