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Last Updated: 01/10/17
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Relax Sauna

Testimonials that talk about Kids or Pets





The Relax Sauna is well liked by kids

Four little kids, Elyse, Naomi. Trayama and Mario, kept coming back to sit in the sauna at the expo because, “It’s comfy and it’s warm.”  Naomi could sleep in it.  She would like to use it for a tent outside and Trayama added that you would just have to set the timer for every 30 minutes.  Elyse wishes she could be there all day long where she could read a book and she wants one in her room so she can sit in it when she wakes up and it is cold so she could relax.  Trayama says you could have one outside in the winter so you could sit in it and throw snowballs at people while you are nice and warm and they were freezing cold.

Mario lifted his head from the sauna and said that he just woke up and had been in it 4 times that day.  “This is awesome.  This is like so comfortable.  You could just chill - watching TV”.




Relax Sauna is a Perfect Addition to Any Home

Alicia is a medical director at a spa where they use the sauna to double the benefits of the other weight loss devices they use.  In her home, she has had the Relax sauna for one year and her children use their own intuition whenever they start feeling sick.  She doesn’t tell them to use the sauna.  They go to the sauna on their own to heat up when they don’t feel good and set up the timer themselves, usually for about 10 minutes.  They call it “the tent.”  When her daughter was coughing and used the sauna for about 10 minutes, her coughing stopped and she was able to then go to bed and sleep.  Alicia uses it herself for about 20 to 25 minutes each time to help her lymphatic drainage. “I love it.”



Relax Sauna Autism Expo Testimony


Maria’s friend, Linda, loaned Maria her own Relax sauna and Maria was surprised how much more she liked it than the full size wooden far infrared sauna she had been using before at a health spa.  She looked into owning one like that but they were a lot more expensive, more expensive to run, took longer to heat up and she didn’t like having to wait that long and have to plan ahead if she just wanted to jump in, especially if she only has 10 minutes before she has to be somewhere.  Many times she just goes in for 5 or 10 minutes with her clothes on before she starts to sweat.  It warms your body from the inside out.  

Her whole family now loves it and her children in particular, who have health issues, benefit from the detoxification.  She now finds the Relax sauna to be a thousand times better.  They all use it everyday and her kids love it.  Her nine year old son, who has anxiety issues, insists on using it 5 or 10 minutes each morning before school because he feels more relaxed and centered.  Maria says it definitely evens you out.  She says that at times, when she feels tired and wired at the same time because she has SO much on her mind and feels like she had only accomplished 10 out of the 500 things she had to do that day, she will hop in the sauna for 10 or 15 minutes and will relax enough to be falling asleep, then and there, in the sauna.  

Phil relates that he held his dog on his lap in the sauna once and ever since, whenever anyone in the family is in the sauna, the dog scratches at the tent so it can come in too and lay down under the chair.  Maria says, ”I‘m lovin’ it”

Dogs love the Relax Sauna's mild heat






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