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Far Infrared Sauna helps in more ways than one !


Cici said that after two minutes in the sauna and she felt “in the womb” and fell so comfortable and relaxed, lighter and not so lethargic.  She also said she liked the whole team of people and all of the products at the Momentum98 booth at the expo and the service they have been providing over the years.  Her shoulder pain went away after using the sauna for about 10 minutes, even after the massage she had gotten didn’t do anything.  She also could turn her head further from side to side.  “I feel alive and, most of all, I feel nurtured and comforted and like - born.  I felt like - I am in the womb.”  She likes that she can have it in the home and that she can share it with other people.   “It’s like magic.  You can just pop it up, fold it up.  I like that.”

She has post-traumatic stress disorder with injuries to her head and spine, vertigo and concussions.  She doesn't read anymore because she doesn't have the attention span, now after 10 minutes in the sauna, she says she feels so activated and happy again.  She was feeling out of place and not knowing where to put her head.  Now she feels alive and present and happy to share, activated again, like the brain fog is eradicated.  She would like to have one.  Now she feels like herself, not having felt like herself for about eight months since her injuries. She has to stay away from the light so she's been living in the dark basement and has felt sad for her children.  She put her whole head in the sauna and could feel it in her brain, since she is so much more in touch with the receptors in her brain having lived with this problem now for so long.  It was so soothing and comforting.  Her eyes just feel more open and awakened now.  She travels a lot and loves that she can take it with her and share it with other people for immediate relief and energy.  She also saw her friend transform after using the sauna and her friend is now is buying one.