Naturopath doctor uses Relax Far Infrared Sauna in her practice

Sara is naturopathic doctor from California.  Her husband reported that she was raving about the Relax far infrared sauna.  She said she loves it for several reasons.  They do detox workshops in her clinic a couple of times a year.  Her patients love it and really notice a difference, especially since they have access to it since most health clubs don’t have far infrared saunas.  They find that using it is a much better detoxification process.  She does not have a large office so she appreciates that she can keep in the closet, take it out when the patients come in to use it and fold it it up and put it away again when they are finished.   She loves it. She is really very happy with it.  

Her patients that are doing chelation for heavy metals notice it the most.  She says that they can smell the heavy metals coming out of their skin.  They notice that, at the end of their chelation process, that they notice the smell less and less and can tell they are making progress.  A lot of her patients the notice improvement in the areas of fatigue, mental fogginess, joint pain.   She got her Relax sauna two years ago and appreciates that it was affordable and convenient.