Relax Sauna for meditation and rejuvenation.

He meditates in the sauna for 30 minutes and finds the time passes very rapidly and he finds that it de-stresses him after a long day.  He also finds it very energizing and rejuvenating so he usually uses his in the morning rather than in the evening, even though he has heard that for some people it helps them sleep but not for him.  He says he definitely feels a sense of well-being that lasts for the rest of the day.  He says that, whereas when people run or exercise and get an endorphin rush, it usually only lasts for a period of time but with the sauna it stays with you.  He has had his sauna for about a year and a half and his wife, who recommended it, and daughter also use it.  He says it has gotten a lot of use, it's not just a piece of furniture.