First time sauna user says she would like to own this far infrared sauna as its very effective.

When Pamela saw the sauna for the first time she realized that it would fit into her small apartment and not only that, she could fold up when she was not using it.  She said, “What an incredible experience” because usually she has to go to the gym to get the benefits of using a sauna and now she realizes she can use it right in her home and get the same benefits.  She has been in saunas  before and is feeling the same thing here.  She says that it is an incredible experience. and  that she is really excited about the sauna.  Even after only 10 minutes in the sauna, she could feel it working.  She could feel it on her skin and feel the toxins coming out.  “It's really what I need to get back on track with my health, it really is.  I would recommend it.”  She likes that it was conveniently set up.  She had been feeling sluggish before using the sauna and now, after using it for about 10 minutes, she says her mind is clearer, that she feel revitalized and has more energy.  She says that, “This feels so great!  I know I can have one!.”