Ann Marie talks about how the FIR light from the Relax Sauna made her feel relief from Lupus

Anne Marie has Lupus and was extremely tired and crabby when she came. She had been up until very late at night.  Her back was hurting.  After being in the sauna she broke out into the James Brown song–" I feel good da da da ta da ta da so good!”  Even though she has been eating right she still didn't feel like she had much energy and now she feels like she wants to do cartwheels.

Her back pain was relieved also and, after having been in bed for three years, she felt so much better that she started crying.  She says that, with Lupus you hurt all of the time, so that when it's gone it's a blessing.  Her core muscles had been so weak that she was not able to lift her leg, even with therapy, and after using the sauna she called out to her husband," Look honey, I can squat!”

For seven years she has had Lupus, chilblains, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, which is what happens when you have an autoimmune problem. She and her husband are definitely getting the the sauna and her sister is too.  She has been detoxing and has pretty much a pristine diet and yet this feels like a miracle in her life.  She feels like she has just had an extra does of oxygen.   “Praise God."