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Why we are named Momentum98 ?

"Why the name? 
It's such an odd name...
Why Momentum98?

I have been asked this asked many, many times!
Well the reason we are called Momentum98 is because we couldn’t get as a website (so we chose instead)
and also because we couldn’t register the company in Ohio as Momentum, Inc.
In the end, we decided to just call the company Momentum98.

But then, you may ask, why Momentum?
This a beautiful story to tell.
The reason why we are called Momentum98, however,
is not the same reason or same question as to how it came about that we got the name Momentum.
The story of how the name came about is a most interesting story,
and that story is available upon request. 

CLICK here to request that story.
But perhaps more beauty can be derived from why we are called Momentum,
which I am going to tell you right now...

We are called Momentum because Momentum is a very special word. 
Momentum comes from the word moment.

Some people say "you have only one life, so you have to live it fully."   
First of all, I take issue to that statement because, frankly, half the world does not believe that.
Some religions, including Hinduism, are based upon the principle that we live many lives.
The Buddhists say it is irrelevant.
And yet others believe we have many lives that we live concurrently in many worlds,
but all in the moment of now.
And of course, there are many who believe we only have one life.
Regardless of the multitude of opinions and observations,
I can say...

The phrase should read: There is only one moment, so we need to live it fully. 
And then I couldn’t agree more, because perhaps that is really the secret of life.

It's just like the runner, who moves into that space where time stands still,
as he/she runs and runs and runs.
Or, like the athlete, who enters that zone where nothing he/she does seems
to be able to go wrong - where everything just goes right.
So it is when we enter the space of that magical moment-
where we catch the current, when we truly take advantage of the present moment of now,
that's when
magic happens...
magic truly happens and we are propelled, literally, into greatness. 
Our whole life is forever changed at that moment.
That is what happens. It’s what life is all about.
Nothing else really matters,
except for at least once in a lifetime to experience a magical moment,
and your life is changed forever, a window is opened,
we can drink from a refreshing new stream of life.
Of course, it’s nice to repeat the process; and I don’t believe in letting that happen only once.
It can and if you pursue it with vigor, and love in your heart,
while listening to inner guidance.
It can and will happen over and over again.

In November of 1999, I found myself in Atlanta, Georgia.
I had a booth there at the Whole Life Expo.
I was demonstrating a massage tool with my hand on someone’s back.
I had an epiphany - in that moment -
that the products we sell in our store are catalysts for helping people move into the moment.
It blew me away.
At that time, I had had my company name as Momentum for only nineteen months.
Although I had named the store Momentum, the true significance behind it had eluded me up until that crucial moment.

Almost all of the products that we sell in some way or another are to help you.
The consumer, then, gets closer to experiencing that ever elusive present moment.
The massage tools relax you, they help you center yourself.
The inversion tables throw you upside down, and help you look at the world a little bit differently.
The rebounders shake you up, and help you get the rhythm back.
Even some of the books we sell help you with spiritual exercises you can do,
or can help you become aware of how foods and herbs and aromatherapy products can assist you in catching your center.
The Chinese herbal combinations are adaptogens,
the Ayurvedic formulas known for spiritual growth,
and the Oxygen products that can help oxygenate your body
are other fine examples of helping you catch yourself.  
That’s what this store is all about -
Being the catalyst for our customers to become more free.
And freedom comes from catching a magical moment, and letting the force, you could say, guide you into a whole new world.
So that is why we are called Momentum98.
We would like to think that the energy we put out there
will be picked up by all  those who can utilize it.

So if you can use some momentum in your life, either stop by our store in Columbus, Ohio,
or go to our Home Page and check out the many products we have
available that may assist you in getting on with your life. 
By taking advantage of the moment now, you can propel yourself into greatness.
If we can help you realize you are great, our mission is accomplished.