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Learn about the Healing Powers of 

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna

This is a presentation about the Relax Far Infrared Sauna 

Relax Far Infrared Sauna Presentation March 2013

Extracts/summary from talk (paraphrased)

Talk title “Bathing in the Healing Light of Far Infrared Ray”.

Relax makes a sister product to the Far infrared sauna which is a medical device, called the Sky Eye. The Sky Eye is a far infrared lamp which studies have shown that decreases inflammation.

The Sky Eye was used to successfully heal a diabetic ulcer. The lady was in the hospital for a year and half before the Sky Eye's far infrared rays were used on her ulcer. In 7 weeks and 20 minutes per day, her ulcer shrunk from 1 and half inches by 1 inch to the size of a pencil point.

If far infrared can do that for this extreme case, imagine what it can do for your normal people who just want to become healthier. The improvements made for healing lyme disease, inflammation and other health problems.

There are different form of light energy, for example in sunlight there are infrared, far-infrared and ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays are the ones which get the outside skin hot and cause sunburns.

The Relax far infrared sauna and Sky Eye lamp generate far infrared rays which penetrates deeply into the body and matches the energy of our body. The water in our body vibrate at 9.4 microns and so do we and far infrared is also in this range.  So the energy in far infrared resonate with our bodies. We ourselves generate 75 watts of far infrared energy.

The Real far infrared sauna uses a cermaic chip which took 10 years to develop. This chip generates the most far infrared energy of any far infrared suana. It generates between 95-99% pure far infrared energy.


Here is the transcription of the talk;

Hello hello hello I'm from Columbus Ohio just mentioned my name Philip Wilson that help the store since nineteen eighty called Momentum ninety eight and we have a website called Momentum ninety eight.Com we have been marketing the relax sauna nine stilling the company's Momentum ninety eight that I've I've had the health food stores nineteen eighty. I've been in the holistic health and since nineteen seventy when I got into fasting in nineteen seventy one and after I got into fasting I became very sensitive to sugar and prior to that I slowly my diet started improving something it happened within me and my body chemistry started changing my thinking started changing my feelings started changing this matter fact I was a thinker I was a mathematician I had a degree in mathematics from Indiana University and honors degree I was very imbalanced I was not in the sense that was a thinker not a feeler so the book Narcissus and Guldman by Herman Hesse talks about the journey of the difference between a thinker and a feeler and I've I've learned in life that one of my favorite phrases is thinking without feeling brings about low and feeling without thinking brings grief that's actually a Paul Twitchell quote that I read many many years ago and so I started becoming a feeler and the this is related to the topic because when you go into the relaxed sauna and you feel the energy oh my gosh and it takes a receptiveness to lay down your guards and and just relax into it

The talk title is "Bathing in the healing light of far infrared" well I something "bathing in the healing light of far infrared ray", that's it and that we have a booth outside it's at C which means corner seven ten in it somewhere in the back a it's hard to stay with it but anyway were right behind the Direct Buy people and where we got for saunas up this year not three but four we also the lie down sauna on display and the relaxed sauna makes a it's called the sky I radiator it's a medical device.

I will I will show you briefly here what this medical device list with the FDA is a medical device this is a picture of it it has the same far infrared healing energies that the relaxed sauna it has and this has one. The Relax sauna has equivalent of two of those and this it says in this that upon application the decrease in inflammation is remarkably fast so when you put this on a back shoulder or leg or or a bedsore gets rid of inflammation this is what it did. I know that it's far away but this was a diabetic ulcer. The lady was in a hospital for year and a half and when you when you have diabetes your your blood gets thicker that's if you know it's got the sugar. However when reading that the the radiation far infrared light is shined on the body, maybe six seven inches away from it it starts getting the water molecules to vibrate that the pulsate and that pulsation of the water molecules in this is the process of what happens when far infrared interacts with your cells in your body. With the water cells I will going to detail in about a minute or two on that but what happened is the lady in one week, three weeks, seven weeks, a huge one and a half inch by one inch diabetic ulcer oval turned into a pinpoint, to a pencil poin,t in seven week,s twenty minutes a day. Now if far infrared energy can do that to this, imagine what it can do to us normal people who are just want to become healthier. You have a little fibromyalgia, a little indigestion from eating the wrong foods or even people have hangovers and little arthritis, little Lyme disease, you know any sort of information that we can get this is where the miracles take place. So I'm going to describe what Far infrared rays are.

You all know that the sunlight generates lots of energy, it even generates all the colors from red to violet and it generates what is that stuff that causes suntan and sunburn ultraviolet. Now how does ultraviolet cause suntanning and sunburn? I've never seen it explained. So I discovered how. I don't know if it's true or not but this is what I discovered, that when the ultraviolet right comes at us from the sun and it hits us we say wait a second this is not in harmony with my body,  "I'm not going to accept you" because I'm in the feeling and so the the it comes at you and you said "no not me". What the skin does, it resists, it resists the body. The resistance causes friction like brakes on a car causes friction and that causes it can cause suntan and so that's because the relax will  the near infrared energy is not absorbed it doesn't deeply penetrate.

Now you hear about a space heater toaster hairdryer,  that energy again does not penetrate deeply into the body. It hits the body and gets the skin hot but it's not strong enough to cause suntan or sunburn. Still is sometimes harsh, especially a hairdryer at that's not a nice energy. So that those are two energies come from the sun and as I was trying to get the picture in here it is the think from the sunlight comes all the energies x-rays, the ultraviolet the which has good property but sometimes you get too much it's not so good, the infrared, the microwaves et cetera shortwave but the infrared is near infrared.  The space heater energy in a hairdryer energy in the toaster energy the toaster energy you hear that see the heat in the toaster. The colo,r that's near infrared that you can barely see and then infrared becomes an visible and then when you get beyond the certain energy you get far infrared now the enerygy between four and fourteen microns I call absorbable deep penetrating far infrared.

Now how do you describe far infrared to people who have no clue what it is it's like? Ultraviolet didn't make sense immediately to people but when I discovered that ultraviolet is the cause of the suntan and it doesn't get absorbed. Well the the far infrared deeply penetrates, very very deeply in that deep penetration, it does things to the water molecules and in a few seconds but what it does. The deep penetrating far infrared ray matches our energy that is the water cells in our body vibrate at 9.4 microns and so do we so the 9.4 microns anything that vibrates at nine. Did anyone see "what the bleep do you we do we know" that's okay well anyway, people who have read quantum physics, quantum physics they say here's a particle and here's a way now in reality if there is no time and space than wave becomes the wavical: a particle becomes a wayvical in other words a wavical is a cross between a particle in a wave where the union becomes the wave with a particle becomes a wave and so you have this energy coming at you, this far infrared beautiful beautiful energy which is the same and resonates with you.  So when something resonates with you, it matches your energy.  So if we vibrate at 9.4r microns and the water in us does that and the energy comes at us, instead of resisting it's because it's not a we don't know it's not because it's the same energy you it it resonates it melts it and you know if you want to get it it you're making love with it it's because merging in and out your water molecules are pulsating and it's it and it's like things going on it's like almost when in a resynthesis the plant it is making love to the sun it's like there's something what happens in photo and that's the far infrared or energy the far infrared energy is what they put I believe when when the preemies are born babies they need something to survive that's the far infrared energy lamps they put them in their so that they can survive and they can thrive is better effect we generate far infrared energy we are all far infrared generators and we all generate approximately seventy five watts the average human generate seventy five watts worth of far infrared invisible energy.

It's amazing when you put people in because you all see a live demonstration of people saying " oh my God this is incredible". That's what far infrared is about because it's when you meet yourself in a sense and when you can feel the energy,when you can  just relax into it. So many times I'm doing this demo at shows and once I asked one lady well how does that make you how you feel? "Just relaxed". 

The next lady I said "I feel relaxed" heard lady after the same questions he said to that all my gosh and then I saw that's why they call the relax sauna. It's like when the name came to me to the call myself Momentum, to call my business that. I never realized Momentum comes from the word moment and that when you take advantage of the moment, it propels you into greatness in every moment, there's a wave going by and if you catch it, that wave takes you into greatness and that's what life's about. It's learning to live in the moment and so when you going to the Relax sauna it sets the stage as a catalyst for you get into the moment. Get to that relaxed state so the water molecules in your body especially when the far infrared energy of the sun. Like you been on the sun in a hot day cold day the sun's really hot you close your eyes, you say "oh my gosh, that feels good! Last week my wife and I were in Long Beach and the sun was shining and I was wearing a sweater and all the sun is on "my gosh" I feel it and I realize the far infrared light being absorbed into my body. When I'm out in the sun on a cold day want to get a suntan in California in March and at sixty five degrees cold but the sun is hot and you feel the warmth inside is the deep penetrating warmth that's what's the far infrared rays, not the harsh energy.

The other saunas out there by the way, some of them are only about twenty five percent good deep penetrating energy and the others are the the are forty or sixty percent and the other is filler. The near-infrared doesn't quite penetrate deeply the deep penetrating is the far infrared ray and so we I've been doing expos now for about seventy five nineteen seventy five and I've been doing the big ex post nineteen eighty one when we did the New York whole life Expo eighty one eighty two and we demonstrate the sauna for the last ten years it is the pinnacle of all the products that we sell in my health food store over the years that I've developed I was in the Chinese herbs and aerobatic herbs way before it became popular we one of the first door to sell essential oils we were distributing to others dorsal and essential oils and we were the only distributor that that had him and so is of the products of our at my booth we have an oxygen product that oxygenates we started selling Ed McCabe's oxygen therapies and we started selling in nineteen eighty eight all the oxygen therapy products you know and including Ed McCabe, he left right now Mister oxygen in these or other products that are available I started selling massage tools I became the King of massage tools and for expos I was selling mainly massage tools but about ten years ago I picked up a sauna and not this one a different one and it took about an hour to do a great sweat fifty five minutes to an hour and I loved it was fantastic I felt so good invigorated and a year later we discovered this one is settle my gosh this is ten times better.

So we've been selling this for nineteen years we put it on the map it's the relax sauna relaxed sauna is the the only far infrared sauna that I think exists in Taiwan because in Taiwan they have a definition of far infrared sauna a far infrared sauna in Taiwan to be called the far infrared sauna has to be at least ninety five percent far infrared energy and only five percent filler at the most. 

Most of the saunas of the marketplace are twenty thirty forty fifty sixty [ercent or whatever, they don't tell you because they don't know because the technology is very primitive and in the relaxed sauna if you have the literature you can see there's there's this little chip on some of the literature and that took ten years to invent. Now I have a degree in mathematics from the University I was  mathematical problem-solving and sometimes I would work for five six hours to solve a math problem before it was finished. 

As a high school student solving math problems that were posed to a high school students, so I know little bit about problem solving and there is a problem because the the relaxed sauna company in Taiwan was asked by the Japanese government, can you create something that can duplicate that that the healing's Hot Springs in southern Japan where warriors in ancient days would go after battle to heal there's a healing energy there can you somehow discover what energy is and produce it and so it took him about fifteen eighteen years for this company or ten years the company was business for thirty three years and eight years after they were they were in business they were asked can you develop this this Taiwan where they make on ninety four percent of the semi conductors in the chips in the world. They discovered a semi conductor chip and solved the problem. It took ten years to develop that to invent the semi conductor chip that would take electrical energy and transform it into that precise energy at 9.4 microns, give or take five microns, that would be absorbed by the human body.So what happens like I said, when you going to the sun and you feel that warmth, that is the mechanism of why this far infrared sauna works. 

How does the far infrared sauna rid of inflammation? How does it get rid of the toxins in your body? This is the beauty of it, it is like three things happen.

So the three things that happen is number one; circulation increases
number two; body temperature increases
number three lymphatic system is mobilized the oriental say this move your chi.  In Taiwan they say being in the Relax sauna is like being in the presence of a gong master. That's a pretty powerful statement, you could translate that in English, it's almost like being in the presence of the of a wonderfully powerful spiritual being, generating divine love and so when I translate that into it that the booth I will say being in the Relax sauna is like being in the the best because it feels warm, it feels loving, it's caressing. It does all that in and one lady said today she felt like "oh my gosh it feels good" and you probably would agree with that in those three things that it does number one; strict microcirculation is increased to the the in the the body temperature the core temperature the body is increased by one to two degrees and three the lymphatic system is mobilizing will hear this displaying how that happened because mostly think that I understand it. So it's taken me years of putting people in the sauna and of experience in the sauna myself to put it together. So this is my understanding of it, the molecules start pulsating when the when the far infrared interacts with it and that pulsates in or you could call it a creating a massage, a gentle massaging like the waves of an ocean. and as those water cells get smaller because you got the what happened that that vibrating of the water molecules get to shrink and to because it shrinks the blood cells that comprise mainly eighty percent water they shrink so the blood cells get smaller okay the blood cells get smaller that means that it's like you have you have a two Lane Highway with sem'is and also because the blood the blood vessels in the arteries have walls with her cells with water in the walls of those cells get smaller. A scenario of a four-lane highway with motorcycles or maybe may be minivans instead of semi's, but the whole idea is that the circulation that the traffic flow will increase tremendously so the basically the blood flow will increase tremendously, the microcirculation and the circulation. That's why in that diabetic ulcer I showed you that's why this is the greatest thing in the world for people with diabetes because it gets the blood flow to to be thinner. Now what is going on that's can increase the body temperature she can go from 98.6 degrees to 99.6

There is a book called "No swea? Know sweat!" written by a doctor in New York City name Bill Akpinar.  The book is all about the far infrared saunas and about saunas in general and sweating and how good sweating is for your health and how every many many cultures throughout the history of the of the United of the world have participated in saunas as a way of purifying and cleansing. The Relax far infrared sauna is different in that this sauna generates far infrared, theirs is not far infrared sauna. They heat the air, it doesn't heat the inside of the air. The heat generatoed by the Relax sauna is a byproduct of the semi conductor chip being so hot like a computer has a fan and if the computer fan goes off computable go off so if we didn't have the fan that computer chip the semi conductor chip would get so hot that it would go off. That's why we need the fan in there and there in the heat is a byproduct but the heat does not do the healing. It's the interaction of the water molecules with the far infrared energy being generated that increases the core temperature of the body as I was saying to about 99.6 or a hundred.

This is number two to what I said, the core temperature of the body increases and induces you could say anatural  fever or an artificial fever is created because your body temperatures increased. What happens when you develop a fever the lymphatic system says okay hey we got work to do and to the lymphatic system is mobilized so that the microcirculation's going on the body temperature increased lymphatic system is mobilized when the water cells are are vibrating are being caressed it's like in that the fisherman when I have a crab on their hand they shake their hand and that and that's because the claw is in there and that gets really heavy metals and so the term the term is called chelation come from the word claw and when you and when a clot because the heavy metals claw themselves into our receptor cells  instead of the stuff is supposed to be there that were trying to receive but the heavy metal the the mercury, the lead, the arsenic. It's an impediment, it is in our way of us being free mentally emotionally spiritually as a human being physically and sometimes it causes a body or physical body not be able to move and to be productive.

So these are all called toxins inflammation you know if metabolic waste thank you it it's it's stuff that does not along in the body it's it's trespassing and when you have trespassers says you can get him out to says get into a far infrared sauna in the molecules will pulsate in the far infrared you will go in and it feels like like receiving divine love.  So this this gets the toxins out of the cells of the body. How we say the lymphatic system been motivated the Orientals say this is moving your Chi the whole thing of the of the lymphatic system the circulation & the core temperature, the Orientals call this moving your Chi.

I was at an acupuncturist convention and so the Orientals call this moving your Chi that this means you now have enough energy to get the tpxins out. I was going through all the rigmarole explaining how the lymphatic system works to an acupuncturist student at an acupuncturist convention and then she's in the sauna and two minutes later she said "I can feel my Chi moving".

In the original relaxed sauna literature it talks about the Chi gong energy of the great spiritual masters, the Chi gong Masters and who being in the presence of can do lots of healing, wonderful work, The vital energy that you have is called your Chi energy and sometimes when your'e sick we cannot get well because we don't have enough vital chi energy in our body but if this  increased the energy in your body which means get the get all the acupuncture meridians and balance, get your circulation moving and get you lymphatic system moving. You now have enough strength to get your trespassers out, with your mercury out.

When you are rid with the fluoride, with the chlorine with the metabolic waste, all the stuff can leave the system and what happens? The inflammation goes away, the pain goes away, this is one of the best things for pain management. So I recommend the relax sauna if you talk into an active pathic doctor or a holistic practitioner in and doing some kind of chelation or something use the Relax far infrared sauna with it because it'll make it work better.

Karen Russell's a gerontologist, she works with the older people, and I think I have her picture here of two thousand seven two thousand eight she met me at a show.  Doris Rapt  wrote the book "our toxic world" and also had a booth and she recommended Karen see me about getting the relax sauna. She should go talk to Phil I think his sauna will solve all your problems and so she came to me. She had heavy metal toxicity for two and a half years. Every blood report she got for two and half years has high levels of metals expecially mercury and lead.  She tried DMOS and cilantro and six or seven other products that she had a little bit of success, but not enough and so what happened she got the far infrared sauna.  She got the lie down sauna with two versions they work equally as well some people like to lie down some people like to sit up.  I like them both. I usually do sit up about ninety percent of the time and she got in the Relax sauna did an hour a day and thirty days later she sent in a blood report and it came back normal!
Mercury levels normal, lead normal for the first time in two half years. She also said she felt better. She also said she lost weight. She also said that sixty five to seventy percent of her her cellulite was gone! She also said that her skin looked prettier and so she became a poster girl for a while but there there's a whole lot more of what the relaxed sauna can do for people we have on the website if you go to and then clickk on the Relax sauna picture on the left and then go to the Relax far infrared sauna page, on there is all the different articles.

There's some information on Doctor Sherry Rogers  who wrote a book called "detoxify or die".  Three chapters are dedicated to the benefits of the far infrared sauna and she recommends it is the best way to get rid of heavy metals. She's an environmental doctor and deals with a lot of and has dealt with a lot of very very sick people who are sensitive, chemically sensitive. She recommends the far infrared sauna as the only way to get plastics out of the body. When you drink bottled water made of plastic and in the water expecially if it gets hot, those plastic get into your body and they do not belong, they're trespassers.

A lot of people have too much chlorine the body and that's a trespasser. Here is an example of this is incidentally is a beaker of regular sweat from a regular sauna not an infrared sauna. The one that is clear and there's hardly anything in there terms of toxins  but in the relaxed sauna we have metabolic waste the dioxin that chlorine but cadmium, heavy metals, in fact this emulsifies that  means the heavy metals that are protected by the fats in your body. Once you get rid heavy metals you do not need the fats to protect you from heavy metals and that's why one of the reasons why people lose weight.  My wife when she first got in this minutes her her extreme bone pain her screaming bone pain went away in six minutes at that time she she was given by the sauna and then she uses a for pain management now in and she knows exactly when she needs to go in.

I just interviewed a man outside he bought the sauna from us two years ago and he was actually raving about how he uses for profuse sweating and how he feels better if he ever eats wrong he window pulley went swimming and he had all his nausea from the chlorine this get through the chlorine get to the dioxins if you have to take a bath tub or if you have to go in the hot tub and its ability the Mayo Clinic recommends far infrared saunas for all patients all their heart patients that they say do not do not go into a regular sauna do not go into a hot tub why because the body has a certain temperature and when the has to raise to made an equilibrium between the inner temperature and the temperature so that it it's it get too excited and it can cause problems in the far infrared sauna because the body temperature increases one to two degrees therefore the heart does not have to raise between to maintain an equilibrium tween the inside temperature of your body and the outside temperature and it turns out the Mayo Clinic says this is extremely therapeutical are therapeutic therapeutical and of that to work but Sherry Rogers in her book detoxify or die and she also wrote a book called the blood pressure hoax and so she saying that the far infrared sauna one of those two figures the blood pressure of of something over something one of them I think I'm not sure which way it is but one increases in Wednesday the same decreases and the other stays the same she says that means this always takes care of it it really helps high blood pressure it normalizes blood pressure so people come to me I the heart stent I have a pacer I have it is titanium rod these are all okay because only the water cells in the body only the water cells in the body are affected and so anything else in there not been matter and so I was that when another minute or two okay your turn as he patiently waits her turn you and remember booth seven ten yet yet I believe you know with with strong you know conviction that is good for everyone sometimes people who are extra hot they need to maybe a do it gingerly like a people with with MS you know like that concerned the doctor says you know you shouldn't get but they don't understand.

We had a massage therapist in Detroit get a sauna from us and she had a client who is who had MS in the in the MS lady got in and oh my gosh you liked it so much that the lady the massage therapist that she ordered a sauna from us because it's in and so regardless what your doctor says me have your own experience get your own experience if if it feels great that matter what other people say it's your life it's your reality we we had a sad event in Florida last week were lady was all excited to come back for five times the buy and that she finally came back to buy the saunas is where my friend is the and the friend brings out a pendulum and says she is and she was raving and raving about is that all my gosh how sad that people do that themselves so so many people I know I just heard on Angela wallet speak at one of the conventions.

I was listening to the tape driving here and he said in up to talk to my doctor sometimes you do but sometimes people they believe in the doctors and they don't end up surviving! You know, so  you become your own doctor, you learn to the advice of others  necessarily but you know listen to your own inner guidance and might be the same as the advice. It may not be so talk to people in a reference other get different opinions but in the final analysis, you get to decide what you want in your life you get to decide if this is good for you regardless because you know many great discoveries of, which are total contradiction of what it's supposed to be and the people decide what's suppossed to be are usually thinkers and not feelers. This brings me back to when I started you know that so I finally figured it out when I mean not then but many years ago I was complaining that the secret of life is all I had to do is feel as a thinker when I needed to do the balance was the feel. I mentioned this to a friend of mine was a dancer she said I think that's right, you know. I think I need to think more, I feel too much and so to finally and  I got together, you know that if you can think and feel at the same time. So you can think you can say are you can feel that that store like Innotek to keep a balance between the emotional and mental bodies you want to get them in harmony with the feeling and thinking happens in in in with your whole physical being and so been in relaxed sauna to meet as a catalyst it's a catalyst to get you in the moment and that's when all the miracles in life can happen so many miracles can happen you saw what he did to see when he brought it in the carrying bag that are all fitted that we could get the chair and you think it is saw Jakey undated in and yeah yeah it's the being taped so that the suggested retail is eleven hundred ninety five dollars and the Internet special is nine hundred and ninety five to twenty five ten twenty the show special after I'm finished been taped we we are giving you are so special you want to come in.

 The Relax far infrared sauna comes with a one-year warranty and I suspect it'll probably last about twenty years at least it is very durable nothing ever goes wrong with the motor it's in the the more the generator the real sauna that cost eight hundred ninety five dollars and that in the tent in the chair in the polls you know makes it cost eleven ninety five so you know it's and nothing seems to go wrong with it the we used to have about three four years ago we had some timers that would go bad now that doesn't happen when you have to fix a timer the most it's ever been is ninety five dollars there is a one-year warranty we fixed it for free if anything goes wrong but if nothing goes wrong in the first year it's it's highly unlikely anything will happen occasionally someone will call us and and but it it it's built to last many many years know no matter Karen Russell that she was her therapy most people use it like on the on the pan sheet in the back the last are one of the I think the middle of the person saying things she said she uses it fifteen minutes in the morning and twenty minutes at night and everyone reports to me not everyone but most people report how much better they sleep they really sleep better yet sometimes of this see technically this is not a medical device because they didn't want to go through all the paperwork the same unit is in the sky radiator that I was showing you that is a medical device and and I don't know but but there have been some people who've been able to gets the saunas you know saunas a medical device for some reason you know the day is funny when dealing with them you just have to deal with them but that but the lamp it is a medical device and the and the for sure could be you know great you to be able to get your your six minutes and all the really is a lot of difference our friend Ray Everett the far from sauna it's it's it's certainly better than a regular sauna and it certainly gonna be doing some good then you have to deal with okay annexes out there doing their thing and the next is a very powerful motor and if you said to them blender unit is that is that good is wonderful but cannot even hope to do what up Vita mix can do because the matter is strong enough in this case the generator which regenerates the healing light in a sauna that's what you look at the find the quality of the sauna now some of the saunas in the wood panels are nice not quite as sophisticated and a second glance he advanced desires so I tell people you know who sometimes have an arrogant attitude will I have a pretty wooden sauna that I paid so much thousand and it looks like it belongs in an art student in Institute and I stated them not to their to them but I say to myself will when you're ready for an upgrade let me know if you the dependent of the people be very that I have the wooden sauna in my house I haven't used it in years why not to the takes too long to heat up because there's too much with name of my company Momentum there's too much inertia the the antidote for a nurse is Momentum incidentally the antidote for EMF is far infrared ray energy it will dissolve that energy and and because we have ninety five percent two hundred percent far infrared energy we are probably the least EMF of any sauna because that there is no EMF anywhere in the sauna where she is sitting there is a little bit of VMF in front of the radiator but that is the antidote it by the fact that we have ninety five percent to hundred percent far infrared energy in our sauna.

So when you examine the the look-alikes to this.  You know like how a Mercedes or looks like a Chevy Chevette when you when you in a the cheaper sauna you can see for three four hundred dollars online or even last and you are made there's a corrugated plastic and again we want to get rid of the plastics and when you halfhearted heated water with plastic you don't want to drink that necessarily because the pluses can get in the body so you have corrugated plastic connected to a hot plate connected to a piece of black cloth a piece of cloth impregnated with charcoal which when heated generates about twenty percent far infrared light and a sauna like that I loved use differ year go in and take me about eighteen minutes to start sweating fifty five minutes to finish before I felt like I was complete this takes me usually about eight minutes to start sweating and twenty minutes to complete and after twenty two minutes I'm chomping at the bit to get out and for many many years I would just melt the to to be able to handle the heat when the heat is not what does the healing is the light the light penetrating resonating with you so the heat is a byproduct to how do you get rid of the heat you unzip the zipper eight inches so that no light goes out and even if a little sliver comes out of its minimal and so there you are ten twenty degrees cooler your queue will cool as a cucumber you been sweating profusely for twenty two minutes and you continue to sweat profusely for twenty two minutes for twenty two minutes you continue to prep profusely sweat and so it's really really an exciting exciting tool that we have here so yes well will do that after the finish of the taping in three four-minute two minutes and then and then we'll do it so they can stay for that now be real soon yes it is really excited a good point I appreciate that so to find out more about the relaxed sauna the booth seven ten call my store at eight hundred five three three four three seven two the website click on the relaxed sauna we also haven't another webpage and I'll repeat it and then literature piece of that I handed out today you can reprint you know from from that page and my name is Philip Wilson from Columbus Ohio and you guys were a great audience and I really appreciate you.

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RELAX FIR Sit - Up Sauna - (model FIR9008-2sw)  New & Improved tent AND with double controller switch, each radiator with its own switch. Comes with carrying bag.

relax far infrared sauna latest model



$1095 + $25 S/H*
$1050 + $25 S/H*
RELAX FIR Lie - Down Sauna - with New & Improved "Black" tent

lie down sauna

$1095+ $25 S/H*
$1050 + $25 S/H*
RELAX FIR Bed (Healthful & Warm Bed)

relax bed

$895 + $25 S/H*
$850 + $25 S/H*
FIR Professional Model Radiator (800 watt)

sky eye professional model FIR Radiator

$1095 + $25 S/H*
$1050 + $25 S/H*
FIR Portable Goose neck White Table Lamp (200 watt)

table lamp

(radiator model number:  CH-9008-C )  

relax far infrared sauna radiator alone

$850.00 $850.00+ $25 S/H* $795.00 + $25 S/H*

relax far infrared sauna chair

$150.00 $125.00 $100.00
SAH362 Relax Sauna set of 2 poles (1 with End Cap (top) , 1 an extension (bottom) piece)

set of 2 poles

$50.00 $40.00 $30.00