Peter uses the Relax Sauna after lifting weights and feels much looser after using the sauna


Peter has been lifting weights for 4 years and uses their wood sauna to release tension. When he tried the Relax sauna he said, “Whoa, I never felt anything like that before!”  Usually it takes him about 40 minutes in the wood sauna to experience results.  In the Relax sauna he started experiencing those results in the first 2 minutes.  Earlier that day he had dead-lifted 200 pounds and his muscles felt really, really tight, as usual.  After 2 or 3 minutes in the Relax sauna,  the tension immediately melted away.  It usually takes him about 4 days of sitting around and relaxing for that tension to go away.  He says, “I am a believer.  It is extraordinary.  It is a wonderful piece of technology.”
The momentary feeling of discomfort that he usually feels in the wood sauna he did not feel in the Relax sauna.  He felt loose after doing the sauna and compared it to the feeling he gets from hugging his mom.  He felt more clarity, even in  his vision, as he emerged from the sauna so he felt like something was working really well with the sauna use!  He’a a skeptic and is always looking to prove whether something is working or not and always lets them know but came to agree with the statement that it really is like “Divine Love in a Box.”  The subtle tingling, melting sensation was unlike anything he had ever experienced in a wood sauna.  He wants one for himself and is going to buy one for his mom and dad.  “Feeling is believing,”  he says.  He is into not waiting his time, since he works and goes to school, and dislikes that the saunas he used before take 30 minutes to an hour to get the benefit he needs.  He feels that the Relax sauna is way more powerful since he experienced the benefits in about 10 minutes.  “It’s amazing.  You have to try it for yourself.”