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Come experience the Relax Sauna at the New Life Expo NY

Fri, Sat & Sunday , March 17-19 - Booth 404 - At the New Yorker Wyndham  - 481 8th Ave (at 34th st - across from Madison Square Garden), New York, New York

Show schedule;
Friday  4:30-10PM
Saturday 930AM-9PM
Sun 930AM-8PM

We have been doing this expo, demonstrating the massage tools, and the Relax Far Infrared Healing Light Sauna since 1981, when the predecessor of the New Life Expo (which began in 1989) was called the Whole Life Expo. Since 2003, we have been demonstrating the Relax Saunas in addition to the other products. In this 15 years, we have sold well over 200 Relax Saunas to the people of the New York Metropolitan area – At This Show Alone.

Being in the Relax Sauna for only 5-10 minutes can make a marked impression upon a person.  We have seen over 20,000 minor or major miracles of pain disappearing, head aches leaving, other ailments being alleviated, feeling hugged and loved, and way more. 
At this conference, some of the well-known speakers speaking will be Eric Perl, Marianne Williamson  (whose tapes are really great), Dr. Joel Wallach (We have a picture of him in the Relax Sauna giving a thumbs up), Sean Davd Morton, Dannion Brinkley (one of my favorite people whose birthday is one day from mine), Kat James, AND Phillip Wilson, speaking on the Relax Sauna and the Benefits of Far Infrared Energy. All of these speakers can make an impact in your life.   Using the Relax Sauna can also make an impact in your life.
So please visit us – The New Life Expo is returning to the New Yorker (Wyndham) Hotel after a 4 year absence.   We will be in our Regular Corner Booth – as we had been for about 5 years -  Booth 404.
Remember, Experiencing the Relax Sauna is worth 1000 pictures.   As you know a picture is worth 1000 words.  You do the math.  That’s 1,000,000 words – in 1 minute of experience.  Try it for one; enjoy for 5-10.

Here are some video testimonies from the Last New York New Life Expo: 

"After a trade show, this is the best thing that I can possibly think of. I really feel revived, and I have such clarity right now.  As I was meditating just for the past couple of minutes, I really got very clear on some questions I have been pondering. I was able to just release from it, and not even think it .And just Beautiful guidance just came forth for me.   And this has happened both times that I have been in here. I see a consistency. I was raving about it. I would rave about it. I would tell everyone about it.  Absolutely, Positively! I have experienced a lot of healing therapies. This to me is very authentic and very strong.  All I know is it feels good. It feels sooo good.  It feels great, it really does. I am in love with it. "

Meditation and clarity with the Relax Saunas healing energy!
Beautiful Guidance came forth while meditating in the Relax Sauna- Both Times!
Alan Steinfeld uses his Relax Sauna everyday.
Feeling very energized after using the Relax sauna
The far infrared sauna is a "whole-istic" way of improving your health. The far infrared penetrates the entire body, increasing circulation, releasing stored toxins such as heavy metals which are then eliminated from the body. 
Click here to read more about the effects of far infrared energy.
We will also have many great natural health products and massage tools. We have been the first to introduce many products such as the Acu-masseur self-massage tool, a favorite of massage therapists. 
Come try out the Relax far infrared sauna, and see our other products including as Pur Black shilajit, Olive Gold or the Roller ball massage glove
You can contact us at 614-262-7087 or

We support Karen Thomas' Autism Mom's mentor program. This program is for parents with autistic children. The core training inside the Autism Moms Mentor Membership teaches you exactly how to bring your child to optimum health using the same steps I used to recover my son from his symptoms of autism.
Click here to learn more about the program.
Karen Thomas has found the Relax Sauna to be the most effective sauna she has ever used. 
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