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New Products:
Sometimes  .... with so many new products coming into our store, and being made available to us  ....  
many of you do not realize we are carrying a particular product,
or you don't find out about this special product until months later.

So we have decided to sort of include a running synopsis of all (most anyway) new products that we get in,
and that are available for you to purchase. 

Again ...  We are educators, and promoters.   It is our intention to carry only A+, A , A- and B+ products.
Sometimes, the products we carry are relatively unknown, and sometimes these same products, 2 years later
become the rage around town.   So we are trendsetters.
In our travels, doing about 24-30 shows a year, 2 of these buying shows, we run into many great products.
We enjoy getting the word out about products that can improve the quality of your life !

We offer good prices, and always guarantee our prices are the best. 
 If they are not, we will always rebate you the difference.

August, 2009:
The Quantum Age Stirwand now comes in a carrying case, available for $10 (stirwand is extra)
Healing Music by Linda, Nathan and Krista Griffith (4 different CD's)
Jupiter water ionizers

July, 2009:
noni fruit leather, and lotions
Living Intentions Snacks - excellent for the Raw Foodist

June,  2009:
Estrelle Toothpaste & Mouth Wash - We are very impressed.
African Red Tea products & (gourmet) Black Seed Oil from Egypt
Jae Bird Arnica Massage Oil & other products

May, 2009:

April, 2009:

March, 2009:
Maggie's Soap Nuts - Probably the Best Laundry Soap Ever !
Jiva fermented soy & curcumin beveragen - Makes a green drink a 2nd class citizen !
Salba Seed - flaxseed move over - the new Omega 3 product for us !

We have been selling the Bija Truffles for over a year.  They are on our website now!
Flora Products - Floradix & Bija Dark Chocolate Truffles

We have been selling EcoFresh since 1998, and finally put our website up:
EcoFresh Zeolite Products - Absorbs pollutants like no other !

We have been selling Pionair Air Treatment Systems for over 5 years now.  Now on the web:
Pionair Air Treatment Systems - Perhaps the best air filter ever !

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