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Naturally, spring is the time of tonic remedies. After a long winter devoid of many vitamins and minerals essential for good liver and kidney function, we need to expel accumulated toxins from our tissues. This is made possible by the emergence of budding shoots, roots, leaves and fungi, tender and sweet, rich in nutrients and bitter components from the soil subsurface. These foods may be gathered in abundance from the garden, forest, or your local market.

Among the most potent and ubiquitous of spring vegetables is the common dandelion. Related to lettuce and Echinacea, this familiar flowering plant is named in Latin as “The official remedy for disorders” (Taraxacum officinale). It is not only a good medicine it is an excellent food that is widely available and easy to propagate (as a matter of fact, it’s hard NOT to). The leaves, flowers, and roots may all be eaten raw in salads or cooked into or alongside your favorite dishes (provided they have not been sprayed with ANY chemicals).

The commonest part of this plant used medicinally is the long taproot wherefrom the medicinal components are mostly concentrated. Extracts of the root are frequently sold in liver tonics and detoxification supplements. They may be Either by themselves or in tandem with other extracts used to a similar effect such as nettle leaf or burdock root.
Detoxification is no simple process and toxins are accumulated from a huge variety of sources. It has been widely suggested that much of the produce we buy has been sprayed with insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides (water previously used in fracking, has reported use in citrus groves during this most recent drought). Automotive exhaust, pollutants from manufacturing in the air, municipal water sources and even foods in contact with petrol-based packaging may introduce substances into our body we would rather do without.

Removing toxins and heavy metals from the body involves many functions ranging from sweating, drinking clean water, and a well-maintained digestive tract to having a good nights’ sleep. Not to say however “detoxing” can’t be easy! Fortunately, there are a broad assortment of detoxification methods, supplements, extracts, and tools available here at Momentum98. Proper absorption of water and sweating are amongst the most effective means of evacuating toxins from the system.

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna is known to detoxify the body by increasing blood circulation thus, allowing toxins be freed from our tissues and expelled through perspiration, expiration, urination, and feces. The far infrared light emitted by the Relax Sauna synthesizes a very narrow spectrum of light emitted also by the sun. This frequency of light is not detectable to the eye but it can be felt deep within our tissues (think a cold, sunny spring day as the sun warms you to the core!) The same light is said to be generated as heat within birds nests as the mother warms her developing clutch of eggs.

We invite you to join us any day of the week this spring or stop by the Clintonville Saturday farmers market for a free session in the Relax Sauna and an additional storewide discount (Saturdays only). And if you aren’t in the area, please give us a call, email us, Facebook or visit our web address for all the same products and information!
To the procurement of your prolonged, pronounced, and vital good-health and well-being, we thank you for playing a part in our community.

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Willard water
Willards water is the original catalyst water with nourishing lignite, great for balancing your PH levels.  Testing has shown that when ingested by plants and animals, Dr. Willard’s Water® creates a more biologically active form of water in the bloodstream.  When ingested, it does a better job of performing basic functions such as delivering food and nutrients to cells and expelling toxins.  Other benefits include relieving arthritis, acne, anxiety, high blood pressure, ulcers and hair loss. One of the immediate benefits of drinking Dr. Willard’s Water® is improved nutrient assimilation.  You can also use it on plants and animals as well by adding a cap full of Willard Water to their plant water for optimal results.  

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Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal powder is used medicinally as well as in air purifiers and water purifiers. For over 10,000 years, healers from Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda Medicine, and Western Medicine have used activated charcoal to soak up poisons and improve intestinal health through a process called “adsorption” which means “to bind to” rather than “to absorb.” Activated charcoal uses extend beyond internal applications. For external treatments, it’s effective at treating body odor and acne, teeth whiting and relieving discomfort from insect bites, rashes from poison ivy or poison oak. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water when consuming activated charcoal!


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Far Infrared Table Lamp
The FIR Table lamp brings the power of the Far Infrared Sauna to your hands, face, and other areas that need spot treatments with direct focus for faster healing and rejuvenation. It’s known to help ear aches, tooth aches, bruises and reduce inflammation and pain. The table lamp is great for micro circulation due to its medical grade technology. Buy one today and shine!


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  Phil and Jana travel to several Cancer Healing expos every year.   As an added perk to subscribing to our newsletter we would like to let you know of a free online conference that is taking place all week.  You can also view our page on Cancer testimonials from Relax Sauna owners. 

Healing Cancer In This Century
The Spirit - Mind - Body Connection

A FREE Online Conference
May 9th - 15th, 2016

This online video conference creates a shift in human consciousness of the awareness that we are not just a physical body. Emotional trauma, chronic negatives emotions that affect our health are at the root cause of cancer and other health conditions, which illustrates the importance of emotional healing.

Our online video Summit brings together, in an unprecedented way, over 40 Speakers including doctors/experts in the field of integrative/holistic/alternative cancer treatments, with Energy Healers from different modalities, experts in the fields of Emotional Healing and Healing Arts like Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, survivors who healed themselves and more. All cutting edge Healing Methods for this Century!

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