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Last Updated: 10/12/16
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The Relax Sauna

Massage therapy testimonials


Massages are Better with the Use of a Relax Sauna Before Hand.

Brenata, owner of Braology, The Science of the Perfect Feet, says that after three minutes in the sauna, that her body feels much lighter and she no longer feels tension. She has sensitivity in her body from doing massage and she felt pain. The pain was gone after using the sauna.  She had stiffness in her neck and she does not have neck stiffness anymore either.

She also feels that the heat removed the pain in her knee.  She feels like the light had entered her knee so the tension is gone.  She said that the pain in her knee had been at about a level 7 and now she doesn't feel it at all.  “I love it.”  “I highly recommend it to everyone, especially for winter.”  “No pain will be left in your body!”









Everyone Would Love the Sauna, Especially Prior to Massage - SO relaxing!

Lee was in the sauna for about 12 minutes and says it was a very relaxing experience from the inside out and she felt much more flexible.  “I could honestly go to sleep.”  She had felt some tension in the back of her neck and now she can move it around better.  “I didn't expect for it to work so quickly in such a short amount of time.”

She had been in a lot of far infrared wooden saunas before and said it would have taken a lot more time to achieve the results she experienced in 12 minutes in the Relax sauna.  There was no preheating at all and within the first few minutes she instantly felt relaxed. 

Her friend, Sebastian, had recommended she try the sauna and said it was amazing, a great experience.  All of their team members who tried it said they also felt equally relaxed,  Sebastian’s feet had been hurting and after using the sauna they didn't hurt.  The following morning his feet were still fine and he felt so refreshed. He could move and he was not as stiff as he had been prior to using the sauna.

She works at Inner Peace Organic Spa and offers services in massage, facials and waxing.  She feels everyone would love the sauna, prior to the massage service in particular, but also anybody who would come just to relax.

Her parents had bought a far infrared sauna, so she was familiar with them, but she didn't experience any of the results that she felt in the first few minutes after using the Relax far infrared sauna.  “It was a wonderful experience.”

Her Muscles Were Smoothed Out Like Being Ironed and It Felt Wonderful

Michelle was at the Wise Traditions Conference in Alabama when she tried the sauna.  “It was wonderful,” she says, “I feel like I was ironed.”  “I feel wonderful.”  She had been in other saunas before but says she loves this one.  “Buy it," she says.

By being ironed, she says that she felt like the heat smoothed her muscles out.




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