The energy from the Relax Sauna can be decribed as a "GLOW"

Millie was at the World Acupuncture Convention in Houston and, as an acupuncturist, realized that the dampness coming out of her body was not coming from the sauna because she had previously thought that the Relax sauna was a damp sauna.  She says that, when you are in a wooden sauna, you are just sweating through the skin and you just feel hot.  In the Relax sauna, she not only feels it penetrating her muscles, she also feels it warming her bones.  She feels it all the way to the core.  After using the sauna, she walked around the rest of the expo and then drove home and the whole time, for about 40 minutes, she continued to feel the warm glow within her - almost like you're still baking from the inside.  You feel it down to the core and you feel like you're radiating that the whole time.  She says that this would be perfect for people who travel a lot and speak at seminars, a perfect treatment after having been speaking all day long.