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Feeling Good - Stress Relief




We have put over 100,000 individuals into the Relax Sauna at Professional
and Other Conferences over the last 12 years.
Many are profoundly affected in a wonderful way by their experiences in the Relax Sauna.

Since we have exhibited at a number of these conferences for all these years, we have many very pleased Relax Sauna users coming to our booth wanting to share with us how much they love the Relax Sauna, and what it has done for them.
Here below is are written testimonies we have received by email,
as well as many of the Interviews we have done at Conferences from these individuals.

Relax Sauna Video Testimonials that Talk about
Feeling Good and Stress Relief

These are Only of a Few of the Descriptions People Used in the Following Testimonials:

Happy, Relaxed, Centered, Soothed, Peaceful, In a Better Mood, Stress Melted Away, Good for People Who Tend to be Depressed, Energized, Refreshed, Alive, Nurtured and Comforted, a Blessing, Great, Feels a Glow, Amazing

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Relax Sauna is the First Thing that Helped Casey with Lyme Disease and Toxicity


Casey has had Lyme disease and mold toxicity for several years and has has been trying to recover and get healthy. He had not sweat in over a year. He tried the Relax sauna for 20 minutes and broke a sweat for the first time. The next day when he tried it he was just drenched. He felt that the difference after 2 days of trying it was just amazing. At expos in the past he had Heart Rate Variability tests done about 6 times. He had been trying things for over a year and said that the first time he recorded any change or had any success register on the test was after he used the Relax sauna.

He said that 2 days before he had felt low energy and now he feels great. He said it feels soothing and that he now feels more alive.

Pure Living Expo Goer Feels the Magic of the Relax Sauna Therapy


Darren says he felt an instantaneous change after just a minute in the Relax sauna. He became very relaxed and at ease. He went from a state of being wired and excited to being fully relaxed and very blessed from being in the infrared light. He says he is usually a very excited person but at the moment he is in a state of pure relaxation. He feels that the tingling he is experiencing indicates that a release is happening. He has tried other saunas but there is something about this sauna that is different that he has never got from any other infrared saunas. He says he feels great and wants one in his house and that is is an extraordinary gift.

Feel Alive and Rejuvenated with The Relax Sauna


Miramyogie said that, having gotten up so early that morning, that he felt exhausted. After 10 minutes in the sauna he said he felt wide awake, very energetic and alive. He has a lot of experience with Aryuveda and says that he feels a very powerful detoxification, that he is sweating “very good”, that his body is rejuvenating and that he feels lighter. He said, “I love it and I want to take it home today.”

I Feel Happy ( Relax Sauna Review)


Michael said he feels good, feels happy after one minute in the Relax sauna. He said he was’t in the best mood before and now feels a lot better.

Compare The Relax Sauna with a Wooden Infrared Sauna

Vicky had a wooden sauna and felt it was effective with her Lyme disease, but said the Relax sauna was much quicker and more effective. She saw instant results, overnight, with her family’s bronchitis and colds. They used the sauna the day before, twice for 10 minutes, and the next morning was the first day that they had been clear of all the congestion. She had been so tired the day before and that night even her kids noticed that she was running around, completely energized. The next day she used it for 15 minutes and was completely energized again when she went out to dinner that night.

Back Tension Feels Much Better After Using the Relax Sauna


Monique said she had pain in the lumbar area of her back and that it was no longer sore after using the sauna after only 5 minutes. And that after 5 minutes she was dripping. She said she was relaxed and that the temperature inside was comfortable, that it does not burn you up.

Massage Therapist Uses the Relax Sauna to Treat Clients and Help Friends and Family


Mark and his business partner bought a Relax sauna a year ago and have sold 5 of them since then in their Massage Therapy Practice. He uses it in his work and his clients love it because they can relax and don’t feel as much pain while they are going through the session. His mother had back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. After using if for a full year, her doctor’s test readings showed that she no longer has rheumatoid arthritis and her back pain is totally gone.

His mother-in-law has had double knee replacements and has no issues with increased mobility and range-of-motion as she uses the sauna. His clients love them and use them multiple times during the day in their homes. They send Mark more people and this has brought more business and income into the spa as they add the sauna to the services they provide.

Mark, himself, says the sauna has helped heal his skin issues and that he has more energy and less fatigue, that he doesn’t get as winded when he rides his bike and that it helps with recovery, as he no longer has that post-workout soreness. “It’s really a fantastic machine, I love it.” He says he comes out of a session feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated. He uses it between every client for 5 to 7 minutes because he finds it keeps his energy level up and he doesn’t have as much fatigue at the end of the day. At home he uses it twice a day, morning and evening, gets a good sweat built up in about 10 minutes and is drenched in 20 minutes. Afterwards he feels completely refreshed.

The Relax Sauna Can Help with Congestion and Sleeping Better


Joyce used the sauna 5 times a couple of days at the expo. “I can breathe, I can sleep, I don’t have all this mucus. I feel great!” She has had mucus and sinus congestion for the past 3 weeks and found that the sauna was the first treatment she used where the congestion stared breaking up. She barely had enough tissues to keep up with the release of the mucus. “I feel wonderful. It’s a great product. She say she hasn’t felt this good in 3 weeks. She’s looking forward to her new sauna arriving in about 3 days.


The Relax Sauna for Cramps, Pain, Headache, and Much More!


Yvette tried the sauna at the Colon Hydrotherapy Conference She had had pain in her liver area and her ovary area. After 6 or 6 minutes in the sauna she felt extremely relaxed and said she felt a flow of energy flow through her that she had never experienced before. She had been full of tension but now does not feel so much tension in her abdominal area and the headache she had went away. She said she was amazed! Now, after 10 minutes, she doesn’t feel so sluggish, the pain everywhere has gone away and she feels more energized and way more grounded. She was not able to sweat before, but after only 10 minutes was feeling it begin to form on her skin.

The Relax Sauna Can Cause Happiness


Lydia say that being in the Relax sauna makes her feel very happy in every pore of her body. She felt it right away and says that, when comparing it to others saunas she has used, it is like comparing apples and oranges. She likes the smell of wooden saunas and says that she would burn sandalwood incense while using the Relax sauna. She also likes the comfort of not sitting on a wooden bench and feels it is better to be sitting, rather than lying down on a bench. She feels this sauna would be very good for people who tend to be depressed. She says it is wonderful - a natural high.

Enjoy the Moment with the Relax Sauna


Jamiera tried the sauna for 6 or 7 minutes and felt it was great as she sat there enjoying the moment. “I feel wonderful.”

A Beautiful Testimony of the Relax Sauna


Carmen said that sitting in the Relax sauna makes her feel she is encased in the bosom of someone who loves her. She feels love. She feels that, whatever has happened during the day, that she feels peace and harmony within herself, within her spirit, when she is in the sauna. She says that when she closes her eyes she can feel healing in the places that hurt. “I love it.” She says it is like when your grandma puts her arms around you and says everything will be all right, that is what the sauna feels like. She likes the term’ “Divine Love in a Box.”

She thinks it is affordably priced, no different than a recliner and way less expensive than a massage chair. She feels it is healing everything that is out of balance in the body. She wants one or two or three and says you have never experienced comfort in this way until you get in one. She says this is the way God intended healing because it is a light therapy that radiates in your body. It is not too hot and she felt herself melt right away, unlike any chair or massage she ever experienced before. “I feel beautiful.”

The Relax Sauna Helps with Sleep


Lynn usually wakes up with her eyes red and burning. After using the sauna the day before she did not have that feeling the next morning. She said she also slept like a lamb and actually dreamed. She rarely dreams and felt she had been a a state of really deep sleep and woke feeling very energized. She feels amazing and is really looking forward to using it all the time at home. She had been in the sauna for about 20 minutes and unzipped it part of the time but still received the healing rays of the far infrared and was pleased with the result. “It was wonderful. I just felt really good.”

The Relax Sauna is the BEST Infrared Sauna Testimony


Olive said that what she experienced after trying the sauna was about 10,000 time better than what she had expected. She had been in far infrared saunas before but, unlike in the Relax sauna, that still had not started to sweat and felt too closed in. She didn’t feel that closed in feeling with the Relax sauna. She says you got to do it, not just look at it and imagine you know what it will be like. She said it made all the difference in the world and that you won’t believe not wanting to do this. Check it out! “This is easy. It is so easy.”

Another Relax Sauna Doctor Review


Melinda is a doctor, has had her sauna for about 2 years and always uses it after exercise. She finds that she always feels much better when she feels she is about to get sick because of the way it supports her immune system. She always feels so dean afterwards because all the toxins in her body get cleaned out. She says it is the best product she has ever bought at any show and that she loves it.

Relax Saunas Far Infrared Energy Moves Chi Like No Other Sauna


Wei is an acupuncturist attending the Acupuncturist Convention. He says that his hands feel like they do when he does Tai Chi, which he has been doing for about 10 years, swirling, pulsing and moving. The blood is circulating, the chi is moving and he feels very warm and relaxed.

Relax Sauna Athlete Testimony


Peter has been lifting weights for 4 years and uses their wood sauna to release tension. When he tried the Relax sauna he said, “Whoa, I never felt anything like that before!” Usually it takes him about 40 minutes in the wood sauna to experience results. In the Relax sauna he started experiencing those results in the first 2 minutes. Earlier that day he had dead-lifted 200 pounds and his muscles felt really, really tight, as usual. After 2 or 3 minutes in the Relax sauna, the tension immediately melted away. It usually takes him about 4 days of sitting around and relaxing for that tension to go away. He says, “I am a believer. It is extraordinary. It is a wonderful piece of technology.”

The momentary feeling of discomfort that he usually feels in the wood sauna he did not feel in the Relax sauna. He felt loose after doing the sauna and compared it to the feeling he gets from hugging his mom. He felt more clarity, even in his vision, as he emerged from the sauna so he felt like something was working really well with the sauna use! He’a a skeptic and is always looking to prove whether something is working or not and always lets them know but came to agree with the statement that it really is like “Divine Love in a Box.” The subtle tingling, melting sensation was unlike anything he had ever experienced in a wood sauna. He wants one for himself and is going to buy one for his mom and dad. “Feeling is believing,” he says. He is into not waiting his time, since he works and goes to school, and dislikes that the saunas he used before take 30 minutes to an hour to get the benefit he needs. He feels that the Relax sauna is way more powerful since he experienced the benefits in about 10 minutes. “It’s amazing. You have to try it for yourself.”

Kids React to the Relax Sauna


Four little kids, Elyse, Naomi. Trayama and Mario, kept coming back to sit in the sauna at the expo because, “It’s comfy and it’s warm.” Naomi could sleep in it. She would like to use it for a tent outside and Trayama added that you would just have to set the timer for every 30 minutes. Elyse wishes she could be there all day long where she could read a book and she wants one in her room so she can sit in it when she wakes up and it is cold so she could relax. Trayama says you could have one outside in the winter so you could sit in it and throw snowballs at people while you are nice and warm and they were freezing cold.

Mario lifted his head from the sauna and said that he just woke up and had been in it 4 times that day. “This is awesome. This is like so comfortable. You could just chill - watching TV”

Try the Relax Sauna for 5 Minutes and Become Amazed


She questioned what she would feel in such a short period of time. She didn’t believe it when she was told she would feel it right away. After being in the sauna she says she feels like jelly. She had been on the run, running between conferences and now feels really relaxed.

Autism Expo Relax Sauna Testimony


Drew has been in the Health and Wellness industry for several years and their specialty is combating global toxicity. Their research has shown how critical infrared saunas are. His house is littered with toys so he was immediately drawn to how compact this sauna is. It could fit into their walk-in closet. With 3 kids and a full-time job he does not have the time to wait for a traditional sauna unit to heat up. As soon as he walked into the room he knew that was the one.
He says it is another great step in human detoxification which is so critical. People don’t realize what we ingest on a daily basis in our food, air and water and to have a unit like this to help with detoxification is as important as any supplement program or anything else out there. He feels the wooden far infrared saunas take too long and he appreciates that he can be in the Relax sauna for a few minutes with his clothes on, experience benefits and not have to towel off. He says that it’s the little things that add up during the day that interfere with our ability to take care of ourselves so something this easy is a no-brainer in his opinion.

Even though he was having a blast running around meeting people all day about the release of their new book, it was also stressful and he had been feeling achy and had a headache. After 4 minutes in the sauna he sad he was feeling really good. He had done the sauna for 10 minutes the day before and said he slept better that night than he had in months.

He co-wrote a book with his father, Peter Greenlaw, on the cutting edge utilizing some old school techniques, such as immunotherapy, to heal the body that the authors feel could change the world and the medical profession forever. The forward is written by Dr. John Gray, Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. He said he feels humbled to work with so many people who have the same vision.

Relax Sauna Autism Expo Testimony


Maria’s friend, Linda, loaned Maria her own Relax sauna and Maria was surprised how much more she liked it than the full size wooden far infrared sauna she had been using before at a health spa. She looked into owning one like that but they were a lot more expensive, more expensive to run, took longer to heat up and she didn’t like having to wait that long and have to plan ahead if she just wanted to jump in, especially if she only has 10 minutes before she has to be somewhere. Many times she just goes in for 5 or 10 minutes with her clothes on before she starts to sweat. It warms your body from the inside out.

Her whole family now loves it and her children in particular, who have health issues, benefit from the detoxification. She now finds the Relax sauna to be a thousand times better. They all use it everyday and her kids love it. Her nine year old son, who has anxiety issues, insists on using it 5 or 10 minutes each morning before school because he feels more relaxed and centered. Maria says it definitely evens you out. She says that at times, when she feels tired and wired at the same time because she has SO much on her mind and feels like she had only accomplished 10 out of the 500 things she had to do that day, she will hop in the sauna for 10 or 15 minutes and will relax enough to be falling asleep, then and there, in the sauna. Phil relates that he held his dog on his lap in the sauna once and ever since, whenever anyone in the family is in the sauna, the dog scratches at the tent so it can come in too and lay down under the chair. Maria says, ”I‘m lovin’ it”

Raynaud's Disease Treatment with the Relax Far Infrared Sauna


Sherry loves her sauna that she has had for about 3 years. She says that it is the best thing that she ever received for a present. They heard she was going to purchase it on her own so they bought it for her. It heats up right away, no wasted time and it really gets into your bones.
She has an autoimmune condition known as Reynauld’s, as do a lot of women, and the sauna helps with that considerably. She does hot yoga. On the way home she usually gets a chill so she hops in the sauna and takes a shower afterwards. When she can’t make it to class she does several sauna sessions and sweats it out. “It’s great. It’s perfect. I recommend it to everybody.”

She recommends it to people with autoimmune problems, weight loss issues, high blood pressure. Since the head is out of the sauna you can still breathe cool air and your body is not overstimulated to the point where your heart rate goes so up. You can unzip it a little bit and get some air before you zip it up again. Its easy. She says it’s not like the type of sauna where you go in there and it’s stifling and you can’t wait to get out. She says to go out and buy one now! It’s worth every penny. And she catches up on her email while she is sitting in it.

She loves using it in the winter as she is one of those people who seem to never be able to warm up. She finds that many types of other saunas have inconsistent heat, sometimes too hot or too cool or going from one to the other in the same session. Both he and her husband love the sauna’s ability to relieve the aches and pains people experience as they get older. Her husband played ice hockey and had been a weight lifter and ended up having both of his shoulders done and his knee resurfaced and he loves the sauna, too. Her skin-dryness condition improved using the sauna. I think it is a great product. The people she knows who had gotten one of the cheaper far Infrared saunas ended up getting rid of them, just put them in the basement and never used them.

Pain Relief and Relaxation are Common Effects of the Relax Sauna


Rosa said that it was amazing and that it felt so good after being in the sauna 5 minutes. She had gone to a class where every single muscle in her body was in pain. She said the pain reduced from a 10 to about a 4. Now she feels relaxed enough to go to bed, get a good night’s sleep and come back tomorrow to the Expo and get one of her own. She said the chair was very comfortable and she gives the sauna a 10 and says that a half an hour would be a 100!

NASA Doctor Recommends the RELAX SAUNA
(Best Quality Infrared Sauna!)


Dr. Rodger D. Billaca, MD has a functional integrative practice, Tri-Life Health, in Fort Collins, Colorado. He got his Relax sauna two years ago at the Best Answer to Cancer Show in Dallas, Texas. He says they has been very happy with it. He is very committed to dealing with issues of environmental toxicity and thinks it is a huge issue with the health of our nation. He is a doctor who thinks every house in the country ought to have a far infrared sauna in it. He finds that the Relax sauna is very easy to use, one of the best ones out there, very effective, very cost effective and it has become very popular in his practice and with his patients. He says that even though it is a portable sauna it is still a total body experience, warm and relaxing. He also uses his at home most mornings after exercise for about 20 to 30 minutes. He thinks it is fantastic.

He had been using and selling other far infrared wooden and portable saunas before but now feels that the Relax sauna is of a much higher quality and is a much more effective infrared experience. So many of his patients have issues such as fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities, mitochondria toxicity and are unable to sweat. He councils them to hang in there, keep following the protocols - hydration, electrolytes, exercise, and the sauna. He tells them that when they start sweating in the sauna that there will be a breakthrough that happens and sure enough there is,

A profession golfer, exposed to chemicals out on the course all the time and who had multiple rashes, lupus and chronic fatigue, was so excited when she finally started sweating. When patients finally start sweating, their phase angle comes up on their mitochondrial function, they feel better. Stuff starts happening and they see some major breakthroughs with people. The sweating comes faster with the Relax sauna than with others. He finds that after he exercises it takes less than 10 minutes to start to sweat whereas with other sauna it had always taken him 20 minutes or more so it is more time efficient.

He had been Chief Medical Officer for the NASA Space Program before opening his practice. He now has an eight month waiting list for patients to see him.

Neck Pain Gone is 10 Minutes from the Relax Sauna


Pat had neck and shoulder pain from extended computer use. After 10 minutes in the sauna she was absolutely surprised when she felt no more pain. In the past the only way her neck and shoulder pain would go away was when she had deep tissue massage. She said also that she felt relaxed and energized at the same time.

Relax Sauna Helps with Knee Pain


Louise came around to use the sauna at the expo 4 times because it helped so much with her knee pain. She said that every time she came back to sit in the sauna the pain relief lasted longer. She felt that the sauna provided a different kind of warmth that she had never experienced before, a very different feeling and very relaxed. She purchased one for her home.

Relax Sauna For Vitality


Halle came around to use the sauna repeatedly because she was so exhausted and drained, extremely fatigued from having been at the expo all day, and it made her feel so uplifted. “Just amazing - it feels so comfortable and relaxing and I could have my clothes on. Love it, I just love it.” Feeling great with more energy, she felt like it was waking up in the morning again. She said that in the Relax sauna she did not feel the side effects she usually experiences like lightheadedness and dizziness. There is no comparison she says. She cannot go into other saunas. Her doctors have been wanting her to use a far infrared sauna and she has really been wanting to detox but no others worked. She was so touched when she experienced the Relax sauna she had tears in her eyes. “I am so touched and excited right now. Every time I come back I’m brand new!” She can’t wait until it is shipped to her.

"I'd Recommend the Relax Sauna to Everybody"


Page has been telling everyone that they need to buy one because they are fantastic. She felt limber and relaxed after 5 minutes in the sauna, because she had been feeling stiff and achy when she got in. She felt it start working within one or two seconds. Now she recommends it to everybody. She and her husband had been considering buying a wooden sauna but now think this one in much more flexible. They travel a lot and it can travel with them. They are excited about their purchase and are looking forward to using it at home. “It’s wonderful.”

Relax Far Infrared Sauna User Loves the Energy and Ease of Use


Jacob says he feels good, refreshed as he is sitting in the sauna, ready “to take over the world.” Before trying the sauna he had been ready to sit down and go to sleep. Now, after 15 minutes, he likes the relaxation and the energy he feels. He likes that it is easier and more convenient than saunas he had experienced in the gym before. Quick to heat, he feels it would be nice to have in the home.

"After One Minute I Was Able to Deeply Breathe in Relax Sauna” Testimonial


Aron started feeling the benefits after about 2 minutes, filled with life. After about one minute, he felt he was able to breathe deeply into his heart again, feeling open and centered, after his stressful day. The next day he spent an hour in the sauna, sweating profusely and felt revitalized, calm and at peace, like being in an incubator. “It’s cool. You can just chill and relax.” Being there at the conference was a nice recharge for him in the midst of a lot of stimulus all around.

Relax Sauna Helps with Sleeping Issues


Nancy has had her sauna for about 3 months. She had been debating about whether to get a wooden sauna or the Relax sauna and decided on the Relax sauna because it heats up faster and takes up less space. She does it every evening since it is very relaxing and she sleeps so much better. Her husband has sleep issues and, now that he is using the sauna, he also sleeps well. Her daughter has Lyme disease and is beginning to notice some improvement since she, too, is now able to sleep. Nancy notices that with this sauna she releases an oily sweat that she had not experienced with other saunas. She follows her session with a cold, then warm shower. She feels better when she does it every day. She gets a lot of shoulder pain from so much typing and it goes away when she uses it.

Young Sauna Lover Loves the Relax Sauna


This 18 year-old had used a sauna before for about 30 minutes at night and another for 1/2 an hour in the mornings. He says the Relax sauna gives the same effect in 3 minutes. “It’s really nice. I would love one of these.” He had a hint of stiffness and, after about 7 minutes in the sauna at the Expo, it started to evaporate. He could feel parts of his body relaxing and other parts were loosening up and letting go. As a “connoisseur of saunas” he says, “This thing is pretty awesome and as soon as I get old enough, I am probably going to have one of these in my house, Definitely give it a try if you can!”

Relax Sauna Emits Calming Energy


Mina says, “I love this. It gives you an sense of immediate relaxation. It feels like a warm envelope, a cocoon.” She says that it’s peaceful and she likes the fact that it doesn't take long to heat to get that effect. With other saunas that she had been in before she says it took a half an hour to an hour to get the same sensation. She said that she also feels reenergized and refreshed.

The Relax Sauna Can Fit into Anyone’s Home!


When Pamela saw the sauna for the first time she realized that it would fit into her small apartment and not only that, she could fold up when she was not using it. She said, “What an incredible experience.” because usually she has to go to the gym to get the benefits of using a sauna and now she realizes she can use it right in her home and get the same benefits. She has been in saunas before and is feeling the same thing here. She says that it is an incredible experience and that she is really excited about the sauna. Even after only 10 minutes in the sauna, she could feel it working. She could feel it on her skin and feel the toxins coming out. “It's really what I need to get back on track with my health, it really is. I would recommend it.” She likes that it was conveniently set up. She had been feeling sluggish before using the sauna and now, after using it for about 10 minutes, she says her mind is clearer, that she feel revitalized and has more energy. She says that, “This feels so great! I know I can have one!.”

Far Infrared Sauna Helps in More Ways Than One !


Cici said that after two minutes in the sauna and she felt “in the womb” and fell so comfortable and relaxed, lighter and not so lethargic. She also said she liked the whole team of people and all of the products at the Momentum98 booth at the expo and the service they have been providing over the years. Her shoulder pain went away after using the sauna for about 10 minutes, even after the massage she had gotten didn’t do anything. She also could turn her head further from side to side. “I feel alive and, most of all, I feel nurtured and comforted and like - born. I felt like - I am in the womb.” She likes that she can have it in the home and that she can share it with other people. “It’s like magic. You can just pop it up, fold it up. I like that.”

She has post-traumatic stress disorder with injuries to her head and spine, vertigo and concussions. She doesn't read anymore because she doesn't have the attention span, now after 10 minutes in the sauna, she says she feels so activated and happy again. She was feeling out of place and not knowing where to put her head. Now she feels alive and present and happy to share, activated again, like the brain fog is eradicated. She would like to have one. Now she feels like herself, not having felt like herself for about eight months since her injuries. She has to stay away from the light so she's been living in the dark basement and has felt sad for her children. She put her whole head in the sauna and could feel it in her brain, since she is so much more in touch with the receptors in her brain having lived with this problem now for so long. It was so soothing and comforting. Her eyes just feel more open and awakened now. She travels a lot and loves that she can take it with her and share it with other people for immediate relief and energy. She also saw her friend transform after using the sauna and her friend is now is buying one.

The Energy from the Relax Sauna Can be Described as a “GLOW"


Millie was at the World Acupuncture Convention in Houston and, as an acupuncturist, realized that the dampness coming out of her body was not coming from the sauna because she had previously thought that the Relax sauna was a damp sauna. She says that, when you are in a wooden sauna, you are just sweating through the skin and you just feel hot. In the Relax sauna, she not only feels it penetrating her muscles, she also feels it warming her bones. She feels it all the way to the core. After using the sauna, she walked around the rest of the expo and then drove home and the whole time, for about 40 minutes, she continued to feel the warm glow within her - almost like you're still baking from the inside. You feel it down to the core and you feel like you're radiating that the whole time. She says that this would be perfect for people who travel a lot and speak at seminars, a perfect treatment after having been speaking all day long.

Relax Far Infrared Sauna Emits 99% Pure FIR Light.....What Happens Next is the Benefits!


Amy required a lot of coaxing before she got into the sauna because she thought that it was going to be hot and uncomfortable. She found that it was warm and extremely comfortable. She felts that it was enveloping her almost like a big love hug. It is an enormous amount of positive energy surrounding her whole body and “I don’t want to get out.” She has had a pain in her shoulder blade since March. It was December, when she got in the sauna for about 3 minutes and the pain is gone, completely gone out of her shoulder blade, she had no aches in her body right then and she was extremely comfortable, not hot and was enjoying it immensely.

Relax Far Infrared Sauna Rave Review #1


Erick used the sauna at the expo three times because he loved it. After the first session he felt relaxed, he felt like it gave him energy for the rest of the day. He did another session that day and slept like a baby that night, better than a baby because babies wake up during the night. He did it again the following day. “it’s perfect. I love it.” He likes it better than wooden saunas because they drain his energy. You might be in them for an hour. He likes that the Relax sauna is more flexible. You can be in there with your clothes on or off and he likes the benefits of the far infrared light that you don’t get in regular saunas. “It's a great product. This is great.” He felt great after a just a few minutes, so relaxed he felt like he wanted to go to sleep. He felt even more sense of ultimate relaxation when he had his whole head in the sauna. It's portable and it's small and you can just fit it in any room. “It’s worth it,” he says. He started feeling good immediately when he got in. “You gotta just do it! It's amazing!



Dr Marilyn Joyce says that last year, when she tried the sauna at the Cancer Control Society Convention, she got in the sauna and exclaimed, “Oh My God! I’m relaxed completely!” She had been reluctant to get into the sauna because she thought, “What is five minutes going to do?” She had been in a lot of saunas before, especially far infrared wooden saunas that were in the homes of friends, and it took hours for her to really feel an impact. That day, she was very stressed out, her shoulders were very tense and she was really very upset because it was a Cancer Control Society Convention and looking at all of the people who were dying from cancer was very upsetting. Within five minutes of sitting in the sauna she started to feel the stress melting off of her body. As she came to realize the benefits of the Relax sauna, she began right away after that to use it with her with her patients with cancer and the people who were taking care of loved ones with cancer and, at the same time, still taking care of their families. She says they feel the sauna has really transformed their lives.

She has a radio show called the Dr. Marilyn Joyce Radio Show and she had done an interview with Phil on the show a year ago and posted on there. People were amazed and she had calls and e-mails beyond any other comparison. All (but one) of the patients who then got the saunas a year ago are still here today and say, “Thank you for transforming our lives.” They got great results and she feels like she had done a service for them by providing them with something that cost a third to a quarter less money and does not have to be installed in the home, like a wooden sauna.

She is glad that it is completely portable because she likes to travel a lot and she can take it with her. Her clients also feel this way because, now that they feel mobile again, they don’t want to be in one place. She feels the immediacy of it was what was so powerful. She didn't have to wait. She jumped into it and immediately was immersed in it. What she loved about it was that she didn't have to put her head in! She said that it was very convenient because you could put your head in only if you wanted to and you didn't have to take your clothes off.

When she first sat in it for 5 minutes at the Cancer Control Society Conference last year, the pain in her shoulders, which is where she carries stress, was completely eradicated. It got rid of the pain even though she had been carrying heavy bags on her shoulders all day. She felt a new sense of mental clarity and a new sense of ease and calm without any effort and that is the key. She loves to meditate and notices that sometimes when one is really stressed it can take a long time to relax and have the meditation take full effect. She felt that the sauna speeds up the process.

Relax Sauna Relieves Tendonitis (Better Than a Wood Sauna)


Caroline was in the sauna for about 10 minutes. Then she bought one and says she is so excited she can hardly wait to share it with everyone she loves and cares about. She says it was magical, much nicer than a regular sauna, and that her whole body felt wonderful.

She has had tendinitis for a while now and her ankle is painful to the touch. She massaged it while she was in the sauna and the pain level went from about six to about two. “It’s fabulous, given that it’s been a chronic condition for a long time, and I was only in there for a few minutes.”

She likes wooden saunas but feels the Relax sauna is significantly better. She can hardly wait to use it and likes that it’s a meditative experience. She says it brings you fully into the present moment and, combined with all of its other benefits, being mindful in that way creates such a win-win situation.

She likes being able to have her head either in or out. ‘It felt great both ways.” She says she feels energized, much more vibrant and, in fact SENSATIONAL, since being in the sauna! She feels much more balanced and is so excited to share it with the people she loves!

If You’re Feeling Tight, Unwind in the Relax Sauna


Judisha just had a massage and wanted to relax further which is just what happened when she was in the Relax sauna. For the last month she had been traveling, dropping her children off to school and to college, and her stress level was pretty high. She feels that it has been now reduced about a hundred percent. She says she feels completely relaxed and that she will sleep like a baby tonight. On a scale of one to 10, she said her stress level was about seven and that now it’s completely gone.

She said that she had a chronic pain in her back, a tightness, at about a level 3. The pain in her feet was about a level 5 and now all her pain and the tightness in her back is completely gone.

“I would really recommend this to anybody. I’m thinking about getting one myself.”

She is a R.N. and realizes that, even after having been out of the sauna for a while, she still feels a level of heat releasing and she knows that calories are still burning and toxins are being released.

Our Cat Uses the Relax Sauna


Bonnie and David bought their sauna a year ago at the Conscious Life Expo and say they are so grateful that they got the Relax sauna.  They say it's wonderful and that they each use it just about every day.

Their cats also want to use the sauna every time.  They come in and sit on their laps and when they feel they've had enough then they leave - they are very intuitive.  They also purchased one of the 200-watt far infrared lamps and their 20-year old cat loves it.  She uncurls and just relaxes in front of it.  It has been very good for her.

Bonnie says she loves, loves the sauna - that it has been a lifesaver!

She says that when she has aches and pains, particularly knee and ankle pain, tendinitis, or feels cold, the pain not only goes away but she feels a deeper healing is occurring.

David says, when he feels fatigue, the sauna, with both switches turned on, really helps to eliminate it due to a detox effect.  He feels that things really get moving similar to the way exercise works.  He usually does it about 20 minutes. Sometimes he just puts the one switch on and it feels like a warm bath, very soothing.  Frequently, he does this for about five minutes right before bed because it's so relaxing.

Bonnie says that the proof is in the pudding when you see the benefits that you get from using it everyday.  Says she feels rejuvenated, detoxed and healed and that the sauna belongs in every home.

They first tried it a year ago.  Bonnie felt the difference with it immediately and told David, “You've got to try this thing!  You’ve got to try it!”  He did and fell in love with it - and it’s portable, too!

Better Colon Function Using the Relax Sauna

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From 3.07 minutes on: At the colonic convention, a colon therapist asked, “So, find a way for me. When people come to my office, how do I use the sauna?”

People can get a much better release, when using the sauna, because it relaxes them and the colon will be able to release more. Offer them 5 minutes free and, if later they choose to add it as part of their treatment process, charge them $10 for a longer session in addition to your usual fee.

Phil also recommended that she use the 200-watt table lamp directly over their colons and if they experience good results to graduate to the 800-watt table lamp.

Employees More Productive with Relax Sauna at the Workplace, They Love It

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Gabby’s boss bought two Relax saunas and keeps one in their office. She thinks it’s wonderful and she’s pleased to be able to use it whenever she has some downtime and finds it very re-energizing when she uses it on a regular basis, “I love it. I absolutely love it.” All 10 of their other employees use it also, some even more than she does.

She works at Essential Formulas based out of Farmer’s Branch, Texas, a very progressive business, which offers this service to their employees. They carry Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, some of the finest in the industry.

She usually uses the sauna at the end of the day for 20 minutes but finds that, when she uses it also for 10 or 15 minutes here and there during the day that it feels relaxing, as well as rejuvenating and energizing. She feels that they are definitely more productive by doing this.

“You definitely need to try it.” She feels it is so convenient and saves on going to the gym, since now she can workout at home and use the sauna at work instead of at the gym. Ever since the sauna was brought into the workplace all of the employees are really excited about it and have grown to love it. “You feel the love from your employer, definitely.

Relax Sauna Great for Colon Therapy Clients

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Sharon bought a Relax sauna three years ago at the Colonic Convention in Orlando Florida. She had a wooden sauna but she didn’t like having her head inside so she rarely used it. She knows she can still put her head inside the Relax sauna if she wants to but, “the other one I never use, so it sure didn’t do me any good. This one I love.” She loves it so much she bought a second one for her office. She uses it with her clients in conjunction with their colonic treatments. She does a “shake, bake and eliminate” process and the sauna is very helpful for detoxifying.

For herself, when she was doing a heavy detox, she would get in the sauna for 10 minutes to eliminate achiness and, when she got out, she felt refreshed and she felt good. Her clients experience the same results and they love it.

She finds that when her clients use the sauna for 10 minutes before their procedure, for toxicity issues and on many levels, they are more relaxed. Some of her clients like to use it afterwards as well.

She sold her $4000 wooden sauna, which she got for $3000, for $1250 so that she could buy another Relax sauna to use in her office. She didn’t like that the other one made her feel too hot. In massage school, she had been told that it was better to not have the head inside the sauna because it’s not good for the brain. She said she doesn’t know if that’s factual but she just felt better having her head outside the sauna and doing the core. About the wooden sauna, she says, “It doesn’t do you any good if you never use it.”

She says the Relax sauna is like her friend. She goes in there and she feels nurtured.
“Everybody should have one.”

Rejuvenating ”Like Taking a Nap in the Middle of the Day”




Linda was in the Relax sauna for about 3 or 4 minutes. She says she had expected to be sticky and uncomfortable before she got in and thought that it was too hot of a day to consider getting into a sauna but was persuaded to try it out.

When she got out of the sauna of, though, she said she felt so relaxed. “I feel wonderful. I’m not hot. It feels like I’m definitely - it feels like all my insides are calmed right down. Pretty nice.” She says it’s almost like taking a nap in the middle of the day. It’s a rejuvenation. “It was amazing, fantastic, incredible. And I want one! I have to go bug my husband!”

Detox, Feel good, start up,
Sauna Essential in this Day and Age of Environmental Pollution

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Marsha has had her Relax sauna for four years and loves it. Aside from the fact that she likes the way it makes her feel, that it is relaxing, easy to use and heats up instantly, she loves that it is portable. She usually travels by car so it’s easy to take it with her and set it up in the hotel. Since it doesn’t use very much electricity, she doesn’t have to feel bad about adding to the hotel’s electric bill.

She uses it once or twice a day for about 20 minutes unless she has more time in evenings when she uses it for about 25 minutes and then maybe another 20 minutes.
It usually takes her about 15 minutes to sweat, then she’s done in about 20 minutes or 40 minutes if she does two sessions in a row.

She thinks that in this day and age of environmental pollution, chem trails in the air and, “God knows what they are putting in the water,” it’s good to know there’s something like this available to help sweat out the toxins and to try to stay as healthy as possible. She has always been pretty health conscious but feels that, because the pollution of the environment gets worse every day, it’s necessary to do as much as possible to counteract that since continuing to do what she had been doing would not be enough these days. She feels that this is an important thing to add to her regimen. She thanked Phil for making it available.

Technique for Sweating Quicker, Sauna Makes Him Feel ALIVE!

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Adam bought his Relax sauna 4 or 5 months ago to supplement his detox efforts.
Phil asked him how that is working and he smiled and said, “It’s knocking it out of the park, a home run.”

He says that, even when he does rigorous exercise or works out, he doesn’t sweat that much. After 10 minutes in the Relax sauna he says he is sweating profusely like he has just stepped out of the jungle. He sits on the floor of the sauna, meditation style, completely submerged inside of the sauna. He is a big fan of the Relax sauna and uses it almost every morning as it helps him get through his workday and helps him think more clearly.

He says it’s very important to stay hydrated. At first, he was not drinking enough water and discovered that he felt a little worse so he doubled his water intake. He finds that on the days when he doesn’t have time to do the sauna first thing in the morning that he doesn’t feel as clear throughout the day.

Adam discovered that he sweats profusely a lot sooner, within 8 to10 minutes, when he sits on the floor of the sauna, completely enclosed. He says your head sweats, too, and you get to the sweat point quicker. He’s never used the chair. People in a hurry might like to know this.

He doesn’t usually do his workout and use the sauna together, since he uses the sauna first thing in the morning. He works out later in the day except for maybe a few push-ups.

Adam says, using this the first thing in the morning, sets you up for the rest of the day. “You will not be as efficient in your daily activities without the sauna.”

He says that, if he had to use one word to explain how using the sauna makes him feel, he would say, “Alive!” With a big smile, he exclaims, “Momentum 98, for all your natural health needs!”

Breathes Fresh Air, More Oxygenated from Increased Blood Flow, ENERGIZED!

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Linda is at the Softmed Conference that deals with such things as ozone and photonic light. She’s had her Relax sauna for about five years and both she and her husband really like it.

Over the years, she had heard about different types of saunas, their attributes and in what ways they would be really good for you. But when she tried to use them she found that she needed to sit in them for so long to get up a sweat that her head would feel too hot and she would end up not using them. So now they have three wooden saunas sitting in their garage that they never use at all.

After trying the Relax sauna at Phil’s booth at a convention 5 years ago, they bought one and, “It was fabulous!” Both she and her husband sweat quickly. It’s pleasant and it’s very affordable, a fraction of the cost of their wooden saunas. “We love it,”

She says that, due to the way that the heat completely surrounds you, they both heat up very quickly and they are finished in about 20 minutes. Her head is out and ‘I don’t get overheated but, yet, I sweat. It’s fabulous.”

Linda says the increased blood flow makes you feel more oxygenated. She said she doesn’t know how you can feel the toxins coming out but that she feels much lighter. Afterwards, she takes a shower and feels really energized.

She said that she and her husband purchased the Relax sauna from Phil because he has a good reputation and because she also liked the way that her head was sticking was out of the sauna so she could breathe fresh air. And it was a reasonable price, much less than the wooden saunas. Upon buying the sauna, she says they thought, “Wow, this was really worth the try. And so we did it and we are very happy we did.”

She says that she feels guilty that she hasn’t yet given away the wooden saunas in her garage. She instead always recommends the Relax sauna to her friends!


“We All Need to Detox Nowadays.” Relax Sauna Better Than Their 3 Wooden Saunas, Which They Never Use Anymore

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Linda had her Relax sauna for about five years and both she and her husband really like it.

They have three wooden saunas in their garage, which they bought over the years. She found that they overheated her head and that they didn’t sweat very well in them so they didn’t use them for detox or anything.

They finally tried the Relax sauna at a convention and loved it. She liked that her head was out and that she has friends who know Phil and could vouch for his credibility, which is big today in the industry.

They bought one and now they both sweat very quickly and her head does not overheat, which it always did in the wooden saunas. “And we really like your product. These are very affordable. They work much better for us than any of the wooden saunas ever did.”

She uses the sauna for about 20 minutes and is able to sweat right away. The heat is a quite enveloping nice warmth and causes everything to dilate. “It really makes you sweat very quickly and it’s very pleasant. It feels good.”

After her shower she feels energized and her blood is flowing. “It really gives me a lot of energy and I feel so much better after the sauna.” Her husband also loves it.

She says it’s embarrassing to have three wooden saunas in the garage that they never use. They were expensive and very good quality but, using them, she took too long to heat up enough to sweat and her head would get so hot. She finds that is not the case when using the Relax sauna. “They heat up very quickly, it’s very pleasant, you’re head is out. It’s wonderful.”

“It’s a very well-thought-out product. I think you can really trust it, that people can really trust you and it’s very affordable. And it’s very good for you. We all need to detox nowadays.”

Relax Sauna Relaxes, Loosens Up and Detoxifies Colon Therapy Clients

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“Aaaahhh”, Shelly sighs, as it feels so good. She has had her Relax sauna for 3 or 4 years. She loves it. It helps her relax, drop in and she loves that she can start sweating in 10 or 15 minutes, be done in 20 minutes and be done with that therapy for the day. She really appreciates that it is so easy and faster then a wooden far infrared sauna, which can take a whole half hour just to heat up, using way too much electricity. The Relax sauna heats up right away and you are ready to go.

Her colon therapy clients also use the Relax saunas she provides for them. It relaxes them and starts loosening things up and removing the toxins and is a great adjunct to a colon therapy practice.

Even though she is in Maui, Hawaii, she still loves using her sauna, sometimes every other day and sometimes once a week. “No matter where you live on the planet you want to prevent disease as much as you can.” She recommends far infrared energy, colon therapy, cleansing herbs and to get out in nature. Because of the danger of skin cancer, she thinks sitting in the sauna is preferable to too much sun exposure.

She says that she hasn’t been able to use wooden saunas for years because she gets too hot and she loves having her head out.

Relax Sauna First Time User Has Nothing But Good Reviews


Jacqueline was at an acupuncture show and she was feeling kind of tired and her eyes were somewhat dry. After 10 minutes in the sauna, she says she feels great, more regenerated and that she can now see clearly. She appreciates having been encouraged to get into the sauna. She says that it's very convenient, more so than going to the gym. She likes it.

Relax Sauna Makes First Time User Very Thankful for the Experience.



Yvonne was reluctant to get in the sauna, she said, “Oh my goodness. This is absolutely amazing!” She said she felt so light and that all the tension, all the stress and everything had left her body. She said she almost felt like she was on a cloud because you feel so light and so relaxed. “I feel like a brand new person. Absolutely amazing.” She highly recommends it. ”I want to take this home.” She says once you get in you feel so relaxed you don’t even notice if 5 or 10 minutes have gone by. It’s great thing to realize your body is releasing all of its toxins. “It’s a great thing.”

EMF Sensitive Man is OK with the Relax Sauna


Zack is a very nice man from PA who is very sensitive to EMFs. He cannot use wifi or cell phones. When sitting in the sauna with his feet right on the radiators, he felt the EMFs being neutralized and he no longer felt it in his feet or anywhere else in his body. Phillip explained that any motor generates EMFs, however the juicers that he carries in the store generates six times more that the sauna does and that, because the sauna generates such a high level (over 98%) of far infrared energy, it antidotes the amount of EMF that it generates, way more than any 40% or 50% wooden sauna does. It neutralizes other sources of radiation, as well, that may be stored in the body.

Zack takes all of the precautions that he can around EMF and he was pleasantly surprised when he used the sauna. He and his friend both used the saunas and felt so relaxed that Phillip called them the “mellow men”.” He felt the warmth sink in a soothing war into his depths and felt he hadn’t been so relaxed for a long time.
His mother had gotten a cheaper sauna made in China, however he never used it because it had a pronounced plasticy smell. He is also very sensitive to smells, such as plastics, perfumes, molds, everything. He commented that the Relax sauna has no bad smell, in fact, no scent at all. Phillip mentioned that the nylon, that the sauna tent is made of, is the most inert of all synthetic fabrics.

As a musician, Zack felt that being in the sauna helped him be in touch with some deeper energies and feelings and that, later on, that would probably help him be more creative. He had been so settled while in the sauna that he didn't want to move a finger. He thought that it would be really awesome to use a couple of hours before a performance. He likes that feeling of primordial relaxation similar to being in the womb.
He recommends the saunas.

Doctor Recommends the Relax Sauna


Juanita’s doctor recommended that she use the Relax sauna. Her doctor said that it was very efficient, that is heated up quickly, that it was very convenient and portable so that she could take it with her on the road. She said the fact that it was so efficient was the biggest benefit. She owns several other types of saunas, including a wooden one, but that this one was her favorite.
Juanita read Sherry Roger’s book, Detoxify or Die, and was definitely inspired to get a sauna. She didn’t get a wooden sauna because she wanted a sauna that was portable since she could not stay in her home for a while while a mold problem was being cleared up. She says that the sauna is really calming, relaxing and comfortable and that she sleeps like a baby at night and doesn’t seem to need as much sleep. She is very sensitive to heat and does not feel uncomfortable at all when she's in the sauna and able to keep her head out. Her husband uses it and she said that it's a cleansing feeling for him which is very satisfying.

Restorative Energy from the Relax Sauna


Anna Allen attended the massage therapist conference and has been a massage therapist for about 18 years. She came in feeling a lot of tension in her neck and upper back and she says that after seven minutes in the sauna she felt the tension moving away and she felt relaxed. She said that she felt very good, very light, making her relaxed and energized at the same time. She's said that she has a pretty high pain tolerance but that her back pain was about a five and now after using the sauna she feels that it's about a one. “Fantastic.”

Pain Reduction with the Relax Sauna


Doreta was at the Cancer Control Society Convention and said, when she tried the sauna, that it was internal heat and not the kind of external that usually makes her feel hot on the outside. It penetrated on the inside and it relaxed muscles and reduced pain. “I like that.” She had been in pain at the level of about eight and, after using the sauna, it went down to about three in about 10 minutes. She liked that she felt a warm healing energy that felt soothing and that she does not experience that when she goes into wooden saunas, where she feels a kind of anxiety, feeling the heat only on surface making her feel overheated. The Relax sauna penetrates into the inside, didn't make her feel hot or overheated. ‘Yeah, It was soothing. It was nice.” “I am in love.”

Feel So Good with The Relax Sauna


Vanessa, at the Florida State Massage Therapy Show, says she just wants to stay in the sauna because it feels so good. She said there should be a two-person sauna and Phil says that he and his wife both sit on the floor in the sauna and even the dogs come running and can hardly wait to come inside with them when they hear the sauna being turned on. She says she just wants to get two, one for work and one for home.

Feel the Difference of the Relax Sauna


Lauren said that, having been in the sauna for seven minutes, she felt her muscles loosen up and then, when she put her head in the sauna, her sinuses cleared up some. She said that she did sweat some but that it was not an uncomfortable sweat like in a normal sauna, rather that she felt heated to the bone, to the core, a kind of heat that feels really good.

She does carpal tunnel coaching and thinks that it would be a great product for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. She thinks that would release a lot of tension in the muscles, which would also reduce some of the of inflammation which is causing pressure on the median nerve. She also thinks that it would be really quick. Sitting in the sauna she feels it through her skin, through her muscles, all the way in to the bones. In a regular sauna, she says that she does not feel this, that she feels uncomfortable just sweating and that her head feels uncomfortable. She says that her head does not feel uncomfortable in this sauna. “I am a happy camper. I could take this camping with me.” She is at the Florida State Massage therapy Show and has been a massage therapist for 10 years. She thinks that it would be good for her clients and that it would loosen them up.

Relax Sauna for Meditation and Rejuvenation


He meditates in the sauna for 30 minutes and finds the time passes very rapidly and he finds that it de-stresses him after a long day. He also finds it very energizing and rejuvenating so he usually uses his in the morning rather than in the evening, even though he has heard that for some people it helps them sleep but not for him. He says he definitely feels a sense of well-being that lasts for the rest of the day. He says that, whereas when people run or exercise and get an endorphin rush, it usually only lasts for a period of time but with the sauna it stays with you. He has had his sauna for about a year and a half and his wife, who recommended it, and daughter also use it. He says it has gotten a lot of use, it's not just a piece of furniture.

Relax Far Infrared Sauna for Energy!


Tricia was at the Raw Living Expo in Thousand Oaks, California. She had been in a lot of far infrared saunas in the past and is a big fan of the health benefits, boosting the immune system, detox, weight-loss, reduction of inflammation. The first thing that she noticed was that the sauna heated up immediately, she felt the infrared heat penetrating into her skin and she started to sweat which is really important for her because she doesn’t usually sweat because she has poor circulation. She doesn't have a lot of time and she doesn't want to sit around waiting for the sauna to heat up. She says that during the entire 20 minutes that she was in the sauna she could feel the detoxification and felt very relaxed. She said that it was amazing and that it was about 20% or 40% better than what she had felt before and can't wait to use it on more of a long-term basis. She had said, previously, that other far infrared saunas were about a seven and that the Relax sauna was about a 10. She said that she was exhausted from walking around the trade show all day and that using the sauna was like having a cup of coffee, very energizing. She has had adrenal fatigue so getting that extra boost of energy felt really good. She had used her parent’s far infrared wooden sauna in the past but she noticed that sometimes parts of her body would be cold and other parts would be really hot and sweaty. In the Relax sauna she felt that the heat was much more even throughout her entire body. She says that it might be a little bit misleading when people see the Relax sauna and compare it to a wooden sauna but that the Relax sauna is really comfortable, like a Snuggie, like a bug in rug. “It feels really good and I like it.”

Shelby Feels Like She is in a Womb like Divine Love with the Relax Sauna


Shelby fell in love with the Relax Sauna due to the heightened spiritual state the FIR light can induce. She feels a state of blissful peace. " I love it. It reminds me of being back in the womb. I feel like it's perfect divine bliss. No fears, all comfort. I love it. Amazing.” Nothing could be better - like a bit of heaven, she says. She had never been in the sauna before and, after being in it for five minutes, said, “I am going to have to get one.”

Relax Sauna HELPS Lupus


Anne Marie has Lupus and was extremely tired and crabby when she came. She had been up until very late at night. Her back was hurting. After being in the sauna she broke out into the James Brown song – “I feel good. so good!” Even though she has been eating right she still didn't feel like she had much energy and now she feels like she wants to do cartwheels.

Her back pain was relieved also and, after having been in bed for three years, she felt so much better that she started crying. She says that, with Lupus you hurt all of the time, so that when it's gone it's a blessing. Her core muscles had been so weak that she was not able to lift her leg, even with therapy, and after using the sauna she called out to her husband," Look honey, I can squat!”

For seven years she has had Lupus, chilblains, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, which is what happens when you have an autoimmune problem. She and her husband are definitely getting the the sauna and her sister is too. She has been detoxing and has pretty much a pristine diet and yet this feels like a miracle in her life. She feels like she has just had an extra does of oxygen. “Praise God."

50 Second Sauna Interview


Massage therapist reviews the RELAX SAUNA and says that it almost feels as good as getting a massage, if not better. She is wanting to purchase one for her spa and her clients. She says that the muscles just instantly relax and that it's worth it.

First Time Relax Sauna Compares to Other FIR Saunas


After sitting in the sauna for about seven minutes, she says that she feels so good, like she had just gotten a big hug from the sun. She says that she feels very happy and so positive right now. She had been feeling very cold when she first got in, like the cold had permeated all the way to her bones and now she feels like she would like to take a nap. She had been in wooden far infrared saunas before and says that sometimes she only felt the heat hot on her back or on her feet, depending on where the heaters are. She likes this better because it is more all enveloping and totally even all over and it heated up almost instantly. She wonders why she had never heard of these before.



Daganna’s first impression, after using the sauna for the first time, was that it was amazing, unbelievable and so healing. She loved it. She says that her body just started to feel more relaxed and that she had had a kink in her side that was bothering her and now she doesn’t feel the pain anymore. It was gone in 10 minutes.



He and his wife were really made because they had only been in the sauna for about 10 minutes and it felt like they had been in there for about a half an hour, without getting out and feeling grungy and sweaty and messy “We felt really good. We were relaxed. We were caught of all and it was easy. It's an easy way to make yourself feel good and keep your self energized–can't wait to use it.” He says his wife loved it too and that they have been looking for something like this for the last three years. They had zero hope of finding something like this and will be very committed to using it it. When they purchased it, they found it was easy to use, easy to put together, not too expensive in terms of the energy that you use and that is easy to move if they want to move it from one room to another or to their other place up north. “We have the option to do that and it's easy to. You don't have to have a builder and an electrician to do that, so that is an important factor in these kinds of products.”



Megan said she felt she had received a warm hug when she tried the sauna for the first time at the Naturopathic Doctors. show. The second day she started to sweat a little more and by the third day when she tried it she was pouring sweat. She used the sauna about five minutes each time, she can feel it in her knees enveloped by warmth and she feels great.

Kombucha Bob Video


Kombucha Bob describes his rather amazing experiences of using the Relax Sauna for over 5 years. Bob says he starts his magnificent day with Relax Sauna. "You can't live without it. It puts you in a level just below Heaven.” He had known about the saunas for a bout five years before he purchased one. He understood that it would help with the swelling and pain in his legs and his skin problems. He feels that after 18 to 20 minutes in the sauna that it wipes out the day’s stress and turmoil. “I am a full believer and I explain that to people. Everyone should have one.” He uses it first thing in the morning, before a large glass of very clean water and appreciates the cleansing effect. “The skin diseases have disappeared.”

He then takes a shower and start his day feeling like he doesn't have a problem in the world. He then has a large bottle of Kombucha, with some very good green powders and feels illuminated after exposure to the sauna and his drink. He recommends wearing underpants and sitting on a towel or two just to have something to absorb the sweat. He finds that when he does not use it that he feels nervous and misses the healing effects. He says that it has eliminated skin problems and rashes and that it makes his body more limber. His chiropractor and his acupuncturist can attest to that, saying that his body is more limber. He finds that it gets him more zest for life and eliminates bad and ill feelings from previous days. “You get up and you're starting a bright brand-new day.

Relax Sauna Testimonial - Darryl - Giant Fits into Relax Sauna - Reflexology


Darryl is 6’-6”” tall and wears a size 16 shoe. He fits into the sauna just fine. He says that it is a wonderful experience and that his body is very fluid all over, warm and with very nice circulation. He says that he has been a sauna person all his life, given that he grew up with a Finnish sauna, and that he feels they are an essential part of having good health. He likes that these saunas are portable and take up less space. He absolutely loved the Relax Sauna, more than any other far infrared sauna he has been in - he didn't really go into detail on this video, as he did in person. Suffice it to say, as he said, that he is a believer. Actually, he has experienced it, and no longer believes. He knows.

Darryl 2 - Las Vegas


Darryl loves to have fun.

Relax Sauna Testimonial - Enoch - Back Pain



Enoch bought a sauna from us 3 years ago. He stopped by The Conscious Life Expo to say that he still uses it to this day because his back pain and circulation problems are totally gone. He uses it three or four times a week for about 20 minutes in the evening before he goes to sleep and he feels great. “it's a great machine I recommended for anybody.” His parents use it also. He has noticed then when he does not use it for a period of time his fatigue and stress comes back. He feels that it is a lifetime investment and that he would guarantee it. He recommends that anyone with back pain and circulation issues should try it for about a week. When he first purchased it he felt like he didn't really have the money but he scraped it together and bought it anyway and has always been glad that he did.

Relax Sauna Testimonial - No Stiffness or Inflammation in Back after 5 Minutes - Atalie & Tara


Atalie expected just to feel good by getting into the Relax Sauna, based on the recommendations of a couple of friends who had earlier tried the Relax Sauna and who said they felt amazing. But she also felt stuff flowing and found the Sauna VERY relaxing. “I could have stayed in there for a very long time!”

Tara had been experiencing a lot of stiffness and inflammation in her lower lumbar region, and then after 5 minutes noticed a draining feeing and now says she feels wonderful. She felt rejuvenated enough to go listen to a 2 hour talk that she had been dreading, since she would have to sit in one spot for two hours. Now she feels she can do it. “I’m ecstatic!”

Relax Sauna Testimonial - Geosiph & His Wife


Geosiph & his wife both had an awesome & so very very relaxing experience in the Relax Sauna. This was at the anti-aging show in Dec. 2010 in Las Vegas. She said , “It is awesome.
I feel happier. I feel better. He said that. “Soon I will have one at our home.”

Relax Sauna Testimonial - Dr Wayne


Dr. Wayne Whiteman bought his sauna at the American College of Alternative Medicine show about a month ago and gives his testimonial. He uses it three or four times a week for 20 to 25 minutes. He feels better, slept incredibly well and has recommended the Relax Sauna to about 6 of his patients in his first month of using the it.

Relax Sauna Testimonial - Melissa - Internal Organs Massaged


Melissa said the sauna was great, very warm and relaxing. She says that she felt in her core, that it felt like her internal organs were being massaged in a lovely way, and that her right shoulder was loosened in just 3 or 4 minutes to the point where she could stretch it out.

"The Relax Sauna is Absolutely Amazing”


Cheryl said it was “amazing, absolutely amazing. Honestly, there's nothing like this.” She said that it relaxed every part of her body and that it was better than a half an hour of meditation. “Your body feels like it had 30 minutes of massage. Great, absolutely.” She had to wait about 15 minutes before she was able to try the sauna and thinks that it was absolutely worth it. She had no idea that something like that, something so portable could be so fantastic. As people age, she wants to take care of her body the best way she can. “This is definitely the way to go. Come and get one. Love it.”

Boston Expo Goer Says the Relax Sauna is Tremendously Good!


Joey had been in the Relax sauna for about five minutes and he said he felt his entire body was opening up, energetically and physically, “ It was almost like a tremendous feeling where you can immediately feel the effects of the warmth penetrating through the deep muscles of the body. It was amazing. Within about 30 seconds you could feel the heat coming in, getting within the muscles, yeah, it was extremely relaxing. You get nice little pedals to put your feet on so it warms your feet up as well, just the whole body, it feels amazing.” He said he felt like he was standing almost an inch taller after he got out of the sauna because of the lightness it gave him. He had known nothing about the Relax sauna before he tried it and now he is definitely interested.

Lyme Disease is Helped with Far Infrared Sauna Treatments - The Relax Sauna


Renee purchased her sauna about a year ago after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She had done a lot of research and found out that far infrared saunas would help with detoxing some of the byproducts of the treatment of lyme disease. When she was really sick, she used it once or twice a day, now she uses it occasionally. It was a godsend when she was really sick because it made her feel so much better. It took away her aches and pains. It got all of the toxins lodged in the sweat out of her body. Then she showered to get the sweat off of her body. She said it helped her sleep better. She doesn’t know how she would have survived her initial Lyme treatment without her far infrared sauna. “ I love it. I highly recommend it to anybody.”

When she did her research online the Relax sauna got the best reviews. The chair is comfortable and sturdy for overweight people, it is easy to get in and out of, it’s portable and it’s compact. It gave her her life back, she sys. She also recommends it for general health and well being. Her husband has no particular health problems but uses it just because it makes him feel good. Her brother was in the store and was purchasing one during the interview.

Relax Saunas Far Infrared Energy Moves Chi Like No Other Sauna


Wei is an acupuncturist attending the Acupuncturist Convention. He says that his hands feel like they do when he does Tai Chi, which he has been doing for about 10 years, swirling, pulsing and moving. The blood is circulating, the chi is moving and he feels very warm and relaxed.

Relax Sauna is a Perfect Addition to Any Home


Alicia is a medical director at a spa where they use the sauna to double the benefits of the other weight loss devices they use. In her home, she has had the Relax sauna for one year and her children use their own intuition whenever they start feeling sick. She doesn’t tell them to use the sauna. They go to the sauna on their own to heat up when they don’t feel good and set up the timer themselves, usually for about 10 minutes. They call it “the tent.” When her daughter was coughing and used the sauna for about 10 minutes, her coughing stopped and she was able to then go to bed and sleep. Alicia uses it herself for about 20 to 25 minutes each time to help her lymphatic drainage. “I love it.”

Relax Sauna Autism Expo Testimony, 9-Year Old Son Feels Relaxed and Centered


Maria’s friend, Linda, loaned Maria her own Relax sauna and Maria was surprised how much more she liked it than the full size wooden far infrared sauna she had been using before at a health spa. She looked into owning one like that but they were a lot more expensive, more expensive to run, took longer to heat up and she didn’t like having to wait that long and have to plan ahead if she just wanted to jump in, especially if she only has 10 minutes before she has to be somewhere. Many times she just goes in for 5 or 10 minutes with her clothes on before she starts to sweat. It warms your body from the inside out.

Her whole family now loves it and her children in particular, who have health issues, benefit from the detoxification. She now finds the Relax sauna to be a thousand times better. They all use it everyday and her kids love it. Her nine year old son, who has anxiety issues, insists on using it 5 or 10 minutes each morning before school because he feels more relaxed and centered. Maria says it definitely evens you out. She says that at times, when she feels tired and wired at the same time because she has SO much on her mind and feels like she had only accomplished 10 out of the 500 things she had to do that day, she will hop in the sauna for 10 or 15 minutes and will relax enough to be falling asleep, then and there, in the sauna.

Phil relates that he held his dog on his lap in the sauna once and ever since, whenever anyone in the family is in the sauna, the dog scratches at the tent so it can come in too and lay down under the chair. Maria says, ”I‘m lovin’ it”

Helps High Blood Pressure, Energy and Sense of Wellbeing


The first thing the sauna did for me was that I was on medication for high blood pressure and it never went down past 85 and after the sauna it was 68. I don’t drink coffee anymore. I think the energy probably sustains me until at least around noon or so. It’s really good because before I was almost totally exhausted. My husband does it everyday also and he feels a general sense of wellbeing. He also lost some weight.

I do 22 minutes everyday. Reading seems to help keep me cool. I like the Relax Sauna because I don’t have to go out to do it and I can do it everyday. And so you don’t have to pay as much. I love it! – Sheryll, 2-year Relax Sauna owner - May 30, 2012

Helps with Back Pain and Her Friends Feel Fantastic!


I talk to my friends into buying them. They come to my house and I make sure they get in there and they use it and people are just blown away. They just feel so fantastic. It is just amazing.

The reason I bought it was because my husband has been in the painting business for 30 years and he had a lot of back problems and in the morning he would be so stiff and he could hardly move. And I can’t tell you what it has done for him. It’s incredible! I can never complain about his back. He’s completely flexible in the morning. He goes in it in the morning when he gets up, takes a shower…

You can just see, when people go in that machine, how it lifts your spirits. I go in sometimes when I feel a little low, low energy. You just get in it. Sometimes, you have to sit through the thing because it’s hard sometimes to get through the sweating part but the results are fabulous. I just love it!

I’ve had it for a year. I bought it here. I knew about far infrared so I would walk by your booth, “Oh, I know about infrared.” My friend has a big far infrared sauna, a wooden one. This one, I think, is 10 times better. The wooden one, you’ve got to wait 20 minutes. I don’t think you get as good results. So this is my experience. It’s incredible! I like it because it is small if you have a small house, a small space, which I do.

Everybody who comes into my house, I put them in there. I do. I tell them there are all kinds of healing modalities. This is one of the best things I have done for my health. I send my friends to you, too. They love it! My friend texts me about it. Everyone should get one! – Andrea, New Line Exp, May 30, 2013

Gets Rid of Back Pain, Feels Like a Hot Shower


It takes a few minutes. You don’t feel like it’s really doing anything. After about 7, 8, 9 minutes, I can feel the sweat pouring down. The pores opened up, I feel better. I liken it to an Indian Sweat Lodge. I’ve been in one of those and it’s really intense. With my head out, I could actually breathe. You get into a panicky factor. With this, you can always open it up a bit if you get too hot. I kind of rode it out because I got the feeling I would start sweating profusely and I did. I feel like I kind of got out of a hot shower. Thank you. Marcus Jan. 27, 2013

My back pain went down (after 10 or 12 minutes) to almost a 1 or a 2, almost non-existing. (It had been an 8). It’s very effective! It felt great. It was hot. I like hot so it was great. – Trish – Jan. 27, 2013

Gets Rid of Headache and Back Pain


I’ve been looking at saunas and I’ve had experience with saunas. I was thinking about the wooden sauna though. But because of the information that you shared with me about the plates that extend the far infrared and the mirrors that are available in the Relax Sauna that reflect it and the portability of the sauna, this is the one I have decided to purchase. It was very comfortable and relaxing for me. It was the distance between the plates in the wooden one. In the Relax Sauna those conditions are all improved and corrected. In a wooden sauna you are farther away. And I like the fact that the Relax Sauna doesn’t require a warm up time. We’ve been wanting to get one and you’ve convinced me today that this is the one to get. I’m so glad I did. – Lynn, a practitioner

I’ve never been in one before and I’m claustrophobic so I was really nervous about it but it was actually quite nice. It was really relaxing and immediately after I got out after only about 7 minutes… I had a headache and back pain when I went in and those are both gone. It was very nice. Thank you! I was starting to sweat after only 7 minutes. – Lynn’s daughter, Amber

Convinced the Relax Sauna is the Best Around


Very soothing and refreshing! It’s better than your competitor’s, that’s for sure. It’s the best for the warmth and the sweating effect. I’m feeling fit and I’m getting it overall. The other one is kind of half and half. You get the full benefits. I felt the difference in the first 3 or 4 minutes so I’m really convinced. I discovered there is a difference. I will have to pack up my old one and put it somewhere. I like that it is portable and you can and take it with you in a hotel. – John, Pennsylvania Mind, Body Expo, October 2011

Relax Sauna Targets Problem Areas, Reverses Autism


The first experience I actually had in the sauna - I woke up this morning with pain in my back and my ankle. I have an injury in my ankle. And right away I started sweating in both those places, in my ankle and in my back. The purpose if sweating is to get rid of toxins, to detoxify your body from the heavy metals that ae all over the place from the food that we eat and what’s in our air and what’s in everything we use now. I can already feel some of the pain I had for weeks release (after 5 or 6 minutes). That’s amazing!

I have an autistic nephew and a lot of research is saying that heavy metals are a huge cause of the symptoms of autism. I’m really interested in getting one of these to share with my nephew. I think it would be very helpful with that. (Phil shared that a man in Ithaca N. Y. used the Relax Sauna to reverse a child’s autism.) Absolutely. I think it would be extremely helpful in the treatment of autism and in detoxify anybody.

It feels really great. It gives this very, so warm, soothing feeling. It’s homey. Definitely I would use it on a regular basis. It feels like a chi or a life energy. It’s almost like you are bathing in one. It feels much more effective (than the single standing lamps.) I definitely think I’m going to get one for my family. I think it would be really beneficial for all of them

(About Naturopathic Medicine) – It’s definitely going to be a new wave, a new form of medicine and a reality for the masses. I think conventional medicine has been politically overtaken by money and pharmaceuticals. They are losing sight of actually bringing wellness and health. Naturopathic medicine is definitely where it is coming in. – Sara, Naturopathic Doctor Medical Show in Phoenix, Arizona, August 2011

Teenager Feels Great after Relax For Infrared Sauna


It’s the first time I’ve been in any sauna. Very satisfying. My BMI is 13½ percent. Did the sauna for 25 minutes. Afterwards – felt amazing. I did my BMI one more time. Lost 2% body fat and one pound of weight. Afterwards, I felt positively amazing. I feel absolutely great. I’ll tell everyone. I was totally down. After I got out of that, I feel like I can run laps. Standing up all day, my legs have been hurting a little bit. Now, they feel just as refreshed as ever. – Chandler

Relax Sauna versus Other Far Infrared Saunas


There was this wonderful healing feeling of heat and it was very relaxing, very comfortable. There’s these little hand things that come out and I can read my book if I want. And if I just want to relax. It’s portable and I’m excited I can take it with me. I can have it in my house. I can have it in my office.

It’s just very versatile and it was the best feeling of any far Infrared sauna I’ve ever been in. I’ve been in wooden (far infrared) ones. This was a ton more comfortable. It’s very uncomfortable sitting on a hard seat. This was very comfortable, very comfortable chair. It’s perfect. It was very relaxing. It’s the nicest sauna I’ve ever been in. You are shipping one and I’m going out to tell everyone about it – Mary Jo, Jan. 27, 2013

Relax Sauna Owner Athlete Review, We Use it Every Day! - IT'S MY FAVORITE

(11 mp4)

Shana and her boyfriend, Dr. Gonzalas, got a Relax sauna about two years ago and have been using it ever since. She is a performance athlete. She does marathons, endurance races, heavy weightlifting and athletics. “I cannot live a day without this machine.” She uses it about 30 to 40 minutes a day and it makes her calm, balanced and relaxed. She finds that on the days that she does not use the sauna she is not in the same level of health as she is on the days that she does use it. She notices that on the days that she does not use it that she does not sleep as well and her mood is not as elevated and she just generally does not feel as good as on the days when she does use it. “I love this machine.”

Living in downtown L.A., they have their sauna in the living room in a beautiful corner in front of the window overlooking the northern Los Angeles mountains. It's really nice being able to have her head out because in the mornings she can watch the sunrise and, when in addition to that the fire is going in the fireplace, it is just so calming and relaxing. “I love it.”

On days that she's feeling really sore, like post-marathon, or pre-marathon even, she gets in the sauna for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then she gets out and takes a freezing cold shower for no longer than a minute. Then she gets back into the sauna for another 10 to 15 minutes to elevate her temperature once again. Then she gets out and does another one minute freezing shower. She gets in one more time for another 10 to 15 minutes and then takes a nice long cold shower when she gets out.

She finds that the Relax sauna is one of the few saunas is that can penetrate deeply enough to actually breakup cellulite and release toxins, detoxing your blood, your organs, everything. She recommends the Relax sauna to everyone.

She has been using saunas for about 13 years and says that the Relax sauna is, hands-down, her favorite. Even if she goes to a Korean bathhouse she does the Relax sauna first because she knows that 80% more toxins are released in the sweat. With the regular saunas, the sweat is about 80% pure water.

She finds that her athletic performance is greatly improved when she uses the sauna because her muscles are very well conditioned and are not rock hard. They are soft because there are no toxins building up in her muscles. She also has no cellulite. Because the sauna is infrared, it is inflammation reducing, so if the muscle gets irritated or inflamed it's okay because she knows that in about 30 minutes it will be okay again, after she has used the sauna. She says it helps her recover so quick!

Cindy Loves the Sauna - “It’s Incredible!”

(16 mp4)

Cindy had been in the sauna for about five minutes and said’ “Oh, my gosh. I felt amazing.” She said she felt relaxed. She had been tense and tight before and had stress in her body and said that the minute she came out of the sauna that she felt incredible.

She had been in saunas before at the gym but felt this one was incredible. It relaxed her muscles, it relaxed her body, it relaxed her state of mind. She was pain-free. She had no stress and she had no type of problems.

She could feel the heat therapy working inside her body and it was really effective. She would recommend anyone get the sauna if they have any kind of physical issues because it is really effective and it works. “I love it.”

She said she felt a pulsating, flickering feeling in her back and then it stopped and her back felt relaxed.

1st time review (rave review)

She went off to heaven in 5 minutes.

Relax Sauna Generates Most FIR Energy of Any Other Sauna on the Market.

(22 mp4)

Kaylina has had her Relax sauna for a month now after having used other far infrared saunas. In doing her research she discovered the Relax sauna and now says she is addicted! She has a 10 month old child and as soon as she goes down for her nap Kaylina does the sauna. She likes how fast it heats up and that she can be finished, feeling everything that she needs from a sauna, in 10 or 15 minutes as opposed to being in another sauna for an hour plus.

She had used a bag sauna at a spa where she had paid an $80 a month membership. It took about 30 minutes to feel warm and 75 minutes to complete. She says that the Relax sauna is far, far better, beyond compare.

She loves how convenient it is and how she is able to reap even more benefits compared to others saunas. She says that she feels amazing, that she has a lot more energy, she feels a lot better, her skin looks 1 million times better and feels better.

Her husband is in Special Warfare and his muscles get really sore. When he uses the Relax sauna he finds he feels a million times better. She says the sauna is their new best friend and it has its own room!

She has used other saunas, including wooden ones and saunas at health clubs. She does hot yoga and loves to sweat. She loves being able to have it at home, to fold it up and put it away when she needs to and to also take it with her when she travels. In the Relax sauna she is dripping after 15 or 20 minutes and says she cannot tolerate more than 20 minutes at a time. Phil shared a technique for being able to stay in the sauna for a longer time - just unzip it for little bit so as to not be so hot.

In doing her research, she discovered that most saunas only generate around 20% far infrared energy and asked herself if other saunas generated more. She discovered that the Relax far infrared sauna generates the most far infrared energy of any other sauna you can find on the market. Phil commented that most far infrared saunas are not all the far infrared ray and most are not even 50-50.

She discovered this even before ever meeting or talking to Phil. She bought the Relax sauna because she realized it was the best sauna she could possibly get, especially for the price. Addition to the other research she did, she also watched a lot of Phil's YouTube videos and says it kind of sells itself. It's a no-brainer. Once she got it, it exceeded all of her expectations! “It is very special.”

Doctor, Author, Lectures on TV and Radio REALLY LOVES the Sauna

(23 mp4)

Tony is a natural doctor and an herbalist. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology, is the author of 15 books on health and owns a superfood line. He is very aware of holistic health.

He got a Relax sauna about a year ago because he is so obviously into health! “I want to stay as healthy as possible.” He does a lot of lecturing and radio and television. “I wanted to live as good as possible and stay lean and fit and I started using it and I could not believe the action I got!” He sweated like crazy for the first 25 minutes. He had used other saunas for up to an hour before but did not feel the benefits he felt by using the Relax far infrared sauna.

He loves it. He feels better, sleeps better and has less discomfort. He had an injury about a year ago. He fell about 5200 feet when he was hiking in Sedona and injured his hip. He took the natural route of healing himself rather than using excessive amounts of drugs.

He has been using the sauna a couple of times a week but Phil’s staff suggested he use it everyday so will be starting to do that. He sweats, is leaner, is fitter, healthier and his skin has improved dramatically! It is making the liver work much more effectively and the whole lymphatic system work much more effectively. It’s improving his health and is getting those toxins out!

“That is what we all need to do, get the toxins out, get the lead out, get the mercury out, get the waste matter out of our body and in so doing - that is when true health really happens.”

He had used other saunas is in the past but, “you don't really feel that much”. Those other saunas took too long to heat up, whereas this one heats up instantly. It’s lightweight, portable, he can take it with him anywhere and it really does the job.

He grew up as a farm boy in a family of 11 in Ireland, lost a lot of family members to cancer and heart disease and realized, ” there's got to be a better way.” He turned to organic farming and is helping people to discover what quality living is all about. He now teaches the true essence about “you are what you eat” and you become what you think about all day long. You’ve got to make better choices.

He is at the Answer for Cancer Conference in San Diego filled with doctors and cancer patients who know that there is something abundantly wrong with our food and the choices we make on a daily basis. Our food is not like it was 40 to 100 years ago. Organic farming is almost nonexistent now. We live on boxed foods, genetically modified foods and copious amounts of drugs. We don't exercise enough, drink enough water or take in enough fiber. We take in too many soft drinks. We are a mess. We smoke. We’re a disaster - a certain segment of our population. It's time that we become more mindful, more aware of the choices that we make on a daily basis.

He believes in detoxification, which is nothing new and has been written about for thousands of years. Native Americans use sweat lodges, saunas are used in Germany and all over Europe.

The Relax sauna is remarkable because it creates a level of sweating that allows you to to get rid of those toxins. This releases the debris that is preventing your body from being able to breathe. The body cannot breathe (become oxygenated) when it is filled with toxins, debris and excess waste matter. The root cause of most illness and disease in this country Is systemic toxicity and poor nutrition.

He always tells his patients to be sure and hydrate before, during and after using the sauna. They will sleep magnificently. They will feel better and they will definitely see a difference in their skin, nails and hair. “Why? Because it is providing oxygenation. Bacteria and viruses cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.” The Nobel prize was won for this back in 1939, 1941.

This is an easy way, a simple way, an affordable way, a safe way and a non-invasive way for you to get healthy, to get lean, get fit and allow yourself a better quality of life.
That is what detoxification is all about. “That is why I love this system. I really do.”

He had mentioned that he does a lot television and when they go to put makeup on for the show they say he doesn't need any because his skin is flawless. He gets daily compliments on the quality of his skin. Phil mentioned that he does, as well. Using the sauna to provide oxygenation to the blood, gives a great glow to the skin. People ask him if he has been in the sun and he tells them, no, he has been in the sauna.

He uses the sauna, exercises (Pilates and yoga), drinks lots of water, eats fruits and vegetables and eats live organic raw superfoods, which you will find on his website www.radiantgreens.com. You will find all of his books there. Phil commented that he loves promoting people who love the Relax sauna.

Tony says we get to pass this way but once and it's important to do meaningful things, not only for our own lives, but for the lives of other people, to pay it forward, give back, help each other out, help people live a better quality of life and share information. If you like something and it really works for you, why not tell other people? He generally does not endorse anything unless he really believes in it, sees the people behind it and sees for himself if it actually works.

He lost his fiancée and many family members to cancer and it breaks his heart to see so many people losing their health due to lack of understanding, dysbiosis and not eating the right food. We think our food is good for us when in fact it is not. Our food is now tainted and some people say there is more fiber in the box then you're getting in the contents. We need to get back to the basics like eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, really being mindful and not forgetting meditation and prayer, joy, connection, health and happiness and laughing!

He really recommends the sauna and he demonstrates how easy it is to use. He says there is no excuse for not being healthy in the greatest country of the world. We have abundance. Make sure you make really good choices!

Asthma Relief Using the Relax Sauna

(33 mp4)



Leah sat in the Relax sauna for 15 minutes at the Expo. She had been searching online for saunas but did not feel they were very affordable, She said she could not believe how amazing it felt when she first got in.

Before she got into the sauna, she had been having breathing problems due to her asthma acting up. After she got out of the sauna, she realized her breathing problem had gone away. She said that doesn't usually happen and that normally she uses her asthma spray. “I really like it. Ever since I got out of it I feel better all day than the whole 3, 4 ,5 hours before I got into it at the health fair we were at. It's obviously done something to make me feel better. I want to buy one.”
Two of her friends have Relax saunas.

She says the easy use and portability of it is amazing to her, as well as the affordable price and how easy it is to fold up and take from room to room or put in the car and travel with.

She was going to go to a center in her town that has a wooden sauna but she says that you have to pay so much each time, she thought it would be better to buy her own.

This was her first experience with far infrared and it was excellent. “I was surprised!” When she saw other people at the expo sitting in the saunas she had no idea it would be so wonderful. She says she was absolutely shocked after having been in there for a total of only 10 minutes. She has been feeling so bad for so long she says she cannot even fathom how good she's going to feel when she can do it everyday.
She says, “Feel great, absolutely great!”

They Feel the Sauna is a Lifesaver, Even in Their Cats Love It!

(6 mp4)



Bonnie and David bought their sauna a year ago at the Conscious Life Expo and say they are so grateful that they got the Relax sauna. They say it's wonderful and that they each use it just about every day.

Their cats also want to use the sauna every time. They come in and sit on their laps and when they feel they've had enough then they leave - they are very intuitive. They also purchased one of the 200 watt far infrared lamps and their 20-year old cat loves it. She uncurls and just relaxes in front of it. It has been very good for her.

Bonnie says she loves, loves the sauna - that it has been a lifesaver!

She says that when she has aches and pains, particularly knee and ankle pain, tendinitis, or feels cold, the pain not only goes away but she feels a deeper healing is occurring.

David says that when he feels fatigue that the sauna, with both switches turned on, really helps to eliminate it due to a detox effect. He feels that things really get moving similar to the way that exercise works. He usually does it about 20 minutes. Sometimes he just puts the one switch on and it feels like a warm bath, very soothing. Frequently, he does this for about five minutes right before bed because it's so relaxing.

Bonnie says that the proof is in the pudding when you see the benefits that you get from using it everyday. Says she feels rejuvenated, detoxed and healed and that the sauna belongs in every home.

They first tried it a year ago. Bonnie felt the difference with it immediately and told David, “You've got to try this thing! You’ve got to try it!” He did and fell in love with it - and it’s portable, too!

Relax Sauna Relieves Darryl’s Stress, Much to his Surprise!

(10 mp4)

Darryl, at first, didn't think he was very interested in trying the sauna. He knew he would like to detox and wearing his clothes in the sauna didn't appeal to him but he tried it anyway. He carries a lot of stress, tightness, in his shoulders and discovered that after two or three minutes in the sauna he could feel the stress releasing down his spine, his kundalini moving. iI restored energy flow and he could feel the stress leaving his body.

He says that you would not have been able to explain to him or tell him that he would be feeling so good after three or four minutes in the sauna.

Rosemary’s Pain is Reduced in 5 Minutes

(12 mp4)

Rosemary is a dock worker at the Port of LA. She drives a lot and experiences a lot of soreness, especially lately. She came to the expo and tried the sauna for just five minutes and could not believe the relief she got.

She was also very pleased with how mellow, relaxed and non-pushy the people at the booth were about introducing the saunas. Phil said they all have Relax saunas of their own.

She had been in small saunas before, in doctor’s offices, and she could not believe how fast the Relax sauna got hot. Before, she had to wait and wait and wait but this sauna heated up really fast. “It was amazing.”

“I ended up buying one and I love it!”

A Profuse Sweat with the Relax Sauna in L.A.

(13 mp4)

When Sabrina got into the sauna she felt like she was at about a level 10 in terms of anxiety. Now she says she feels amazing and that she is so relaxed. She is sweating and says that it is usually hard for her to get to sweat. She had tried far infrared bulbs before but they were only about 20% to 30% far infrared and were not a high enough percentage to get her to sweat. “This is honestly amazing. Thank you.”

She had pain in her lower legs because she stands at work and her calves were always stiff and they hurt. It had been a constant level of pain at about a level 6 and now it is gone. “I don't feel it. Nothing now, really amazing”

She had gotten a monthly pass at a tanning salon and used near infrared but didn't see any results at all, not even with her skin, which she had been told would improve when she used the near infrared. She did not feel any warmth when she got into the bed, which took a really long time to heat up.

The Relax sauna is between 95% and 98% far infrared energy and is more effective and efficient. Phil commented that he had been using his sauna for 14 years.

“I love it. I would use it for 14 years if I had it. I really love the Relax sauna.” She purchased one.

Neck So Sore He Could Not Move It - Now Rotates in All Directions

(15 mp4)



His neck had been killing him for two days. He thinks he might have slept wrong but he's not been able to turn his head. After five minutes in the sauna and with three minutes with his head inside the Relax sauna, he was now able to rotate his head in all directions and he says it's a huge improvement!

He feels great - a little rejuvenated, a little shevitsy! He thinks it’s awesome!

New Relax Sauna Lover is in Heaven

(18 mp4)



A new lover of the Relax sauna declined to be photographed because she was too sweaty. “You don’t want to see me!” She had been in the sauna for about 35 minutes. She said, “I'm in heaven, and I'm in heaven so much I‘m going for another five minutes.” She was also in it last night for 10 or 15 minutes and says she just can't get enough. “It’s really amazing how relaxed Relax saunas make me feel.”

When she first tried it the previous night, she had been really sore from carrying heavy bags around all day at the expo. After she tried it, she came back again the next day to experience a 30-minute sweat wearing her tank top. “I am really enjoying this.”

She says that she had tried another far infrared sauna while at the expo, which costs much more then the Relax sauna, but did not experience any of the benefits of the Relax sauna. She finds that it is a really great technology and much more powerful than the other far infrared saunas. “It is really an amazing technology, I love it. I feel really good.”

She said that, while in the sauna, she is so relaxed and tuned in that she is not affected at all by the chaos around her as everything is being dismantled at the end of the expo.
Divine love and bliss in a box. “Please check it out. Please, it works.”

Relax Sauna Removes Shoulder Pain from Use of a Crutch

(20 mp4)



Bobby said his experience was wonderful using both the sit-down and the lay-down Relax saunas He says he prefers the lay-down since it was easier with the cast on his knee. He a lot of tightness in his shoulder from using a crutch and had very little range of motion. After using the saunas, he felt loosened up with a lot less stress in his mid-section. There is still some tightness there slightly but his range of motion has dramatically increased. He also experienced a lot of benefit from using the Acu masseur, which he purchased. He wants to get the sauna next. He wants to feel good and he describes his experience of the sauna in one word which is “well-being.”

Pain Relief - Quite Fast, Very Efficient - BONUS - Emotional Release!




Sylvie been in the Relax sauna for 12 to 15 minutes and two times yesterday. She sat in the sauna today because she had pain and knew from her experience from yesterday that she would get relief quite fast and very efficiently. Again today, it works. It is relaxing. You relax as a whole person and the muscles also relax and the pain goes away.

She says it's addicting, the good feeling is addicting.

When she tried it yesterday, she thought it might help because of the heat. She found that there was an emotional release as well, that she would relax emotionally which is great. She loves it. She really recommends it for use on a daily basis. Once you have it, all you need is a plug and to pay your electric bill.

Sweating - VITAL TO HEALTH, Eliminate Toxins with the Relax Sauna

(26 mp4)

John Malanca’s company is called United Patients Group. He met Phil about a year ago and listened to a talk about a woman with stage IV cancer who had been told to go home and get her affairs in order, that the chemo and radiation that they would have to order would probably be a fatal dose. She then learned about the importance of sweating. Living in Texas, she was always in air conditioning and never sweated. She got rid her cancer via sweating. She did not do chemo and radiation and she is alive today.

He walked back into the trade show and he and his wife bought two Relax saunas. He gave one to a friend of his who has liver disease and who uses it on a regular basis, every day. Another friend of his with pancreatic cancer just went out and bought his own Relax sauna. “I am a fan of it. It's important to sweat, to rid the body of the toxins. It's very healing.”

“Once you know sweat as your teacher and your healer, then life is no sweat.” - from the book, Know Sweat, No Sweat by Dr. Bill Apkinar

The Relax sauna is a portable machine, lightweight, not a big, clunky machine that will sit in your house. He and his wife have theirs in their bedroom and they use it about five nights a week. He layers the chair with towels and uses it for about 20 minutes before bed. He go, go, goes all day and puts his head completely inside the sauna to relax before bed. He then showers, goes to bed and sleeps like a baby. He says he misses it if he does not do it every day,

He’s a big fan of the sauna and wants to send as many people to Phil and the Relax sauna as he can.

Expo Goer Finds Pain Gone and He’s Relaxed with Relax Sauna Use

(30 mp4)

James is at the New Living Expo in San Francisco. He had fatigue in his muscles and had neck and shoulder tension. After using the Relax sauna he found his neck was relaxed and he could turn his head back and forth smoothly. He can’t really find the shoulder pain and he actually feels pretty relaxed all the way down to his legs.

Relax Sauna Great for Muscle Building!

(31 mp4)

Vadim bought a Relax sauna about a year ago and says that he notices that, by using it, he is now able to build more muscle with less exercise. He is also able to eat later at night, still keep muscle tone and he finds that his circulation is better. When he does work out his muscles define better and he gets better sleep at night. He is more relaxed and feels it is a great tool for meditation. He watches guided meditations online when he is in the sauna.

For the first six months after he got his sauna he used it about six nights a week. These days, since he feels his body is so much cleaner, he finds that he only needs to use it a couple of times a week. He now alternates between using the sauna and rebounding.

For sure, he really likes the Relax sauna! “It was a good investment indeed. I highly recommended it.”’

Relax Sauna Provides Great Health through Detoxification!

(32 mp4)



Dave bought his Relax sauna about two years ago. When he is not traveling and is at home, he uses it for 30 minutes every morning. He loves to sweat, feeling that he is getting a good detox. He is in great health and figures that the detoxification is part of the solution.

After he uses it and cools down, he feels great for the day and says he really misses it when he does not do it.

He said he has done a lot of research on the far infrared sauna, other far infrared saunas as well as the Relax far infrared sauna, and this one just fits the bill.

He likes the portability and the affordability. When he needs to use it, it is there, available.

Delighted with her Pain Relief using the Relax Sauna

(37 mp4)

Briannne had been in the Relax sauna 2 or 3 times and had expected to simply be relaxed and cozy. She had a lot of tension and knotted muscles in her right shoulder and her back. She described the pain at level 10. She says it was really bad and she didn't want to lift her arm. Now after about 20 minutes in the sauna, she says the pain has been reduced to about level 3, just barely there. “I feel much better. I can move my arm. It's amazing!”

“I want one.”

She says that before she used the sauna, she felt kind of slow, sluggish and kind of heavy. Now she feels looser, warmer since she had been feeling rather cold before, and more energetic since she had been tired when she got in. She said that she was relaxed while in the sauna and when she got out, she felt like she had more energy “and healthier. I don't know how else to explain it.’”

She says that by using the Relax sauna these two times, it was the first time she had sweated in six months. She felt relaxed enough in the sauna that felt like she might like to take a nap.

“I feel really good. I really do.”

They are at the Autism Conference. She has a son who has autism and she feels he would love the sauna since he loves to be warm and cocooned. She thinks this would be his happy place. She will stay in touch with Phil over the next few months to give him a progress report.

Pulled Muscle Pain Goes Away using Relax Sauna

(40 mp4)



Hector felt relaxed while in the Relax sauna, like he was soaking in a nice warm tub of water. Before he came in, he had a little bit of pain in his lower back and his arm. He felt like he had pulled a muscle. When he came out of the sauna, he felt no pain in his lower back or arm. ”It feels good.” He said his pain had been at about a level 3. “Now I can move it and I don't feel any pain at all.”

He was in the sauna twice for about 6 minutes each and says it was so relaxing he almost dozed off.

His friend, Richard, who suggested he try the sauna, explained that “the sauna would help the molecules of his body release all the toxins that you have.”

“He didn't say anything about pain but it felt good!” He said he was glad he took his friend’s word and tried it out.

College Football Player Relies on the Relax Sauna for Pain Relief

(41 mp4)

Andre’s wife bought their Relax sauna, the previous year at the Autism Conference in Chicago. Andre uses theirs, typically, right before he works out and, then again, right afterwards. He he feels it helps him recover from his workout and he usually uses it 20 to 30 minutes a day.

“I love it. My wife loves it” “It was probably one of our best purchases in the last few years actually.”

He played high school and college football and has a lot of neck stiffness and spinal issues he has to deal with. He also has had 5 knee surgeries and Achilles tendon repair. He needs two knee replacements right now and is just sore and hurting.

He got into the sauna at the expo because he knew it would help his knee loosen up and help with some of his core internal aches and pains.

He says that he continues to use the sauna at home on a daily basis because, when he gets out of the sauna, “it truly makes me feel a lot better” than when he went in.

His father uses the sauna at the local gym and he is encouraging his father to get the Relax sauna so he can use it in the comfort of his own home and also get even better results than he gets from the one at the gym. Andre is “definitely excited about the product!”

College Football Player Feels Totally Better after Relax Sauna Use

(42 mp4)

Andre just got out of the Relax sauna and said, “I feel totally better now. I can get on with the rest my day.” He says that the pain in his Achilles, in his lower leg, tightens up sometimes and now it is loose. His internal core is warm and he feels that he is ready to go for the rest of his day.

Used Relax Sauna and her Hang-over Headache Went Away!

(43 mp4)

Nina was a little hung-over with a pretty bad headache. When she got out of the Relax sauna after about eight minutes she says, “I feel so much better. It's unbelievable!”

Pounding Hang-over Headache Gone using Relax Sauna

(44 mp4)

Nina had been hung-over with a pretty bad headache. When she got out of the Relax sauna after about eight minutes she said, “I honestly feel so much better. It's incredible!”
She said it was a pounding headache of about a level 7 or 8. Now she says it is about a 1. She laughed and said she could drink all she wants now and all she needs to do is get in the sauna afterwards! “I really like this product and I want it.”

She says that she ducked her head inside the sauna for about 3 or 4 minutes of the 8 minutes and that really made a huge difference. Her dad and mom are very strongly considering purchasing the Relax sauna. She says, “Buy this!”

Mom Feels Way Better at the Autism Conference after Sauna Use

(45 mp4)

Tina is at the Autism Conference in Chicago. Before she got into the sauna, she had been feeling very jittery, shaky and she hadn’t slept well the night before. After 30 seconds in the sauna her jitteriness went away.

The Relax sauna has been on her Wish List for the last year since she had experienced similar feelings of wellness then, as well. She didn't expect it to work so quickly this time and had to been considering skipping the next lecture to go and lay down. Now she's going to the next lecture after all.

She has a son with autism and says that the saunas are good for the moms as well because, normally, they are extremely stressed, worn out and tired, which goes along with the autism world. “ I feel way better. “

Relax Sauna Is Soothing, Relaxing and Energizing

(46 mp4)

Marie says she loves the Relax sauna. She says it's soothing, relaxing and her bones feel better. She is in the sauna at the Autism Conference in Chicago.

She had gotten another type sauna a couple years ago but is not very happy with it and feels the Relax sauna does so much more.

She was so disappointed with the one she bought that she does not use it often. She says she does use it occasionally just because it's there and she had spent a lot of money on it.

She says that she's very pleased with the Relax sauna and feels quite energized. “it's wonderful. Try it!”

Psychologist Uses Sauna for Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Stress

(48 mp4)

Carolyn, a psychologist, went to a talk the year before at a conference on Energy Psychology. He answered all of her 20 questions and objections very well, that sold her and she bought her sauna that year. She had tested out the sauna every chance she got that year at the conference. From sitting in the conference she had gotten a lot of pain in her legs, which were falling asleep. It really helped and she thought, “This is really something if can do the whole body at the same time.”

She has been using it for a whole year now and a lot of her clients, who tried it and liked it so much as well, also bought Relax saunas of their own.

She explains that it was really worth the purchase and that you can experience a whole body relaxation, really help with inflammation, really help with fatigue and. “It's just been amazing.” It's easy to use and it's also portable.

She says medical professionals, who also tried it, thought, “This is really something!”

She has used it mostly with chronic pain patients who were referred to her from neurology and medicine. When you have chronic pain you are going to have more anxiety, depression and stress and the sauna use helps overall.

She starts her patients off with one minute, works their way up to as much as 10 minutes and they get benefits. Phil commented, that in a wooden sauna, it takes 20 minutes to just to heat. Carolyn said the Relax sauna heats up right away.

She and Phil talk a lot every time she calls and orders a another sauna for a client. When she told Phil that she is 74, he could hardly believe it! She is quite youthful looking!

Boosts Mood and Energy


I do it most every morning. What I love about it is it gets me warm. The house is cold and I just go right to the sauna and I get warmed up immediately. The other thing I really like about it is that I am able to sweat. I used to not be able to sweat. Now when I am working out at the gym I sweat so I feel cleansed and really kind of energized. I mustn’t stay in too long. I get kind of wiped out. 25 minutes is about what I like.
We like it. If you want to use it at night before you go to bed, it’s really calming at nighttime. My electric bill has gone up, but my gas bill has gone way down because I don’t turn the heat on as high in the morning. By the time I am warmed up, the house is getting warmed up because it is getting later in the day. – Deborah, July 5, 2013

I get these hot spot son my body that seem to move around. My opinion on those is maybe its cleaning out blockages of different things. I really like that. I didn’t used to sweat. I do now. I don’t love being in that heat but I miss it everyday that I don’t use it. I use it once a day at least. The pores are open so I think that it detoxifies the whole body. I feel good! - Patrice, July 5, 2013

Helps with Skin Quality


I use it everyday in the morning and I feel wonderful. My skin looks better now than before. I recommend it. It is very easy. It stays clean. I change my towels every time I use it. I highly recommend it! – Peggy, purchased the Relax Sauna last year at the Health Freedom Expo, July 4, 2013

Christine and May Say They Can’t Live Without the Sauna


I use the sauna everyday. I love it. It is the best purchase I’ve made at the expo. I’m very happy with it. It’s really helped support my raw vegan diet. It’s a great stress reducer. I have a very stressful job. I just come from work and I relax and I sweat. We came back to the expo today to tell you, “Thank you.” I notice when I cut myself from fixing food my cuts heal faster. And my joints feel better. I use it about 25 minutes a day, take a shower and go to bed. I sleep better. - Christine
I love mine. It’s invaluable to me. I wouldn’t live without it. – May.
They both purchased Relax Saunas at the Mind Body Expo in New Jersey last year, May 30, 2013


These letters arrived at the Momentum 98 Natural Health Store from Satisfied Customers:

Lewis Sweats Out Toxins with the Relax Sauna


I bought a Relax Sauna about 3 years ago. I love the machine. It sits right in my bedroom. Every time I use it I think about how intelligently designed it is. It is very easy to assemble and reassemble. You can read a book while you are taking a sauna. I think the whole design is very cleverly done. The sweat builds up in about 20 minutes and it just feels so cleansing. It is very easy to use. It is a wonderful unit. I never regretted purchasing it. I recommend it to my friends. I’ve had friends over and they’ve loved it also.

It is easy to set up. The timer is right next to you to turn on the heat. It’s perfect. I keep a stool right next to it to keep a couple books on. It is so compact, tidy and well put together.

I went to a pool and there was so much chlorine that I was feeling nauseous. I thought, “It’s lucky I have the sauna.” After 20 minutes in the sauna, I sweated it out and it stopped making me feel sick. It makes me feel more energized and cleaner. I get a cleaning feeling. The sweating out of those internal toxins is so therapeutic.
One time I ate something that did not agree with me and I was up all night. Finally, I used the sauna and afterwards I felt relaxed. Whatever it was, I was able to get out by using the sauna.

I am 61 years old. I feel better than I did 2 years ago. Since I’ve seen what the sauna can do when I am in a crisis situation, it lets me know what it can do the rest of the time. Lewis

Cleared up 99% of Psoriasis in Only 6 Weeks (80% in 3 Weeks)


About six weeks ago I purchased the Relax Far Infrared Sauna and began using it almost every day. I only wish I had photographed my elbows and arms covered in psoriasis because now they are almost 100% healed! I'm stunned because I have tried so many paths and nothing knocked it out.

I've also come to enjoy the ritual of the sauna. After my 20 minutes zipped up, whatever stresses I feel in me dissolve and I am calm. I follow with a shower beginning with lukewarm water and finishing with a cold blast that makes my skin feel brand-new.
I am spreading the word because I think that so many people might find that a Relax Sauna is a far healthier alternative to masking symptoms with meds as I once did. I lead a very healthy lifestyle but the sauna is just what I needed to take me to the next level.
The best purchase I've ever made! P.S. I chose the black tent version because of its durable looks. Thank you! - E.S. Connecticut, June 3, 2011

Feeling Bright and Clear - So Easy to Sweat


I'm absolutely loving the sauna. I've incorporated it into my morning meditation practice, and it helps me feel so bright and clear. I never would have dreamed it was so easy to just sweat my prayers every morning in my living room. Thank you for providing this wonderful tool for healing and inner peace. Blessings, - TB, AZ, Dec, 2010

The Relax Sauna is the Best Sauna there is! (Happy Customers said it - not me)
Recently, 2 individuals have told me, one over the phone, a man who has had ulcerative colitis for a number of years. He was absolutely raving about the Relax Sauna, which he purchased from us about 3 months ago. He said that he has done a LOT of research on Far Infrared Red, and after this research decided to buy the Relax Sauna from us.

He said not only that the Relax Sauna has given him back his life, but that the RELAX Sauna is the best Sauna there is, and he is telling everyone in chat rooms that it is. He related to me that one man told him that he had saved up $2000 to buy a wooden sauna, and this man told me he told him, "Do Not Waste your Money, the RELAX Sauna is the Best One there is.” We are awaiting more details from this man on how the RELAX Sauna has helped him.

Meanwhile, a man who has authored a number of best selling books, bought a sauna from us in June. He is well versed about Far Infrared Light Saunas, and has been promoting their use for years. He has also owned a wooden sauna for years. I was talking to him a few weeks ago, after a talk that he gave to a large audience on one of his books, and he was relating to me how much he liked the Relax Sauna. He then told me, very enthusiastically that, "The Relax Sauna was the Best Sauna." I never tell people the RELAX Sauna is the BEST SAUNA. It is NOT MY PLACE. There are a few good saunas out there that do a really good job. I believe the RELAX Sauna is a great sauna, and probably the most effective one, the most efficient one (in terms of time), and one of the best buys for your money. I am careful NOT to say it is the BEST one. However, it warms my heart when I hear this from satisfied customers who do have a lot of experience with other Far Infrared Light Saunas.

Oxygen Saturation Level - No Headaches, Fatigue, Etc.


My name is C. I purchased a Relax sauna from you about 3 weeks ago. Prior to using the sauna, I used to suffer from constant hick-ups, hours of yawning, fatigue, and headaches. I used to have to go in frequently to my doctor to measure my oxygen saturation levels and do oxygen therapy throughout the week. Three days before I started using the sauna, I had just gotten my latest test - only 67% oxygen saturation. I started to use it 15 minutes daily. I just went to see my doctor (3 weeks since my last visit - longest ever) and my levels of oxygen saturation read at 100%. I haven’t had any headaches, fatigue, yawning, or hick-ups. I feel amazing. I would really like to get this booklet to read. Thank you for your time. - C.G, Nov 2010

Chemical Sensitivity & Muscle Problems being Resolved
The Joy of having your Head Outside the Sauna. "Very Relaxing Soft" Heat Felt.


Dear Phil,
My husband and I are so pleased with the Relax Sauna. We have never sweat so effortlessly before. We have a very nice wooden FIR sauna, but we would have to get it so hot before we would start sweating - and,my head would always get too hot.
We both love having our heads outside the sauna (although you can put a towel over your head while in the sauna).

We also like the fact that we can turn on one or both heaters at a time. Sometimes I just want to sit in the sauna for an hour on one heater and soak up the FIR rays. Then, I'll put both heaters on to finish up the last 10 minutes. Other times I like to start out with both heaters on, get hot, and then turn it down to one heater to finish up. Also, it is great being able to partially open the zippers to control the heat inside the sauna. Sometimes I feel like reading, so being able to put my arms out is great. It is amazing how light and portable this unit is. If we ever go on a trip, we're taking our Relax Sauna with us! The heaters put out a very relaxing "soft" heat. We feel so relaxed and warm inside our bodies afterwards. My muscles feel so much better after a session in the sauna.
I have had chemical sensitivities and muscle problems for years, and your sauna is really doing good things for me.

And I have to tell you, you have been so helpful. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you.
I am telling my friends they need to contact you and get your sauna. - L & K, California, Jan. 20, 2010

A Blessing for Relaxing, etc, - Even with Titanium Rods in my Body


The Relax Far Infrared Sauna has been a real blessing in my life. I have titanium rods in my back and a missing rib and vertebra due to reconstructive surgery and my body often aches---The infrared energy goes deep into my cells and my body can relax. My body temperature runs cold- so popping into the sauna also warms me up - R. H. – California, Sauna purchased - April 2007, testimonial arrived February 2010.

Lyme’s Disease - Cellulite reduction - Sweating for 1st Time, etc.


I bought the Relax Lie Down Sauna by recommendation of a physician. I have suffered for 5 years from Lyme Disease and heavy metal toxicity.
No matter what support I gave my body my health never improved. Little did I know that sweating was the key to open the door to better health. My body was so overburdened by toxins and heavy metals that I have not broke a sweat since becoming ill. I ordered the Relax Sauna one day and it arrived the very next day. I was like a child on Christmas morning! I had it ready to go in 5 minutes, I kid you not. It took a couple of days for my body to begin sweating and after that, only two weeks later, I am feeling and seeing things happen that I find amazing in such a short time. I sleep, my mind and body is for the first time in a constant relaxed state.

The Lyme Disease had left my nervous system in overdrive and I cannot believe how calm and relaxed I am now. I never had cellulite, ever, until my body became overburdened with toxins. It just seemed to come out of nowhere. Since using the Relax Sauna it is simply disappearing, like melting away!!! It is all quite amazing in such a short time! This by far is the most precious & the smartest investment I have ever made. I thank you with my whole heart, Phillip, for such an amazing piece of the puzzle to get my health & life back. I am so excited for what lies ahead! - Sincerely, K.G. – Ohio, Relax Sauna Purchased - March 2010