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Relax far infrared saunas


Friday Nov 10 - 7AM-5PM
Saturday Nov 11 - 7AM-5PM
Sunday Nov 12 - 7AM-12PM

At the Boston Park Plaza Hotel
50 Park Plaza
Boston, MA 02116

This conference is a great place to learn about the state of the art in Lyme Disease treatments. You can get early price pricing if you register before September 8th. Click on the image below to register.

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Many people benefit from the use of the Relax far infrared sauna, but in particular, those who suffer with Lyme Disease.  These patients often suffer with muscle and joint pains, cold body temperature, being susceptible to co-infections due to poor immune function, and toxic burdens since their liver and kidney function may be more compromised.  When incorporating the use of a far-infrared sauna, people who suffer from Lyme Disease can improve their body’s ability to function, remove toxic chemicals, and support their immune system.   It is an excellent adjunctive treatment among other treatments for those with Lyme Disease.
We would love for you to come visit us and try out the Relax far infrared sauna.
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Naturopath Explains Why Far Infrared Sauna is SO EFFECTIVE for Lyme Disease

Summary and transcription;
In this spontaneous Relax Sauna testimonial, Dr. Catherine recommends far infrared saunas for Lyme disease because bacteria dies at 104 degrees body temperature. By using the Relax sauna to increase your body's core temperature you can fight Lyme disease. Infrared saunas are great for people with Lyme disease.

Dr. Catherine has had her Relax sauna for over eight years. “I love my sauna. It works very well with all of my patients that I have, my clients that I have actually, and especially the ones that have Lyme disease, because bacteria dies at 104 1/2 core body temperature. If used repeatedly and regularly it will open your body temperature enough so that your body temperature can raise to a 104 1/2 and kill off the bacteria and parasites also, and fungus and things in your blood and you will feel better after you kill all of that off and get it all out of your body.

I have many clients who have Lyme. And the extreme cases and an extreme protocol, that actually worked on several of my clients that are now Lyme free, has been this sauna, the Relax sauna. And what we do is, we put them in every four hours. We let them sleep all night, of course. Every four hours to five hours we put them in here for at least a week. And that opens their body up.”

In this video, she lays out the protocol that she uses with her clients and goes on to say, “That’s the easiest protocol I know of to get rid of Lyme, get your Lyme down, get yourself feeling better, get yourself looking better, get the toxins out. Use the sauna. The Relax sauna is great. I have hundreds of clients. I've been doing this since 2000. In eight years, there's a lot of people who go through my office. I love this. I would recommend this to anyone.

I use this every day, morning and night, twice a day, for maintenance. I’m in here for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 to 30 minutes at night and I get a good sweat. I like it. It's good. It gets out all the toxins and all the things that happen to you during the day. It's the easiest thing to do because I love to read so when I can catch up on my day’s work, my reading material and when I come out, using the sauna is great.”

Phil comments that the Lyme Conference they attend every year is the best show they do every year since it has proven itself so successful with Lyme.

Dr. Catherine goes on to say, “ You can do a lot of other things but that is why God gave us fever and heat. It’s the most natural way to get rid of so many things, not only Lyme but just so all the other parasites and fungus. It keeps virus… oh, my God, viruses do not like heat at all! So this will keep the virus down. All of you herpes people out there, and I know there's a ton of you, this keeps the virus down, all the different types of herpes, herpes 6, herpes 8, herpes 12, herpes simplex, all of it.”

Phil comments that Hippocrates said, “Give me a chance to create sweat and I can cure disease.”  Dr. Catherine exclaims. “Absolutely. They knew. They knew.”

She goes on to describe how monitoring people's temperatures when they do the sauna is part of her protocol, as it gives her and her patients a scientific gauge as to how it is working. She also discusses how the program is tailored to people’s individual needs.

At the Lyme Conference every year, people there say that the spirochetes do not like heat. The spirochetes leave. “They die.”

Dr. Catherine: “The healthier the person, the better we are to each other, the more humane we are to each other, the better humanity is.”

Lyme disease is helped with Far Infrared Sauna treatments

Renee came into the store after doing research and found that the Relax Sauna is the best and highest quality sauna.
She says it was like a godsend, it helped her so much and made her feel better.

NEUROPATHY and LYME are both EFFECTIVELY treated with Relax Far Infrared Sauna

This is a spontaneous Relax Sauna testimonial:
Theresa and her husband got a Relax sauna a year ago at the Lyme Conference.
“My husband had neuropathy pain at the time and I was interested in the detox aspect of the sauna and it actually worked very, very well. We’ve been VERY pleased. I have had Lyme disease for a number of years and was unable to sweat.  It did take a number of months before I could work up to the amount of time it would take for me to sweat, to achieve sweating that has occurred and celebrate the aspect’.” She uses the sauna for 15 minutes.

The point that I found very interesting was that you could just turn the switch on and immediately the heat was there versus the aspect of having to heat the sauna either, continuously, with the big wooden ones or have to wait 30 or 40 minutes for it to heat up.

Very happy that I made this choice.

His neuropathy has almost totally dissipated and he described it as being like walking on hot pavement at 90 so that’s totally dissipated at this stage. It probably took us about four months.

Lyme Disease Relief from the Relax Sauna

Lyme conference expo sauna owner reviews the Relax far infrared sauna

“We got a Relax sauna from you last year. In January, my office manager had a port placed and was having a lot of problems as far as the treatment was working.  But we found if she would do her daily 10-minute sauna treatment it would go much better. She's been doing better. Her daughter also has a port for I.V. antibiotic therapy and, again, if she uses the sauna she does better.

I’ve got a receptionist whose son also has Lyme disease. He was unable to participate in sports last fall which meant was he was out of football for the season this year. He is the top tackler in his conference and I was texted from a game last week that he made four touchdowns. That’s pretty good.

I also have a daughter that has Lyme disease and when she uses it she also feels better. My housekeeper has Lyme disease and she comes in every day as well for 10 minutes at the clinic and does much better.

We are getting a lot of use and a lot of good results.  I’ve got an active practice with Lyme patients and when they are able to come in and use it for 10 minutes for their appointments they feel so much better when they leave.”

About the instant-on feature, she says “It makes it user-friendly.”

Doctor Recommends Relax Sauna for Lyme Disease


Dr. Mark Woodall from Cascade Integrative Medicine bought a Relax sauna for his wife who has Lyme disease about three years ago.  She had Lyme disease for about four years and her Lyme literate doctor recommended the sauna it about halfway through her treatment. It was a significant part of her treatment and got her through about 95% of her recovery through today and still uses it to this day.

After she did 30 to 45 minutes sessions five times a week she improved from about 75% of where she was at the time to where she is today.  Now she does probably 30 minutes three or four times a week. They are super grateful and he recommends it to all his patients.

It's great having it in the home.  He uses it himself for vitality, blood flow and circulation.

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The Health Benefits of the Far Infrared Sauna.

The Relax Sauna’s High Levels of Far Infrared Energy, 95% to 100%,  Levels Which Other FIR Saunas Do Not Emit, Neutralizes EMF Energy.

Click here to listen to the owner of Momentum98, Phil Wilson explain the benefits of far infrared.

Phil has had a health food store in Columbus Ohio since 1980 which is now known as Momentum98.  He has been into holistic health since 1971 when he started fasting. Prior to that his diet started improving and he noticed that his body chemistry stated changing and his thinking and his feelings started changing.  He had been a thinker with an honors degree from the University of Indiana.  He was thinker not a feeler.  The book, Narcissus and Goldman by Hermann Hesse talks about the journey of moving to a more balanced state, that of moving from being a thinker to more of a feeler.  One of his favorite sayings is, “Thinking without feeling brings about woe and feeling without thinking brings grief.”  This is a quote by Paul Twitchel. 

This is related to the Relax Sauna because when you go into it and you feel the energy, it takes a level of receptiveness to lay down your guard and just relax into it. 

The Relax sauna has a radiator in it that is the same one as is in the Far Infrared Relax Sky Eye Radiator, which the FDA has certified as a medical device.  It has the same healing energies that the Relax sauna has, which has the equivalent of two of those. “Upon application the decrease in inflammation is remarkably fast.”

A lady was in a hospital for a year and a half with a diabetic ulcer.  When one has diabetes, the blood gets thicker from too much sugar.  The energy from the far infrared energy interacts with the water molecules in the body and causes them to vibrate faster and shrink in size, promoting better blood flow.   After using the far infrared Relax radiator for 7 weeks - 20 minutes a day, the 1-1/2” x 1” ulcer was reduced to a pencil point.  If the Relax radiators can do that, imagine what they can do for us if we just want to become healthier or have fibromyalgia or have indigestion from eating the wrong foods or have hangovers, arthritis, Lyme Disease or any sort of inflammation that we can get.  This is where the miracles take place. 

Sunlight generates a vast array of frequencies such a what we see as color, as well as microwaves, x-rays, radio waves, gamma rays and near infrared rays.  It also generates the ultraviolet ray which causes sunburn as it creates a kind of resistance and friction.  The near infrared rays from such appliances as space heaters, toasters and hairdryers are also very harsh.  The far infrared ray is between 4 and 14 microns and is the the absorbable, deep penetrating energy.  We and the water molecules in the body vibrate at 9.4 microns so our bodies resonate with the far infrared energy.  We merge with it and there is no friction or resistance.  Far infrared lamps are used in incubators for premature babies so they can survive and thrive.

We, ourselves, generate about 75 watts of far infrared energy.  The saunas are called Relax saunas because this merging of energy is so relaxing.  Most people who first try the Relax sauna comment, “It feels so relaxing!”

In a similar way, Phil named his store Momentum98 because living in the moment propels you into greatness as you catch the wave of energy that you are experiencing in the moment and go with it, go with the flow.  Getting into the Relax sauna is a catalyst for getting in the moment and getting into that relaxed state.

When you are in the sun and you bask in the warmth of the heat penetrating into your body on a chilly day, that is the far infrared ray of the sun that feels so good.

Other far infrared saunas on the market emit between 20% and 60% far infrared energy and the rest is “filler” such as the near infrared ray which does not penetrate deeply. 

Momentum 98 has been distributing many products such as essential oils, Chinese herbs and Ayurvedic herbs and oxygen therapy products way before they became popular.   He was the “King of Massage Tools for a while.  The far infrared Relax sauna is the pinnacle of all they offer. 

Far Infrared vs "Full Spectrum" Infrared

The use of the term "full spectrum infrared” is a marketing tactic used by sauna manufacturers that cannot achieve the purity of infrared output in their saunas to match the Relax far infrared sauna. Far infrared is the form most absorbable by the body. For example far infrared is used in baby incubators in the hospitals, it is also used for chicken egg incubators. The Relax sauna uses the same far infrared generators that are in the Sky-Eye FDA approved medical grade far infrared lamp.

The Relax sauna generates 95-98% pure far infrared. Other saunas on the market do not have the technology to put out this level of purity and so they simply call it "full spectrum" infrared. Near infrared is the harsher form that some call "toaster oven" or “hair dryer” energy. Your body cannot absorb it as readily and so it heats the skin more rather than penetrating the body like far infrared does.

We have many customers who have owned other infrared saunas and then purchased a Relax sauna after trying one out at a show or at our store.
Here is the testimonial of a former Therasage user who switched to the Relax sauna.

Here is a page from our new website explaining how the Relax Sauna is different than other saunas.

Feel free to email or call us if you have any more questions. 614-262-7087.
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Autism Expert says Relax Sauna is By Far the Best Choice


Wooden vs Relax Sauna Testimonials

Relax sauna owner / Athlete review / We use it every day! - IT'S MY FAVORITE

NASA doctor Recommends Relax Far Infrared

Doctor, Author, Lectures on TV and Radio REALLY LOVES the Sauna

Far Infrared saunas are different than regular saunas in that the far infrared penetrates into the body and provides many benefits. Including;

Lose weight - via increased circulation(by increasing the body’s temperature) and metabolism. Can burn up to 600 calories per session.

Improve skin quality – reduces acne, removes toxins, stimulates collagen and elastin production which reduces wrinkles.

Reduce pain and inflammation – Increased circulation makes it easier for your body to heal, especially when healing inflamed joints. We have had numerous first hand testimonials of relief of chronic pain after using the infrared sauna. Click here to see people experiencing pain relief from far infrared

Reduction in the appearance of cellulite – fat cells store heavy metals and toxins in your body. Far infrared energy stimulates the release of these toxins and melts away fat.

Detoxify your body –  tests have shown that people release more than twice as much arsenic and other toxins out of their urine after using the Relax sauna. The sauna increases your release of toxins through both your urine and sweat.

Oxygenates the blood - increases nitric oxide production which reduces blood clots and plaque formation, also fights infection

Heats up faster than a wooden sauna - the Relax Far Infrared Sauna heats up in only 30 seconds

Sanitary & self cleaning - Zip it up and run for 5 minutes to self clean.

Portable and space saving - breaks down in less than 5 minutes and fits into a convenient carrying bag.

Time saving - get a complete sweat session in only 20 minutes which is about half the time of a regular wooden sauna.

Lower blood pressure - the infrared sauna increases blood flow and scientific evidence shows that over time this reduces blood pressure

Here is a informational page on the sauna

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