Alicia owns the Relax Sauna and uses it along with her whole family. From detox to loosing weight, there are many uses for the whole family.


Alicia is a medical director at a spa where they use the sauna to double the benefits of the other weight loss devices they use.  In her home, she has had the Relax sauna for one year and her children use their own intuition whenever they start feeling sick.  She doesn’t tell them to use the sauna.  They go to the sauna on their own to heat up when they don’t feel good and set up the timer themselves, usually for about 10 minutes.  They call it “the tent.”  When her daughter was coughing and used the sauna for about 10 minutes, her coughing stopped and she was able to then go to bed and sleep.  Alicia uses it herself for about 20 to 25 minutes each time to help her lymphatic drainage. “I love it.”