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Our February E-Mail Newsletter !

Feb. 1, 2004 

Hello ...

My name is Phil Wilson, and I am the president of Momentum98.  We began our very unique website: in 1998.  And we have had our "Health Store" - a real  "brick and mortar store" since 1980, having moved it to our present location at 3509 N. High St. in Columbus, Ohio (see:  ) in 1988. 

This is the first newsletter we will be sending to not only our store customers, but also to all of our e-mail customers who have purchased from us since 1998.   It will always be a short newsletter, and will also direct you to a monthly website, as well as to other websites that are pertinent or related to the information in our newsletter. 

Our newsletters will generally have very helpful nutritional information in it, as well as other bits of information that can assist you in improving the quality of your life on all levels.   This will be our forum in  which we can share with you the latest educational information (& wisdom from experience) that has come our way.  You may also go to to see our Website on February Newsletter specials. 

If you do not wish to receive any more of our monthly newslleters,E-mail us.   We will then remove you from our email list.

I had wanted to get a Holiday Season  newsletter out ...  since we have such excellent gift items that promote health.   But the season has come and gone.  Valentine's day is however coming up.  We can at least remind you now that we still do exist, and that many of the items we carry might be appropriate for you to give as a gift.   We ship by both priority mail, and by UPS.  We ship overseas, and we can also send products out using next day delivery services (i.e. Express mail, or FedEx).  We thought this newsletter was going out last week.  However, even though Valentine's day is approaching rapidly, we will still guarantee delivery of your gift by Friday, Feb. 13.  If you order from us from one of our webpages, please make sure that you mention that this is a valentine's gift. 

Just a few tips for now, and we will see you again next month. 

We always guarantee the best prices on all of our products, incidentally. 

Fresh drinking water is very important.  We find reverse osmosis water as one the best alternatives:  See:  More next month on this. 

The latest craze recently that we discovered was that All over the world, certain hair growth centers are highly recommending that one use DMSO with their Hair growth products, to help them be even more effective. We have literally been swamped with orders for DMSO, and didn't know why.  One of our kind customers from Brazil clued us in.  And since then, we have also been clued in by customers in Canada and UK.  They are adding it to their hair growth products that they are applying to their heads, and the DMSO is supposed to be taking the nutrients of the hair products deep into the cellular structure of the hair folicles.  This they say makes the hair products much much more effective. 

My personal experience with DMSO ...  One of my Big Toes had toe nail fungus on it.  Proseed Grapefruit seed extract ( is supposed to help that.   It didn't help much.  Then when I started putting DMSO on top of the Proseed Nail Rescue, ... Presto ! In 3 months,  it looked almost as good as new.  Totally amazing ! 

DMSO is known for being a carrier.  Whatever you put the DMSO on top of, the DMSO brings that substance deep into the skin, and into the cells nearby, thus feeding the cells the supernutrition it needs to heal.   DMSO is related to MSM ... more information on that next month.   Or See for information on DMSO & on MSM.

Far Infrared Rays  (FIR)  - This is the talk about town.   One of the healthiest things you can do is to sit in a RelaxSauna, which emits Far Infrared Rays, and can give you a really really good sweat in only 20-30 minutes.   Everywhere we look, we are continually finding more and more information about the FIR rays, and how they can benefit us.  In a regular coil sauna, postive ions are generated, which sort of counteract the benefits of the sweating a bit. But in a far-infrarred-ray sauna, the body's cells asbsorb the light rays (which we cannot see / we cannot see far infrared light, nor can we see ultraviolet light), and it is absorbed by the body as HEAT.  When enough of this heat accumulates in the body's cells, the cells release the extraneous toxins it was holding onto, and they leave the body through sweating.  We will go into more detail next month on the benefits of Far Infrared Rays.  See: for more information.  The Relax Sauna can be used for detoxifying, slimming, energizing, beautifying, or for experiencing Total Wellness.  We also have the lovely Panda FIR heaters available as well, using a 150 Watt FIR heater instead of 2 - 750 watt FIR heaters.

Massage  - The Hitachi MagicTwin Head Massager has no equal.   It is definitely the best arm massager on the planet. If you want to get armed, we recommend doing it with Hitachi.  See 

The Head trip, Nukkles, the new Brain Wave (head trip with a battery), omni roller, and the new Acu-reflex 4-big ball roller are some of our new massage tools you might also want to look at.  Information on most of these products are on our February Newsletter page.

The Acu-masseur is one of the most unique massage tools available.  It is a do-it-yourself (and very easy to use) shoulder, neck, rib, calf, and hamstrings massager.  ( )

For those who want Ma Rollers, We just ran out of our Ma Rollers, but we  will be getting more of these in, along with Mini-mas in early March.

Please look at our  monthly internet newsletter:  to see more information. 

We look forward to sending out these free newsletters each month, and hope that you will enjoy them as well. 

If you want to sign up for our newsletter for another email of yours, or if a friend has given you permission to sign them up, go to this page to sign up for our future newsletters.   Thanks .... 


Phillip Wilson
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