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MA Rollers & Min-Ma's have finally arrived from Asia !

The Healing Rhythms Biofeedback programs are finally again available !
(So are the Journey to the Wild Divine programs with healing rhythms hardware.)
We have this incredible new product:  the tasty JIVA  (fermented soy & curcumin ) Beverage drink
We have the African Red Tea Rooibos Raw Bar available at our store (and online)

We have Open houses at our store - 1 Saturday every month.
We have a new DVD available on the Relax Sauna.
(The far-infrared Saunas were featured by Dr. Oz on Oprah a few weeks ago.)
We have new information about the Quantum Age Water Stirwand.
We have a new color in the color therapy glasses (actually we don't at least not now.)
We have some exciting new charts out.  (We do ...  that will be in the May newsletter)

or...   We will be at the new living expo in San Francisco this weekend, April 24-26, Booth 527
and Phil Wilson will be giving a free talk on Friday at 5 pm in room 7 at the Concourse.
(talk:  Far Infrared Ray Light - The Medicine of the Future)


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Look at our slogan .... Taking advantage of the Moment ... Propelling yourself into Greatness ...

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Oh...  why did you receive this email ?

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