Mark is massage therapist and treats many of his clients and friends and family with the Relax Sauna


Mark and his business partner bought a Relax sauna a year ago and have sold 5 of them since then in their Massage Therapy Practice.  He uses it in his work and his clients love it because they can relax and don’t feel as much pain while they are going through the session.  His mother had back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.  After using if for a full year, her doctor’s test readings showed that she no longer has rheumatoid arthritis and her back pain is totally gone.  His mother-in-law has had double knee replacements and has no issues with increased mobility and range-of-motion as she uses the sauna.  His clients love them and use them multiple times during the day in their homes.  They send Mark more people and this has brought more business and income into the spa as they add the sauna to the services they provide.  Mark, himself, says the sauna has helped heal his skin issues and that he has more energy and less fatigue, that he doesn’t get as winded when he rides his bike and that it helps with recovery, as he no longer has that post-workout soreness.  “It’s really a fantastic machine, I love it.”  He says he comes out of a session feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated.  He uses it between every client for 5 to 7 minutes because he finds it keeps his energy level up and he doesn’t have as much fatigue at the end of the day.  At home he uses it twice a day, morning and evening, gets a good sweat built up in about 10 minutes and is drenched in 20 minutes.  Afterwards he feels completely refreshed.