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Health Force Research Center…. ANNOUNCES!

AUTUMN Celebration and Gathering of the Kindred Spirit!
"SATURDAY night live -

Saturday NOV. 28, 2009

VEGAN/Vegetarian/Macrobiotic Potluck Dinner & Lectue Presents:

The Dirtiest Secret of the Drug Industry Exposed

More than half of all medications made exist because of one factor:
You are deficient in a single nutrient!


Darren Schmidt, D.C., Senior Clinician

The Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor

Bio of Speaker

During Chiropractic college, Dr. Darren Schmidt attended many weekend seminars outside
 of school to explore alternative healing
modalities & techniques.
He has studied healthcare with a open mind
 to find what works best.
He is uninfluenced by the status quo.
His focus is on RESULTS!
He has studied and practiced dozens of techniques and philosophies and practices
 Nutrition Response Testing.
He has taught it in 24 different cities to almost
 800 doctors in the last two years.
In the last four years, he has personally been through two body-changing detox programs,
discovered and healed a scar that was killing him, eliminated four parasites and put on eight pounds of muscle without increasing his exercise program.
His patients experience the same life-changing health improvements including resolution of sleep problems, depression, fatigue,
digestive issues and chronic pain.
All of this is accomplished primarily with
whole food nutrition and supplements,
without the use of drugs or surgery.


Come to this discussion
ready to hear
results-oriented answers
for your health problems

and bring your questions!

Topic of Discussion

This nutrient was a "cure-all" prior to WWII.
Then the pharmaceutical industry attacked it, beginning in the 60's.
Now it is not even available in a pharmacy!
In 1956, there were 1700 different preparations of this nutrient available.
 Now there are ten, possibly more, that's it !
96% of Americans are deficient in this and the quantities necessary to replenish it are
not available in health food stores.
The pharmaceutical industry is dependent
on the fact you are deficient in this nutrient.
It is the cornerstone of their income.
 This will be a fun, entertaining & informative lecture, with a Q & A period after the main talk.
Bring your note pads, pens or recorders. Y
ou won'’t want to miss one word of this dynamic presentation with Darren.
Tell your friends, physicians, chiropractors & health care workers.

 Dr. Schmidt can be reached at: 734-302-7575, Ann Arbor.

FREE WILL DONATION. Any amount of DONATION will be accepted & appreciated.
Thank you & blessings.

(Bring lots of home-made Vegetarian/Vegan/Macrobiotic food, steamed vegetables, rice, noodles, casseroles, raw salads, dips, nori rolls, hummus, toubulli, sauces, soups, stews, snacks to share!).

(NO junk food or highly processed foods please)!
 BE CREATIVE! And Bring your Networking Ideas and Products!
And Bring your friends!

Health Force Retreat & Research Center
2222 Hempstead Dr. Troy, MI 48083

From 15 mile rd:
go to Dequindre,
go 5 blks. north of 15 mile rd(Maple)
and turn left (east) onto Hempstead Dr
go to 7th house on left
(yellow brick ranch, with brown garage door and fire hydrant in front of house).

From Big Beaver Rd (16 mile rd):
 go south on Dequinder 5 blks. south of 16 mile rd,
and turn right onto Hempstead.

 Call:  Robert Lewanski: 248-680-8688

If you are in need of Website design call: Monica Levin: 248-656-2505



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