Massage therapist tries Relax Sauna .

Paul, a massage therapist of 26 years, feels that the sauna is a piece of medical equipment, not just a sauna.  It is an energetic tool to accelerate whatever healing you need.  It is a nonspecific energetic tool.  He has taught all over the country and in Canada and he feels that this is a great piece of equipment.  After having been relaxed in the sauna for eight or nine minutes, he could feel his body go,  " Yeah, this is nice.” - a feeling that you need when you do a lot massage, a lot of work.  He has six ruptured disks so he's always on the lookout for something like this that will accelerate his healing and contribute to the active lifestyle that he has.

He thinks that when he uses it with his clients that they will be already warm and pliable and that he can get right into the work and  won't have to do a lot of extra work to get into the tissue.  Sitting in the sauna, he feels warm, relaxed and like everything is turning to nice mush.  He says he feels really good and that his mind is clear.  “I’m good to go.  Do it.  It’s worth it.”