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June 2010 Momentum98 & Relax Sauna Expos we will be attending !
(In July we will be in Orlando, Louisville, Las Vegas & Las Vegas) 
Email  us for specifics

See Momentum98 - June 4-6  - at the
Chicago (Schaumburg) Health Freedom Expo
(lecture by phil Wilson at 4 pm Saturday in "Chicago")
go to their website for Chicago Expo information June 4-6
Look for the Momentum98 at booth 228-230
go to Chicago Health Freedom Expo info on Phil Wilson talk on this page
 See Momentum98 - June 11-13 - at the
New Life - New York Yoga & Raw Food Expo
(lecture by phil Wilson at 5 pm Sunday in New York)
Here is the information on the NY New Life Yoga & Raw Foods Expo June 11-13


Momentum98 & Phil Wilson will be at the
International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy Conference
June 17 - 19, 2010 (booths Thursday - Saturday)

in St. Petersburg, Florida

See their website for information about this Professional Show for Color Hydrotherapy Therapists.
The Relax Sauna goes great with Colon Therapy.


Momentum98  & Sam V. & Stacey W. will be at Our booth
at the World Massage Festival
June 18 - 20, 2010 (booths Friday - Sunday)
in Berea (45 minutes south of Lexington), Kentucky

Here is information on the 5th Annual World Massage Festival - held this year in Berea Kentucky
All Massage Therapists are encouraged to come to this growing event !


Momentum98  & Phil Wilson will be at the Florida State Massage Therapy Show
 July 7-11 -  Orlando, Florida
click this link to find out more about their convention - that any Massage Therapist can attend

to see more about our July Expos, click this link:
If  the link  doesn't go anywhere, your click is premature ... sorry about this.  / phil


You can Experience the Relax Sauna at these other shows in Colorado (june 3-6) & Santa Rosa, California (june 11-13)
while we are in Chicago & New York

We will not be at that conference, but Lali Kakar & Allison Depuydt will be there promoting the Relax Sauna.
We will not be at this festival, but Jamie Lipsitz & Casey James will be there at  the GREEN SOCIETY booth
Columbus, Ohio Store !

See some of our new products in our June Ohio newsletter -
Columbus, Ohio house SATURDAY, June 5 - 9 am - 6 pm
Columbus Farmers Market in Front of Store Every Saturday 9 am - Noon until beyond the End of Summer

  go to their website for Chicago Expo information June 4-6
Look for the Momentum98 at booth 228-230
     4:00 PM - Saturday
 Schaumburg, Illinois - June 5 - Room Utopia          

Phil Wilson


Far Infrared Ray light that has been proven to be very beneficial for balancing and cleansing human energy. One of the most effective methods for us to assimilate this light is in a Far Infrared Sauna.

Phillip Wilson, owner of, will talk about the relationship between spiritual purification & detoxification using the Relax Far-infrared Sauna.

 relax far infrared sauna - new tent  See us at our Booth - for 3 days . 
 Friday , Saturday, or Sunday  June 4-5-6
questions:  call Phil on his cell:  626 200 8454

see new websites:

sauna testimonial reports

recently received testimonials - beautiful stories - Relax Sauna works !

Why is the relax sauna so much better
than less expensive saunas ?


Chicago, IL
Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center
1551 Thoreau Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173
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see article on why the RELAX Sauna stands Heads and Shoulders above all other saunas:

Recently, we have had a number of people reporting to us that there is a new kind of portable sauna on
the marketplace, that pretends to be as good as the Relax Sauna.

The Relax Sauna radiator uses Semi Conductor chips, and itself is sells for $795.
Ceramic heaters that look very similar to ones sold at Walmart or Target for $15.00 each
cannot and do not radiate FIR warm healing light even close to the healing light that exudes
from the Relax Sauna.  - The Relax Sauna technology is documented by the FDA, as 100% FIR light,
and the Professional Model Sky Eye Radiator is listed as a medical device.
No other Portable sauna feels as good as the relax sauna, nor are any of them even close to being
medical devices.  
See our Testimonial Report # 6 to see a comparison !

also:  A talk by Phillip Wilson
on the Relax Far Infrared Sauna and ....

Saturday, June  5, 2010
  4:00 p.m. - Chicago Health Freedom Expo

(also Sunday June 13 - 5 pm at NY Yoga & Raw Food Expo. - Kips Bay room - 3rd Floor)

A talk by Phillip Wilson

Speaker Details

Phillip Wilson
Lecture: Far Infrared Light - Healing Medicine of the Future

Day Time Room
SAT 4:00 PM Utopia B

Far Infrared Light is the name of the energy emitted from the sun that matches human energy. Machines can detect and measure the far infrared light we generate when we’re in a dark forest at night. A great way for us to absorb this healing light is by sitting or lying in a Far Infrared Sauna. We then realize that this incredible healing medicine of the future is here now.

About the lecturer:
For 7 years Phillip Wilson has pioneered educating people about the healing benefits of far infrared light. Trained in mathematics, Phillip owns, a health food store in Columbus, Ohio.

Find out more about  the Relax Far Infrared Sauna and ....  gain a better Understanding

 of  the Deeper Levels of Detoxification

What is Available?


Learn How to Detoxify With the
RELAX Far Infrared Ray Healing
Light Sauna

Simple and Easy


Detoxify Heavy Metals,

Poisons in the skin and fat

Added benefit to any healing

Nutritional program

Used for:

Better Sleep and Energy

Feel lighter – energized

Health Problems

Clarity-Brain Fog

 Joint & Muscle Pain

see testimonial reports on heavy metal detoxification

see relax sauna information

Speaker:   Phil Wilson

Nutrition and Healing Tools  -   35+  years experience

F.I.R. Relax Sauna Representative


relax far infrared sauna open

Relax Sauna - new model - 2008 - with double switches and new tent.

New and Improved light weight and portable

Small Units approx 38 x 38

Sauna Tents will be Demonstrated

Special  Price for those attending the talk.

Please visit our health store in Clintonville, we would love to meet you !
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