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Last Updated: 5/31/16
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Some good gift ideas for this Fathers Day!

 Sprout Grower



Grows edible organic sprouts in 24 hrs.

NEVER gets poisonous bacteria or mold.

Can grow 10 dish full of vegetables for only $6.00.

Organic vegetables are true natural sources of ALL Nutrients to keep YOU healthy.

God and Nature Gives us everything from the GREEN around us.


Free Mung Beans with purchase



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Mini Green Juicer


The MiniGreen Juicer is Versatile

In addition to juicing fruit and vegetables, the MiniGreen can also make nut butters, purées, baby foods, desserts and frozen fruit sorbets.

Perfect for Green Grasses and Sprouts

The new MiniGreen Juicer is ideal for juicing fibrous plants like wheatgrass, barley grass, therapeutic and culinary herbs, alfalfa and other sprouts - it will even juice pine needles.

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Maseur Insoles


The Maseur Sandal nodules apply the basic principles of reflexology and acupressure. Gravity carries the toxins in the body down to the feet (the ones that your body can not or do not want to release). These toxins crystallize in the feet, thereby causing pressure, hence pain.  The Maseur Sandal rubber nodule action can stimulate the crystals at the bottom of the feet to dissolve, revive circulation, and give your body another chance to do some release work. And of course, the principles of reflexology, vita-flex therapy, and acupressure further explain why the feet, the back & the body respond so well to these Sandals.


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Body Balls

Penetrates deeply into nerve and acupressure points.
Relieves tension in neck and back.
Help align the Spine.
Digs deeply into cellulite and other lumps and bumps.
Gives a tingling massage...
your whole body feels alive!

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Tongue Cleaners


Tongue Cleaners were first introduced to the United States (a large scale) in the late 1980s,
when a few progressive companies started marketing them.
We started selling them at that time.
Two decades later, we are still selling the same stainless steal Tongue Cleaners.

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Far Infrared Table Lamp


It can sooth upset stomach, help
protect & enhance eyesight, aids the
body’s ability to heal cuts & abrasions,
reduces nasal congestion, and
much more. belongs in every home or office!

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The Acu Masseur

This is a massage tool that one has to try to believe. It can be thought of as the massage tool for massage therapists.
Hard to get points on the shoulders and neck are easily accessed by the golf-ball like knobs and the bow-like Acu-Masseur..


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Greg Irwin - Finger Fitness Expert makes his first national appearance on American television with Johnny Carson in 1988. Finger Fitness is an exercise concept developed by Greg Irwin to help improve the strength, dexterity and coordination of your hands. It is great for musicians, typists, athletes, video gamers etc...This is the first time he performs a digital dance live. Greg calls his new finger dance routine a "Finger Ballet" He also does a few unique tricks such as pencil pushups and clapping with one hand.
Johnny Carson seemed to be very amused and supportive of Greg's unique ability. Perhaps because he was an amateur magician and drummer himself.

Greg is a friend of Momentum98 and we want to support his Finger Fitness practice.  You can practice yourself and get this products from us or on his website.

Phil Wilson
Relax Saunas of Momentum98
Phillip Wilson
3509 N High St
Columbus, OH 43214
Cell. 626/200-8454.


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