Far Infrared table lamp works wonders in minutes!

Lori tried the Relax far infrared table lamp while checking out at our store. She was VERY pleasantly surprised with what happened next!  When she pressed the button she felt heat coming out and she had been feeling some pain in her neck so she turned the lamp towards her neck.  After about a minute, she noticed she had a greater range of motion in her neck when she turned it from side to side and also up and down.  After about three minutes, she felt the muscles beginning to unknot and she felt much more relief. She felt that the heat was still in there, continuing to unknot the muscles in her neck even after the lamp was turned off.  She also tried the sauna for about eight minutes.  She had been having some pain in her shoulder blades for about a week and now that pain was gone, too.  She was quite pleasantly surprised and is going to start with the table lamp and then upgrade in about a month.  She couldn't believe how much better she felt in just a few minutes.