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A Massage Tool to
Enhance the power of your THUMBS


Stress relief is close at hand...

Although these small objects may look like a toy, they are actually quite powerful devices.
Thumb-Ease are massage tools that will enhance the power of your thumbs.

Massage techniques generally requires applying pressure to specific points on the body.
 Reflexology, based on ancient
Chinese beliefs,
states that all parts of the body connect to points on both hands and feet. 
Thumb-Ease can also be used for Shiatsu, Acupressure, Digitopressure
or any other massage technique that requires pressure to be applied by your thumbs. 
With Thumb-Ease on your thumbs, the efficiency of the pressure applied in massaging
hands, feet, or other parts of the body, is much greater.
Used daily, Thumb-Ease will give you a better sense of well being,
improved circulation and more energy to face the day.

Thumb-Ease are small and can be conveniently carried in a pocket,
handbag, briefcase or even on a key chain. Use at home, the office, in traffic,
on a plane or any place that you need a little stress relief, healing, or just a change of routine.

Thumb-Ease are available in seven bright colors, based on those associated with the
body energy centers, known as Chakras. (A stylish pewter color is also included.

   thumb-ease brochure                             thumb-ease - 2 pair
     Thumb-Ease applied to back/neck                           Thumb-Eases hanging out

Thumb-Ease are the cutest massagers on the market. They are probably also the smallest.
They fit right on a person's thumb, and make the thumb a lot more special than without it.

By simply massaging with the thumbs, you can give, as an amateur,
a pretty invigorating massage to your friend.

--- Great gifts for friends as well.  ---

Choose your Color

The Whole gang (all 8 colors) hanging out ! (Actual Size)
Left to right:  Red, pewter, pink, green, orange, violet, yellow, and blue !

Thumb-Ease are available for private label and promotional gifting.

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MAS973 Thumb-ease Pair discontinued


MAS975 48 Thumb-ease Pair = $3.50 each pair discontinued