Some funny reactions from some kids, they all really liked it and had some good comments!


Four little kids, Elyse, Naomi. Trayama and Mario, kept coming back to sit in the sauna at the expo because, “It’s comfy and it’s warm.”  Naomi could sleep in it.  She would like to use it for a tent outside and Trayama added that you would just have to set the timer for every 30 minutes.  Elyse wishes she could be there all day long where she could read a book and she wants one in her room so she can sit in it when she wakes up and it is cold so she could relax.  Trayama says you could have one outside in the winter so you could sit in it and throw snowballs at people while you are nice and warm and they were freezing cold.
Mario lifted his head from the sauna and said that he just woke up and had been it is 4 times that day.  “This is awesome.  This is like so comfortable.  You could just chill - watching TV”