Neck pain gone after one session in the Relax Sauna

Jessica tried the Relax Sauna at the Lyme convention.  She used the sauna two days previously and her neck pain was relieved.  The pain relief lasted 24 hours.  She is not a sweater, but she did sweat a bit.  Even though she did not drink very much water, she found herself urinating more than usual as the toxins were releasing from her body.  Now that she is back in the sauna again for just a minute, her neck is feeling better and she is “sweating like a stuck pig.” after not having sweat in years,  Her head is out of the sauna and she can breathe and is not feeling dizzy, light-headed and goofy.  She feels that she can actually enjoy it and get the benefit of the sauna.  She says she is feeling better and better.